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Attractions to Visit in Bagan Tour

All visitors go to Bagan wanting to see the time-honored works here. Each of the sanctuaries in Bagan has its own mark, so it is not fair to say which the temple or pagoda is the best to visit. In a Bagan tour, visitors can enjoy various activities and a collection of worth visiting Bagan attractions:

Shwesandaw Pagoda - A Historic Site with Panoramic View

A Bagan tour to Shwesandaw Pagoda will introduce you one of the highest pagodas in Bagan. It is the most high-light place in Bagan to watch sunrise and sunset. The pagoda contains a series of five terraces, 4 sides, topped with a cylindrical stupa. However, each side has high steep stairs so it is very convenient for tourists in Bagan day trips enjoying the scenery.day trip from Bagan to Shwesandaw-Pagoda- the highest temple in Bagan

Ananda Temple - Elegant 12th Century Temple

Ananda is an ancient and famous temple built in Bagan that worth your visit in a Bagan tour. It did not only exist in a long historical process but also is the most important temple in Bagan. As a result, it is well preserved by being repainted frequently and is the most intact temple today.If you have been on a Bagan day trip for the first time, you should never miss this destination to see the unique architecture. It symbolizes the limitless wisdom of Buddha. Probably this is why its population has such a brilliant beauty that goes away from all the visitors who have been attracted by the temple.Ananda-temple-bagan-tours

Dhammayangyi Temple - A Massive Pyramid Shaped Temple

Well known as the widest temple in Bagan and built in a plan similar to that of Ananda Temple. Dhammayangyi is one of the main attractions of Bagan that attracts many visitors in Bagan day tours. The temple took 6 million bricks to build. It has a very different architecture than other works in this area that you almost have to witness once in your Bagan tour package. It doesn’t have a pointed spire in the middle hanging a wind chime as usual that it looks like a pyramid. The temple was built under the reign of King Narathu for three years. Then was left unfinished when the king was murdered so local residents often call this a "ghost temple". If you are adventurous, don't miss this pagoda in your Bagan day tour to witness the exotic images.Dhammayangyi-Temple-the largest temple to visit in bagan-tours

Sulamani Temple - Beautiful Multi-Storey Structure

Sulamani Temple is another spot that you should not miss in Bagan day trips. In addition to Sulamani, it also popular as “Precious Gem”. It is well-known as Bagan's "precious pearl in the crown". This one, built around the 12th century, is famous as a work, complete with elaborate bricks with delicate carvings.Nowadays, the Sulamani Temple is one of the most numerous surviving frescoes on the walls. The temple was quite strongly damaged and restored many times. Through the renovation, the temple does not retain the sharp architectural lines but this is still a “hot” tourist attraction to visit in Bagan tours.Sulamani-Temple-ideal destination to visit in bagan-tours

Shwezigon Pagoda - Bagan Landmark with a Golden Stupa

Among thousands of sacred ancient pagodas in Bagan, Myanmar, Shwezigon – a renowned pagoda that is most attracted to tourists visiting Bagan. The temple reflects the ancient religious architecture and sanctuary of Myanmar. Obviously, your Bagan day tour will not miss an opportunity to transfer you to this impressive pagoda.Built-in the 11th century, this is a model pagoda for temples built later in Myanmar. This pagoda, a Buddhist religious place, is believed to enshrine the forehead and collarbone of Gautama Buddha. For outstanding architecture, luxury and splendor, many tourists comment that Shwezigon is similar to the famous Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon. Therefore, the charm of the pagoda will definitely captivate your soul whenever you visit it on your Bagan tour package.Shwezigon is a not to miss destination in a Bagan tour 

Things To Do & See in Bagan Tours

As the recorded document, there are many monuments in Bagan existed 1500 years ago. Among them, about ten thousand constructed on an area of 100km sq. However, many historical sites in Bagan have been badly damaged by climate. Nowadays, the maintain pagodas and ruins offer us one of the world’s richest archaeological sites to visit in Bagan tour packages.Whether you choose to take a Bagan trekking tour, temple tour or cycling tour, the ancient city of Myanmar will enchant your heart by its serene beauty, people, and architecture. Have a look at this the list of best things to do and see in Bagan tours below to have insight before planning your best Myanmar tours.

Visit the Temples of Bagan

Even if you have never been on a Bagan tour, you may see many photos of attractive Bagan temples on TV or in magazines. And even if you have shaped all the attractions of Bagan in your mind, you still have to witness it at least once in your life. As soon as you take a Bagan tour package, visit the old pagodas and temples is the first thing to experience.Some main temples visitors can visit in a Bagan day tour includes Ananda Phaya Temple, the best preserved and most intact; Dhammayan Gyi, one of the largest temples in the area and has the pyramid architecture. Besides, Shwesandaw gives you the best place to watch the sunset and sunrise in Bagan. Besides, there are many other temples are waiting for visitors to explore.Visit the temples is the best thing to do in a Bagan tour

Behold Bagan from the Balloon

The former Bagan city attracts visitors by the beauty of hundreds of old temples. Nevertheless, the best way to see and feel the beauty of this land is to use a balloon. Take a hot air balloon ride in Bagan tour package to float over thousands of pagodas in the region is a fantastic experience. You will be overwhelmed by thousands of temples here in the most comprehensive way. This will be the best experience of visitors to Myanmar.hot air balloon-amazing experience in Bagan tour packages

Travel Bagan by Local Transportations

The use of local transportation is one of the awesome things tourists should do in Bagan tours, in which horse carriages are the most popular transportation. Horse carriage not too fast, just slow enough so that visitors can enjoy the peaceful scenery here. Take time to indulge in a peaceful space, behold the amazing landscape and chat with local people.ride local transport in bagan tours

Enjoy Bagan Cuisine

Savor Bagan cuisine is another great thing to do in Bagan tour itinerary. The food in Bagan is much cheaper than other tourist destinations in Myanmar. Also, the taste is well suited to visitors from many other countries.savor-bagan-cuisine-in-bagan-tours

Watch a Short Video about the Charms of Bagan before Planning a Bagan Tour to this Wonderful City

Bagan Weather

Situated in the heart of Myanmar, Bagan weather features the tropical climate of Myanmar. There are three main distinctive seasons: the rainy season, dry season, and hot season. The rainy season lasts from May to September. Although Bagan receive a high range of rainfall but it rarely rain all day. Instead, it rather falls as a downpour which cool the air down. From October to February is the cool season in Bagan. There is no rain and the weather is pleasant making it the high season for tourists traveling to Bagan. From March to May are sweltering months of the year. The highest temperature can climb up to 38 degree.

Best Time To Visit Bagan

The best time to travel to Bagan is from November the previous year to February next year. However, this is also the peak time for tourism in Myanmar. Therefore, you need to book everything from air tickets or train tickets to hotel in advance.best-time for a trip to bagan

Bagan General Information

Location: Burma Center Language: Burmese Currency: Kyat Myanmar (MMK) Time Zone: GMT+6:30 International Dialing Code: +95 bagan-travel-map-bagan-tour packages

Bagan People, City & Culture

Bagan People

Most of the people in Bagan follow Buddhism. They are very nice, warm and friendly but have a little hesitation. Do not wear too revealing clothes if you want to get noticed. In places of worship, your legs and shoulders are carefully covered. You also have to take off your shoes, sock before going inside these places. In addition, Bagan is a country still quite strict with women. As a result, expressing feelings in public would become less sympathetic to the people here.engage with bagan-people in bagan-tours

Bagan City

Bagan was an ancient city, and its former name is Pagan. This area was the capital of the Pagan Kingdom from the 9th to 13th centuries in central Myanmar today. Currently, Bagan is one of the most concentrated Buddhism temples and pagodas places in the world. There were more than 10.000 Buddhist monuments built here. Among them, there are only about 2,000 remaining til nowadays. These Buddhist works are the main reason to attract visitors to Myanmar.bagan trips with a view from above

Bagan Culture

Myanmar culture is exceptional, from the language, the literature to daily living habits. In Myanmar, the main language is Burmese and it’s also the mother tongue of Burmese. The main and most popular religion of Burmese is Buddhism. Therefore, Burmese literature was heavily influenced by Buddhism. In addition, this country is regarded as the longest tradition of eating betel nuts and the most one in the world. You can easily see it from the elderly to children, even men, and women.explore bagan-culture in bagan-tour packages

Bagan Travel Guides

Bagan Transportation

For the first timers coming here, you need to have the map immediately. Some hotels will provide the map for the guest, or you can buy with MMK1k only price. Since you've got the map in hand, you can start exploring Bagan by a variety of means such as taxis, horse cart, bicycle, electrical bike, and balloon.Bagan horse carriage-favorite means of transportation in Bagan trips

Bagan Phone & Internet

Although the hotel and restaurant have Wi-Fi, the transmission speed is sluggish!