Go Myanmar Tour commits to Responsible travel for a sustainable world

Our Mission

At Go Myanmar Tours, we operate the business with a strong commitment to a style of travel that is environmentally, culturally and socially responsible. Our direct presence in the area and our profoundly local knowledge enables us to control the quality of services, facilitate our clients with authentic local experiences and allowing us to reduce the negative impacts of mass tourism.

We are driven by a three clear objectives

Our Mission for a sustainable Myanmar Tour Operators

Environmental Conservation


We prioritize eco-friendly practices such as minimizing waste, reducing carbon emissions, and supporting wildlife conservation efforts.

What we do to make our Myanmar Tours more sustainable

Community Empowerment


We believe in uplifting local communities by supporting local businesses, artisans, and indigenous populations, fostering sustainable livelihoods and empowering communities to thrive.

Cultural exchange for more sustainable Myanmar Vacation

Cultural Respect and Preservation


We strive to promote cultural exchange that preserves the traditions, languages, and customs of the communities we visit, fostering understanding and appreciation.

our commitment to sustainability

We love the country and thus love to share every corner of Myanmar to our guests through astonishing adventures with knowledgeable local guides. In each trip, we work to delivers customers a true sense of local culture and tradition. We are passionate and dare to innovate to bring the essence of Myanmar to the outside world.

Environmental conservation during our Myanmar Travel Package

Preserving the Environment


Over our 18 years in Myanmar's tourism industry, preserving the country's pristine landscape has been a top priority. To achieve this, we employ sustainable practices such as utilizing local transportation, ensuring minimal impact on water resources, reducing plastic bag usage, and respecting fragile creatures in sanctuaries and oceans by refraining from touching them. Through these efforts, we strive to protect and preserve Myanmar's unspoiled environment for future generations to enjoy.

respect the local community is Go Myanmar Tours code of conduct

Respect the Local Culture and Tradition


To promote positive and meaningful exchanges of our business, the locals and our travelers in your trip, we help you to do this by respecting different cultures of up to 135 ethics in all destinations we travel to; respecting the ritual, tradition and the habits of the local communities; interacting with the local people to gain insight into the daily life of the local people; dressing appropriately; asking permission before taking photographs; forbidding of using drugs during our trip.

we provide an in-depth cultural experience with our Myanmar Tour Packages

Get an In-depth Cultural Experience


Whenever you decide to take a Burma tour, let us be your companion and then we will take you to the untouched landscape to meet the friendly villagers to learn more about their way of life, their spirituality, and their work. What’s more to have a better insight into the people than trying doing their work, eating their food, sleep in their house if possible.

supporting the local community during Mongolia Travel Package

Supporting Local People & Community


In each of our Myanmar trips, we attempt to work to maximize the benefit we make to the local people. To do this, we will buy the local product rather than buying the imported products. If you love to keep the memory about Myanmar with you forever, pick up some unique souvenirs while traveling with a local guide

taking action together

At Go Myanmar Tour, we recognize the power of collaboration in fostering meaningful impact. Here's how our partnerships contribute to ensuring that our Myanmar tour packages are sustainable:

Go Myanmar Tour commit to bring benefits for local community

Local Communities


We collaborate closely with local communities to ensure that our Myanmar tour packages benefit them directly. From engaging local guides and homestay accommodations to sourcing fresh produce from local markets, we prioritize community involvement and economic empowerment.

Cleaning up beaches for sustainable Myanmar Tours

Conservation Organizations


Partnering with conservation organizations allows us to contribute to the preservation of Myanmar's natural habitats and wildlife. Through initiatives such as tree planting programs and beach clean-ups, we actively support efforts to protect the environment for future generations.

Go Myanmar Tours commit to provide most sustainable acommodation

Sustainable Accommodations


We work with a network of sustainable accommodations that prioritize eco-friendly practices such as energy efficiency, waste reduction, and water conservation. By choosing environmentally-conscious hotels, lodges, and guesthouses, we minimize our environmental footprint and support responsible tourism initiatives during the Myanmar Tour.

Gad Lim bagan photo feedback

Responsible Tourism Education


We are committed to providing travelers with information, resources, and practical tips to minimize their environmental impact, respect local customs, make informed and sustainable choices. We will ensure that our Myanmar vacations leave a lasting, positive impact on the place and its people.