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Globally known as the Land of the Golden Pagodas in Southeast Asia, Myanmar remains as a promising country with full of mysteries. Noticing that it’s always necessary to have a few facts in hand before heading to a destination, we feel that it will be our privilege to provide you several Myanmar facts so that you can be proactive in any situations.

– The country known as the finest of churches – covered with gold (list some names of churches)
– Wildlife, forest
+ Mix species (mammal, reptiles, birds), jungles, tigers and leopards -> common
+2 main different forests:
* monsoon forest: dry for at least 3 months, having deciduous trees (lose leaves seasonally)
* rain forest: rain in almost 9 months, lie along the beaches, mainly palm trees
+ 9 national forests along the country, home to various species (elephants and rare ones)
-> Trip to Myanmar would not be complete without visiting at least one of those forests.

Most Famous Rivers and Beaches
+ Ayeyarwaddy river
* Myanmar’s longest and most beautiful river, one of the great rivers of Asia, famous as the Nile, the cultural and economic lifeline.
* Support a wide range of things for the lives of farmers, orchardists, fishermen, etc
* Visit between October and April (cold and dry season) to avoid monsoon rain

+ Ngapali Beach
* most beautiful and popular beach
* beauty and unspoilt relaxed atmosphere -> ideal vacation
* breathtaking stretch of white-sand coastline
* being the ultimate unspoiled paradise
+ some others: NgweSaung Beach, Chaung Tha Beach, Kanthayar Beach

– 135 tribes -> diverse.
– Many homeless people in rural areas.
– Men wear longyi, women wear thummy, both smothered in thanakha (traditional make-up)
– Friendly, proud, kind, hospitable -> lead a peaceful, slow pace of life.
– Drinking tea – a British colonial affectation

Character Aung San Suu Kyi
– Daughter of General Aung San – a national Burmese hero, fighting for Burma’s independence from Britain
– worked for three years at the United Nations in New York City as secretary after graduation
– married with Dr. Michael Arias in 1972, settling down in England
– Discovered an oppressive military dictatorship had taken over Myanmar, denying its citizens many basic human rights.
– Involved with politics, Suu Kyi helped to create the National League for Democracy (- a political group aimed at dismantling the military junta and installing democracy as the new form of government.)
– Called for an end to the government’s use of violence
– Was made leader of the National League for Democracy
– The Burmese government opposed to Suu Kyi’s activities, destroy her house, forbid her from leaving home in 15 years
– In 1991, Suu Kyi received the Nobel Prize for Peace
– Suu Kyi’s dedication to her country and refusal to resort to violence -> a legend around the globe -> elected to the Burmese parliament on April 1, 2012
Government plans to launch a political reform in recent years

– In the past, being undeveloped (agriculture) country.
+ being embargoed in period of time
+ people have little demand to earn much money
+ example: poor infrastructure, low income (in rural areas)
+ low living expense, high in central cities (Yangon)
– Large country, ideal position between China and India, cheap labour, lots of valuable resources.
– Tourist expense -> high due to little competitiveness.
– Many foreign countries see Myanmar as a promising land to invest

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