Myanmar Laos Tour Packages

Being the most laid-back regions of southeast Asia, Myanmar and Laos are places to discover the historical heritage sites studded into the land of long-lasting history and diverse culture. Many of our customers often get confused when choosing Myanmar or Laos travel is the best for the first journey to Asia. If Laos captivates your soul by its untouched landscape, glorious history, and amazing cuisine. Myanmar will intrigue you by the radiant hue from the massive Buddha images in glittering pagodas to the laid-back pace of life featured in the smiling faces. Our best advice is to spend your precious time for a Myanmar Laos tour to gain truly Myanmar and Laos highlights.

Myanmar and Laos retain many unique traditions that you can find nowhere else in the region. Take a trip from Vientiane to Luang Prabang to immerse yourself in the fresh cool cascading waterfall, trek through the spectacular jungle and experience an authentic Laos in a village homestay. In Myanmar, step back in time and let your heart bewitched by the golden pagodas in Yangon, ancient temples in Bagan, magnificent architecture in Mandalay and the distinctive traditional practices in Inle Lake.

Surprisingly, there is no best time to travel to Burma and Laos because you can visit Myanmar and Laos at any time of the year. However, keep in mind that these two countries experience the monsoonal climate from July to September with high rainfall.

Pick up from our suggested Myanmar Laos tour packages and take a lifetime adventure to enjoy the highlights of Myanmar and Laos. If you do not find any itineraries that suit you,  contact us to tailor-make the unique itinerary that suit you most!

Top Myanmar Laos Tour Packages