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Myanmar Beach Tours & Holiday Packages

Enjoy the breathtaking scenery of Ngapali in Myanmar beach holiday
Myanmar beach holidays take you to the hidden gem in Southeast Asia with full of exotic experiences to taste. Possessing 2000 km of coastline including the gorgeous Myeik Archipelago, Myanmar beaches are truly a blessing of nature where you can stay away from the busy life. Expect to be mesmerized by the unspoiled nature, crystal clear water, colorful sea creatures, and the life of people in fishing villages in your Myanmar beach holiday. Most of the famous beaches in Myanmar are located not very far away from Yangon and are accessible within an hour or so by road.

There are many stunning beaches in Myanmar but four of the most famous beaches for the best Myanmar beach holiday are:

  • Ngapali Beach: Myanmar’s tropical paradise of turquoise water, seafood, and lively local culture
  • Ngwe Saung: The sparkling water and clear sand beach
  • Chaung Tha Beach: Best beach to take a leisure holiday
  • Kanthaya Beach: The pleasant beach with unspoiled nature

Go Myanmar Tours offers various itineraries for a Myanmar beach holiday in the list of Myanmar holiday packages to choose from. Please select your ideal package below and remember that if you do not find an appropriate itinerary, please contact us to create your own Myanmar beach holiday that suits you most.

Top Myanmar Beach Holiday Packages

Best Beaches in Myanmar for Exhilarating Myanmar Beach Holidays 

There are totally 10 beaches in Myanmar that have been listed on the top of the most beautiful beaches in Myanmar by Trip Advisor including Ngapali, Ngwesaung, Chaung Tha, Kanthaya, Myeik Archipelago, Nabule, Maungmagan, Pa Nyit, Po Po Kyauk, and Tyezit Beach. Most of Myanmar beaches are unspoiled and serene, among them, some are popular, some are still off the tourist trail. Below, we list the 4 best beaches in Myanmar that our customers love the most and often choose to visit in their Myanmar beach holiday. Let’s check it out!

1. Ngapali Beach - The Best Beach in Myanmar

With 7 km of white sandy shoreline stretching from the town of Thandwe, Ngapali noted for its beautiful palm tree ranges and blue turquoise water. It is one of the most incredibly beautiful beaches in Asia and no doubt is the No.1 destination for Myanmar beach holidays. Over the past few years, Ngapali has become one of the main tourist attractions for Myanmar tours with the opening of modern resorts including bars, spas, and high-quality restaurants. However, Ngapali still remains a fishing village that offers you a peaceful space to discover in Myanmar beach vacations. Tourists from Yangon can take a direct flight (45 minutes) from Yangon to Thandwe airport to get to Ngapali Beach. It’s quick and is the most convenient way. Also, there are scheduled bus from Yang to Ngapali and it takes 15 hours and cost around 14000 kyats ($9) /person. Location: Thandwe, Rakhine State Activities: Swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, cycling Ngapali beach - the best beach for Myanmar beach vacation

2. Ngwe Saung Beach

Ngwe Saung or Silver Beach is the second most beautiful beach in Myanmar. The beach possesses the poetic beauty as the Ngapali beach for visitors to visit in Myanmar beach tours. However, its area has not witnessed massive tourists like Ngapali. Therefore, it delivers you a quiet place to discover in Myanmar beach holidays. If you wake up early in the morning, you will have a chance to see fishermen coming back from the sea full of fish in their deck. Located relatively close to Yangon, the only way to get to Ngwe Saung from Yangon is to take a bus or private car. The distance is about 260 km so it will take approximately 5 hours to get there. Location: Pathein, Ayewarddy region Activities: Explore the Lover's Island Ngwe-Saung-Beach-an amazing beach for a Myanmar beach tour

3. Chaung Tha

Although it is not as beautiful as Ngapali or Ngwe Saung, Chaung Tha is very popular for the middle-class family in Myanmar to travel for a Myanmar beach tour. The golden sand, as well as the nearby fishing village, are stunning. It will offer tourists an interesting experience during Myanmar beach holidays. Additionally, a boat trip or a biking ride is worth to do. Location: Ayewarddy, Pathein, Chaung Tha Activities: Swimming, snorkeling, enjoy fresh seafood Chaung-Tha-beach-ideal beach for a Myanmar beach holiday

4. Kanthaya Beach

Owning 4.5 meters long with golden sand with natural beauty and untouched scenery, Kanthaya is truly where to go for Myanmar beach holidays to escape from the busy life. It delivers tourists a quiet space to refresh and listen to the birds singing in the serene and pure ambiance. Among the best beaches of Myanmar, Kanthaya is where you can get an insight into the country’s local coastal life in a Myanmar beach tour. Location: Bay of Bengal, Rakhine State Activities: Enjoy water sport games, take a boat trip to the offshore islands Kanthaya-Beach-serene beach in Myanmar beach vacation

Top 5 Cool Things to Do In a Myanmar Beach Holiday

Gearing up your suitcase and ready to enjoy the best beach holiday in Myanmar with us to stroll along the idyllic seashore; join in stunning diving into the bottom of the ocean; observe the colorful fish and impressive coral reefs and meet the friendly local fishermen to learn about their daily life. Nothing can be greater than savoring the catch of the day seafood in a local restaurant. Ultimately, reward yourself after an exciting day on the quiet seashore to behold the heart-touched sunset over the area.

Snorkeling & Diving In Myeik Archipelago

With 800 poetic islands, a Myanmar beach tour Myeik Archipelago is truly a dream place for snorkelers and divers to observe the diversity of marine life. Likewise, it will give you the most memorable experience in Myanmar beach holidays. If you are planning for awesome diving in the extraordinary archipelago, Western Rocky and Black Rock are two ideal diving sites that you should never miss in a Myanmar bach tour to get an impressive experience. If Western Rocky offers you with splendors famous shark species such as guitarfish, frogfish, harlequin shrimp, Black Rock will bewitch you with the stunning sea urchins, colorful fish including tuna, whale sharks, and so on. Additionally, Shark Cave, Tower Rock, North Twin, and some secret spots are amazing dive sites you should consider if you spend several days on Myeik in your Myanmar beach vacation. Diving-in-Myanmar beach holiday

Cycle Along the Coastline - an Exciting Experience in Myanmar Beach Holiday 

Cycling around the poetic coastline is the must-to-to thing for you on your beach holiday in Myanmar. It is fun and brings you a closer look into the surrounding area. Besides, it also offers you a chance to meet and get to know more about the culture of the local people who are always delighted to see tourists. It is easy to rent a bike in your hotel and cycle through the sandy coastline, behold the peaceful ambiance, smell the fresh cool air, and listen to the harmony of light wind swaying around the palm tree ranges. All of these amazing experiences ensure to bring you unrivaled memories in Myanmar beach vacations. Cycling-in Myanmar-beach-holiday

 Visit the Elephant Camp to Explore the Gems Beyond the Hidden Forest

The stunning turquoise water, peaceful atmosphere, and the beautiful white sand are not everything enchant your soul in Myanmar beach holidays. In order to fulfill your interest, an expedition to the jungle where you can see and feed the elephant is one of the amazing things that we deliver to you on your beach vacation in Myanmar. Ngapali and Ngwe Saung are two beaches in Myanmar that you could head to this wonderful experience. Ngwesaung Elephant Camp - Highlight of Myanmar beach vacation

Savor the Super Fresh Seafood - Highlights of Myanmar Beach Holidays

Burmese cuisine is always an impressive highlight for those tourists who are on their beach holiday in Myanmar.  Nothing can be more perfect than rewarding yourself after a long day sightseeing in a local restaurant to enjoy the catch of the day seafood and chat about the way they prepare the food. Just imagine how wonderful is it? Enjoy-seafood-in Myanmar beach holiday

Take an Ox-Cart - Amazing Experience in Myanmar Beach Holiday

Once traveling to Myanmar, you may be surprised that an ox cart is a relatively popular means to carry things. It is used to travel throughout the country's rural, and of course, your beach tour in Myanmar is not an exception. Therefore, a drive with the ox in Myanmar beach holiday will make your trip special than anything you have experienced. Ride-on-an-ox-cart-in Myanmar beach tour