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Burmese young novices is an interesting topic in Myanmar photography tours
If you love photography, Myanmar (Burma) is heaven. Myanmar photography tours not only bring you to the most impressive places in Myanmar to capture the best photos of the magical landscape, breathtaking vistas, and wonderful heritage sites but also give you a great chance to explore the country’s history, unique customs, and vibrant community.

In each corner, Myanmar has its own charm to inspire your photography topics. From the street food vendors, and lively markets to humbling means of transportation, Myanmar will impress, engage, and intrigue you with its simple features but very interesting. Moreover, Myanmar is also a mecca where you can marvel at the combinations of man-made masterpieces and nature creations.
The best Myanmar photography destinations are:

  • Bagan – the land of the sun and countless temples
  • U Bein Bridge – the most beautiful teak bridge
  • Shwedagon Pagoda – the glistening stupa enshrining Buddha’s relics
  • Inle Lake – breathtaking natural beauty
  • Hpa An – the picturesque town with incredible sceneries
  • Mrauk U – the mysterious city
  • Myeik Archipelago – an untouched paradise on earth

Let us take you to the most photographed place in Myanmar to meet friendly people. All the arrangements and attractions of our Burma photography tours are designed for you to get an in-depth tour of Myanmar’s history, landscape, and culture.

Browse our best-offered Myanmar photography tours below and pick up one that suits you most. If you do not find an appropriate itinerary, feel free to contact us to customize the unique Myanmar tour that meets exactly your interest. We insist on helping you discover the best tourist attractions and showing you the best of Myanmar.

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Attractions for Myanmar Photo Tours

With myriads of glittering pagodas, ancient temples and alluring culture packed into the extraordinary landscape. Myanmar is a wonderful destination to inspire into your memorable photos. If you are planning for a Myanmar photography tour 2022, you should never miss these attractions such as Bagan, Yangon, Mandalay, Inle Lake, or Mrauk U. With this essential Myanmar photography guide, you are going to master the best sights to capture the spirit of Myanmar.

Yangon – The City of The Timeless Charm

With a number of magnificent gilded temples, sprawling parks, and picturesque man-made lakes, Yangon is one of the most appealing photo destinations for a Myanmar photography tour. Moreover, the city also boasts the highest number of historic colonial buildings in Asia, which will absolutely blow your heart away! In each corner of the street, there is always the thing inspire into your photos. You almost need 2 – 3 days for a Yangon photography tour. From dawn till dusk, these are many attractions in Yangon to visit: Shwedagon Pagoda – the glittering temple of dramatical architecture, the main pilgrim site and home to the sacred Buddha relics. Best visited in the late afternoon Kandawgyi Lake – The serene evergreen artificial lake Chinatown – a bustling street of colonial buildings and colorful street fruit vendors Bogyoke Aungsan Market – Best place for local taste Yangon Circular Train – Capture the life of local besides the track Yangon colonial buildings – Best place for Myanmar street photography shwedagon temple a not to miss destination in Myanmar photography tour

Bagan – Where the Magic Comes to Life

Just being recognized as an official UNESCO Heritage Site, Bagan is absolutely a not-to-miss place to visit in a Myanmar photo tour. I cannot describe how fancy it enough when I have a chance to marvel at thousands of ancient temples and stupas blending its charm with the fog and dust. Sunrise and sunset are the two greatest moments in Bagan when I am sure that you will have to scream out for its heart-touching beauty. Bagan is absolutely magic. Traversing the hot powerful of the sun, from temple to temple in a Bagan photography tour, the real view will hit your eyes when you reach the highest peak of a sunset hill. From here, you instantly forget about the heat of Bagan, just gaze upon the beauty in front of you and hurry to take the photo to ensure that you won't miss the wonderful moment. bagan temples a fabulous scenery for Myanmar photography trip

Mandalay – The City of Majestic White-washed Temples and Monasteries

The fascinating, as well as the charm of Mandalay, will make you hard not to be hypnotized. Well-known as the city of great culture, Mandalay will captivate your sound by the peaceful aura in the historic monasteries, mesmerizing hills, and glittering pagodas. Best destinations for a Myanmar photo tour: U Bein Bridge – the world’s longest teak bridge and one of the best places to watch the sunset in Myanmar Kuthodaw Pagoda – the world’s largest Buddhist book carved on 729 marble slabs Sagaing Hill – a breathtaking hill where is home to over 800 monasteries Mandalay Palace – the last Burmese palace with impressive royal architecture Shwenandaw Monastery – a part of the royal palace with magnificent architecture in the 19th century kuthodaw pagoda - interesting spot for myanmar photography tour  

Inle Lake – Home to the Breathtaking Nature & Traditional Practices

Step aside from the marvelous attractions in the mainland, Myanmar also lures your heart with the extraordinary life above the water. And, Inle Lake is natural heaven to visit in your Myanmar photography tour to take the best shots for your traditional practice collection. The only way to travel around the lake is by boat. From which you can sail through many floating gardens, villages, and religious sites. Perhaps Inle Lake has everything you need. It’s a beguiling destination. From the stunning beauty scenery to the traditional handicrafts; from the idyllic markets to the remote villages. Each with its unique features that ensure to gives you wonderful scenery for landscape photography. Inle Lake a natural heaven myanmar photography trip

Hpa-An – A Little Hidden Treasure of Myanmar

About 300 km toward the east of Yangon, Hpa-An is a wonderful destination for a Myanmar photography tour. It’s where the mesmerizing fields, tranquil river, and limestone mountain backdrop roll into one. It’s a small town but there are a lot of things to inspire in your pictures. If you love to take Myanmar landscape photography, the untouched scenery of Hpa-An is heaven. Let’s wake up early in the morning to be captivated by the delightful atmosphere in the fresh market. Perhaps you won’t want to miss the exotic Kyauk Kalap Monastery in your Myanmar photo tour. The small stupas perched on the top of the small limestone looks like it’s almost falling. I believe that standing in front of the site, you can just say “how?”. The next spot. the top of Mt Zwegabin will be a viewpoint when you can take fabulous snapshots to the large beautiful area. Though it will be a bit tiring to climb to the top, it’s totally worth trying. kyauk kalap monastery a breathtaking destination for Burma photorgraphy tours