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Myanmar Itinerary 2 Weeks, Discover The Golden Land in 14-Day Tour

Myanmar itinerary 2 weeks gives you a perfect amount of time to visit the majority of the most famous attractions in Myanmar without having to rush from one place to another. From the most exciting cities like Yangon, Bagan, or Mandalay, we take you to some unsung destinations to mingle in the breathtaking nature, vibrant markets, and stunning historical sites.

Expect to be dazzled by the sight of numerous gilded temples and pagodas as well as be blown away by the cultural diversity of this incredible country. Follow our guides to take a look at the best parts of the country that you should not miss in your 14-day journey to Myanmar.

Recommended Myanmar Itinerary 2 Weeks

Day 1: Yangon Arrival
Day 2: Yangon city tour
Day 3: Yangon – Fly to Bagan
Day 4: Bagan – Mt. Popa – Bagan
Day 5: Bagan Sightseeing
Day 6: Bagan – Pindaya Cave – Inle Lake
Day 7: Inle Lake Discovery
Day 8: Inle – Kakku – Inle Lake
Day 9: Inle Lake – Indein – Inle Lake
Day 10: Heho – Ngapali Beach
Day 11: Ngapali Beach
Day 12: Ngapali Beach
Day 13: Ngapali Beach – Yangon
Day 14: Yangon Departure
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Things to Do & See in Myanmar Itinerary 2 Weeks

Myanmar itinerary 2 weeks definitely offer you some of the best traveling experience and help you gain insight into this mysterious yet stunning country. Let’s get to know Myanmar’s nature and people as we guide you through the visit of your dream.

Yangon - The Fascinating Starting Point 

The gateway city of Yangon is the perfect place to start your Myanmar itinerary 2 weeks.  It is the city of the glittering temples such as Chaukhtatgyi Buddha Temple, Shwedagon Pagoda, and Bohtataung Pagoda. Besides, standing by the calm water of Kandawgy Lake is also a stunning thing to do in 14-day trip in Myanmar. From the lakeshore, you can capture amazing photos of the scenery as well as the gorgeous Karaweik Palace. Moreover, you can also stop by the local fruit market and visit China town in the evening for a taste of Myanmar diverse and vibrant side. Yangon - the starting point of Myanmar itinerary 2 weeks

Mandalay - The Heart of Cultural Alluring

As the cultural and Buddhist center of Myanmar, Mandalay is the next destination to explore in Myanmar itinerary 2 weeks. It is home to a great number of temples and pagodas with unique architecture and special religious. The best highlights are Mahamuni pagoda which enshrines the massive image of Buddha, Shwenandaw Monastery with exquisite teak wood carvings of ancient Buddhist myths, Kuthodaw with the largest Buddhist books. Mahamuni pagoda in Mandalay - the highlight of Myanmar itinerary 14 daysApart from the magnificent temples and pagodas, you shouldn’t miss the sunset on Mandalay Hill in Myanmar itinerary 14 days. After doing an exercise of climbing up 1729 steps of the stair, you are welcomed by the breath-taking sight of the golden sunlight covering the whole scenery.

Bagan - Where the Myths Reveal

Bagan is the land of temples and pagodas with more than 2000 of them still standing nowadays. Thus, it is the must-see destination for any tourists in Myanmar itinerary 2 weeks. There are so many religious sites to the point that it’s impossible for you to explore the city without coming across some of them. Shwezigon, Dhammayangyi, Ananda, and Khay Min Ga Pagoda are the best sights that you should visit while traveling to Bagan. You can do sight-seeing around the city by bike, car, or horses and carriage. Watching the sun rises over Bagan in a hot-air balloon is also a highlight you shouldn’t miss in 14-days tour in Myanmar. Bagan is also famous for its local handicrafts such as hand-made cloth, bamboo works, and lacquerware. Myanmar tours 14 days to Htilominlo Temple in Bagan

Inle Lake - The Untouched Natural Site

Step aside from the majestic gilded pagodas and temples, Myanmar itinerary 2 weeks also takes you to discover Inle Lake - the heart-touching natural site of Myanmar. In your 14-day tour, you can take a boat trip to visit Phaungdawoo Pagoda, Indein, the floating gardens and have a look at the famous leg-rowers and local fishermen fishing in a traditional method. Floating garden and the inhabitant on Inle Lake-Myanmar itineraries 2 weeks

Ngapali Beach - Soak up the Turquoise Water

The most attractive beach in Burma is where you should not miss in Myanmar itinerary 2 weeks. You are free to explore this unspoiled beach, which is free from the noisy crowds and bustling life of the urban area. Also, Don't miss a great opportunity to relax under the palm trees, gazing out at the soft white sand and shimmering seawater. Ngapali Beach - where to reward yourself Myanmar travel itinerary 14 days

Hpa An - An Extraordinary Landscape 

The poetic charm of Hpa An is the next attraction we recommend you to visit in Myanmar itinerary 2 weeks. Setting foot in Hpa An, you can immediately feel the primal beauty of nature and its astounding landscape. The morning market in Hpa An is a great place to have a chat with local people while breathing in the fresh morning air and taking a look at local produce. In Hpa An, there are a lot of dazzling caves that are open to the public such as Saddan Cave, Kawgun Cave, and Yathaypyan Cave. Hpa An sightseeing in Myanmar itineraries 2 weeks

Mrauk U - The Forgotten World

If you want to get off the beaten track and delve into the mysterious and untouched side of Myanmar’s nature in Myanmar itinerary 14 days, Mrauk U will be the ideal place to visit. Standing tall in the vast background of raw nature, Mrauk U’s temples and pagodas bear an ancient beauty that is distinct from which of other gilded ones. Some of the highlights are the bell-shaped Mahabodhi Shwegu, Kothaung Paya with allegedly 90,000 images of Budha lining the outer passageway, and so on. Myanmar tour 14 days to Mrauk U

Golden Rock - The Massive Rock Keeps the Hair of Buddha

The Kyaiktiyo Pagoda, also known as the Golden Rock Pagoda, is a holy pilgrim site for a lot of Buddhists. The place is a complex made up of temples, guest houses, and restaurants. Hike up to the top of the mountain in Myanmar itinerary 2 weeks, you can find the well-known Golden Rock magically hanging at the edge of a hill as if gravity were nothing to speak of. It’s even more interesting once you’ve learned about the legend of Golden Rock, and how people believe the Rock is supported by a hair from Buddha. Visit Golden Rock in 2 week in Myanmar

Bago - A Poetic City

Bago is a town that is not well-known to many tourists but has a very rich history. As a result, Bago houses many historical sites worthy of a visit, including some of the most significant Buddhist monasteries in Myanmar. Therefore, why can we miss it in Myanmar itinerary 2 weeks? Shwemawdaw Pagoda - Bago in Myanmar tour 14 days