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Myanmar River Cruises | Top 10+ Luxury Cruises in Burma

Myanmar river cruise is a breathtaking experienece to try once in a lifetime

Myanmar river cruise makes you fall in love with the fascinating landscape of Myanmar (Burma) at first sight! Unlike any place in the world, the laid-back pace of life in forgotten villages is the reason why you should take a voyage to discover it little by little. Right now, it’s time to plan for a trip of a lifetime river cruise adventure to explore the hidden charm shrouded in heritage sites.

Most of the luxury river cruises in Burma will take you through the most gorgeous parts of the scenic Irrawaddy River and Chindwin River. Leaving the ship, set your foot on the Golden Land to delve into the glorious past and Buddhist myths in ancient temples; learn about the daily life of local monks and nuns in monasteries; feel your heart beating in colorful markets and try putting on Thanaka on your face. The unique traditions and vibrant customs will ensure not only memorable but also precious.

Go Myanmar Tours offers a variety of the best Myanmar river cruises 2023 – 2024 including Irrawaddy river cruises and Yangon river cruises for passengers to enjoy the essence of Myanmar tours along gentle rivers. Contact us to book or tailor-make your own itinerary for your best river cruise in Burma that meets exactly your taste and needs.

Sanctuary Ananda Cruise Ship Itinerary

A Glance of Bagan & Mandalay – 3 Days

Sanctuary Ananda Cruise Ship Itinerary

Exotic Myanmar – 12 Days

Sanctuary Ananda Cruise Ship Itinerary

Glory of Myanmar – 4 Days

Sanctuary Ananda Cruise Ship Itinerary

Idyllic Myanmar – 8 Days

Anawrahta Cruise Ship Myanmar Itinerary

Irrawaddy Wandering & Wondering – 8 days

Anawrahta Cruise Ship Myanmar Itinerary

Spirit of Chindwin River – 12 Days

Sanctuary Ananda Cruise Ship Itinerary

Traditional & Modern Burma – 11 Days

Best Things to Do & See in Myanmar River Cruise

Irrawaddy River and Chindwin river are two most beautiful rivers for boat trips in Myanmar. That's where expose the vivid life of the Burmese people who live sparsely along the riverside. There are boutiques of interesting things to do in Myanmar river cruises 2023 - 2024:

Things to Do in Irrawaddy River Cruise

Well-known as the backbone of the country, Irrawaddy River is the most popular waterway to take a Myanmar river cruise from Mandalay to Bagan. Thus, there are myriads of things to see along the tranquil river.

Visit Mingun Unfinished Pagoda 

The ancient town of Mingun is home to many appealing sites to visit in Myanmar river cruise. Mingun pagoda - the largest unfinished Buddhist pagoda in the world, is a not-to-miss destination. Although it is unfinished, the massive ruin is impressive enough to draw tourists' attraction. It's huge, but the chamber inside is relatively small. There are several stories led to the abandonment of Mingun Paya that has been pass by generation to generation. To date, insufficient labor have been considered one of the main reasons. Another story foretold that if the pagoda was complete, then the kingdom will come to an end. Tourists traveling to the pagoda from Irrawaddy cruise can climb up to the top to marvel at the view surrounding. Stay close to Mingun Paya are some of the most popular destinations to visit in a Burma river cruise including Mingun Bell - the world's second-largest ringing bronze bell and the impressive white-washed Hsibyume Temple. Myanmar river cruise to Mingun Paya - ruin of the largest Buddhist pagoda in the world

Sagaing Hill - The Religious Center

Possessing numerous pagodas and monasteries, Sagaing is where to discover next in Myanmar river cruise. Upon Sagaing Hill, you can enjoy the tranquil panoramic view of the town overlooking at the beautiful Irrawaddy River. With more than 600 Buddhist monasteries, Sagaing is home to the meditation and Buddhist study in the region. Several best places to visit in Sagaing for passengers from Myanmar river cruise including Soon Oo Pon Nya Shin Pagoda, the most important temple on Sagaing Hill well known for an array of Budhha image; Kaunggmudaw Paya, a unique temple noted for its dome-architecture and U Min Thonze Cave, far-famed for a colonnade of 45 Buddha images. visit Sagaing Hill in Irrawaddy River Cruise

Mandalay – The Cultural Center of Myanmar

The second-largest city of Myanmar is a perfect destination to visit in Myanmar river cruise. No one can deny the truly fascinating as well as the allure of the city. It is not only the city of pagodas and monasteries but also home to the Royal Palace of the last Burmese King. Tourists will have a chance to marvel at the impressive golden palace; witness the world's largest Buddhist book carved on 729 marble slabs; admire the unique architecture and enjoy the majestic sunset from the top of Mandalay Hill. Together with sightseeing, when visiting Mandalay from the Myanmar river cruise, you can expect to try hands-on making the gold leaf or to make a pot under the guidance of the artisans to gain more about the local experience. Burma river cruise to Mandalay palace

Experience The Lifetime Hot Air Balloon Ride 

Exploring the temple town of Bagan is a dream of any visitors traveling to Myanmar and so does our passengers from Myanmar river cruise. With over 2200 pagodas packed into the tropical landscape, the best way to marvel at the landscape of Bagan after docking from the cruise is taking a hot air balloon trip. As the sun flickers in the sky, there isn't more eye-opening experience than floating on the hot air balloon to see the foggy cover all the area. From the hot air balloon, wait until the sun rises slowly and shines its light to all the ancient temples. Hot air Balloon ride - a fantastic experience in Myanmar river cruise

Riding on a Pony Cart - Get Closer to Bagan

If a boat trip gives you a glimpse of the outside Bagan along the river, hopping on a Pony cart in Myanmar river cruise will offer you a classic way to explore Bagan. Although a part of tourists chose to take a taxi to escape from the dust and heat; those others chose to take a bike. However, we highly recommend you to experience a unique horse carriage after disembarking from your Irrawaddy river cruise to have a closer look to Bagan. The cart will slowly take you through the unnamed temples to the most impressive ones to learn about the history as well as the fantastic architecture. What's more, the local driver will carry you to some interesting destination that difficult to access by car and hard to find by foreigners. Explore Bagan by horse cart - unique experience in Burma river cruise

Things to Do in Yangon River Cruise

Yangon – The City of Glistening Temples

The largest city of Myanmar is one of the main attractions for any Burma tours, so does our Myanmar river cruise. However, if you are thinking about a large city with a hectic pace and luxury service, you will be astonished when you witness the city in real life. The charm of Yangon is unlike in any city in the world. It does not enchant you by the chaos or the noise of scooters and cars swarming around the street. A visit to Yangon from Myanmar river cruise will bring you the feeling of stepping back to centuries with its laid-back pace of life and dignified gilded pagodas dating back to thousand years ago. The unique architecture features on the mossy tiled buildings along the street. Upon Yangon, there are myriads of things to do, taste, and discover. From the bustling market to the colorful street food stall especially the glittering pagodas dating back to thousand years ago. All are rolled into one to deliver you a remarkable river cruise in Myanmar. Explore Bagan by horse cart - unique experience in Burma river cruise

Twante – The Village of "Oh-Bo Pottery Shed"

The peaceful city of Twante is one of the ideal places to visit from a Myanmar river cruise. The small town is home to the well-known Shwesandaw Pagoda and the traditional pottery making. Besides, the one that impresses you is the smile of kids and the daily activity of people. Upon Twante from the Yangon river cruise, tourists will have a chance to sightseeing around the city on a trishaw – the most popular means of transportation in Myanmar.   take Yangon river cruise to visit the pottery village in Twante