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  • Myanmar Vaccinations

    Vaccinations Before a Trip to Myanmar

    Which vaccinations do I need to travel to Myanmar? The answer actually will vary depending on:

    Which part of the country you will take tours to, for example Bagan tour […]

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  • USD, EURO or Kyat while traveling in Myanmar

    USD, EURO or Kyat to Visit Myanmar?

    Using USD or Kyat to Visit Myanmar? Probably this is one of the questions that most tourists are dying to know. Why this?
    First of all, remember that Myanmar, a […]

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  • SIM Cards in Myanmar

    SIM Cards in Myanmar

    If you intend to travel Myanmar particularly visit great destinations like Yangon, Bagan, Inle Lake and Mandalay, you will probably wonder: “Which sim card is best in Burma? What’s the […]

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  • FAQs on Myanmar Travel

    FAQs on Myanmar Travel

    Is tipping customary in Myanmar?
    As in many Asian countries, tipping is not customary in Myanmar. It means that an act of generosity could potentially be misconstrued as an insult […]

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  • Myanmar hospital system need to be funded to upgraded the facilities

    Medical Treatment & Hospital System in Myanmar

    Some potential risks to health while travelling will vary between individuals and many issues need to be carefully considered; for example, activities abroad, length of stay and general health of […]

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  • Responsible travel tips for visiting Myanmar

    Responsible Travel Tips for Visiting Myanmar (Burma)

    Respect Myanmar’s customs, traditions, religion and culture
    Dress modestly and respectfully. Shoulders to knees should be covered, especially when entering places of worship
    Be sensitive to Burma’s political situation. […]

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  • France Embassy in Myanmar

    Foreign Embassies in Myanmar

    United State Embassy
    Address: 110 University Ave, Kamayut Township, Yangoon
    Phone: (95)-(1) 536-509
    Fax: (95)-(1)-511-069…

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  • How to Etiquette in Myanmar

    How to Etiquette in Myanmar

    Familiarize yourself with essential local etiquette in Myanmar helps you get around the country without being afraid of getting things wrong. These below need-to-know understandings of Burma’s customs and etiquette […]

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  • Accommodation Booking before Myanmar Trip

    Accommodation Booking before Myanmar Trip

    Booking in advance is highly recommended because of a comparative shortage of rooms which often have higher prices than others in Southeast Asian countries. You should bear in mind that […]

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  • General Post Office, Yangon, Myanmar

    Postal Services in Myanmar

    There have a number of post offices in Myanmar. It is necessary to know at least some of them in case you need to send a parcel within the country. […]

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  • Smart phone acquired to access the internet in Myanmar

    Internet Access in Myanmar

    The Myanmar’s first Internet access was established in the year of 2000. Because of particular government restrictions involving price, facility and infrastructure, Myanmar presents itself with a low Internet connection […]

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  • Dazzling Shwedagon at night in Yangon

    Electricity and Shortages

    Like water issues in Myanmar, electricity has also fall shortage and unreliable, particularly in rural areas. When traveling to Myanmar, you may encounter power-cut. It is, therefore, necessary to bring […]

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  • Public phone in Yangon, Myanmar

    Mobile Phones in Myanmar

    Both internet access and telephone line in Myanmar are more underdeveloped than those of other Southeast Asian countries. However, thanks to an innovation in infrastructure, Myanmar’s telecommunications have significantly improved. Find out more

  • Myanmar Local Toilet

    What is the Toilet Like in Myanmar?

    Some confuse whether using toilet in Myanmar is the same as other countries or not. In fact, there is little difference. Here’re toilet guide in Myanmar that may help you […]

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  • Bottled water is highly recommended in Myanmar

    Water and Hygiene in Myanmar

    Myanmar is one of the Southeast Asia’s poorest countries, which made clean water supply and hygiene a problem of foreign travelers’ concerns.
    In Myanmar, major water sources for the communities […]

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  • Myanmar Currency and Exchange Rate

    Myanmar Currency & Exchange Rate

    The Kyat is today official currency of Myanmar (Burma) which is often abbreviated as “K” and placed before the numerical value (e.g. K200). Kyat is present released in notes (no […]

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  • Useful Words & Phrases for Visitors to Myanmar

    Useful Words & Phrases for Visitors to Myanmar

    Visitors in Myanmar often speak Burmese language for greetings, farewell, purchasing something, places or asking directions. Therefore, for those who are not familiar with this kind of language, you at […]

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  • Traffic Jam in Yangon and the locals crossing the road by over the fence

    Traffic System in Myanmar

    A surreal Myanmar with thousands of ancient pagodas fascinates tourists by its enchanting appearance.  People can be lost in the gorgeous scenery of Inle Lake, or attracted by a Myanmar […]

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We Can’t Keep Ourselves Ablaze with Excitement from Savoring the Beauty that is Myanmar

We Can’t Keep Ourselves Ablaze with Excitement from Savoring the Beauty that is Myanmar

Client: Ms Kriza & Family
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Pax: 4

Myanmar Tour - 7 days

I Would Like to Personally Thank You for Your Excellent Service

I Would Like to Personally Thank You for Your Excellent Service

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Feedback of Mrs. Michael on 15-Day Myanmar Vacation

Feedback of Mrs. Michael on 15-Day Myanmar Vacation

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Itinerary: Customized Myanmar Tour - 15 Days


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