6 Reasons Why You Should Take Myanmar Tours This Summer

Myanmar Pagodas

Myanmar is worldwide for being the plain of pagodas

1. Myanmar has opened its doors to tourists
In the past 5 decades, Myanmar almost closed against all forms of tourism. Coming to this country is almost impossible without permission. However, in the past two years, many new policies were adopted. Myanmar started to open its door to greet visitors. A country that was once a mystery in the eyes of all backpacker now becomes one of the most attractive destinations on the planet.

Mysterious Myanmar

The Mysterious Myanmar

2. Myanmar still remains untouched
Due to the fact that this mysterious country has just opened its door to greet visitors, it has not been significantly affected by the bustling lifestyle. The monuments and works dating back from the 10th century are completely original; there are not too many crowded restaurants on the beaches. People do not know about the tourist sector and therefore, do not offer overpriced services.

Shwedagon Pagoda Myanmar

The magnificent beauty of Shwedagon Pagoda, Myanmar

3. Cultural Rich
In Myanmar, people are very good at retaining identities, traditions of their country; and there is almost no hybrid culture. Indigenous people still wear Longyi, a form of saron. They still use Thanaka, a cream extracted from the bark to replace sunscreen and lotion. On the street, people still find the barefoot monks and carts-branded taxis, a main means of transport.

Thanaka Myanmar

A cute girl makes up with Thanaka

4. Full of adventure, discovery
If you like to become an Indiana Jones like in the movie called “The Adventures of Indiana Jones”, Myanmar is the ideal destination for you. The country has numerous works, impressive archaeological sites such as the gilded Tower Stupa, unique finely carved wall paintings. The country has thousands of temples, monasteries dating back from centuries ago.

Myanmar Hidden Gems

Many pagodas in Myanmar dates back from centuries ago

You can also choose Bagan tours by balloons in the ancient capital of Bagan and explore the “hidden gems” here
5. The bustling bazaar
Myanmar Market is a not-to-be-missed destination when you vacation in Myanmar. Sellers showcase their products on the ground, under the tent. Myanmar Markets offer not only all sorts of tropical fruits, fish, shrimp … with very cheap price but also plenty of interesting crafts from textiles to furniture and utensils, souvenirs from bamboo, wood …

Myanmar Market

Markets in Myanmar offer a wide array of items

6. Inle Lake
If you want to gain in-depth knowledge of the unique lifestyle of the locals, go to Inle Lake. This vast area around the lake is inhabited by many people accommodating in stilt houses built up over the water. The people kept quiet paced life with many activities like weaving, going fishing with bamboo rows.

Inle Lake Myanmar

The harmonious beauty of the locals and nature

Inle Lake area in particular is known for very rare textile fabrics with silk material taken from the extremely fragile lotus flower grown on the lake