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Myanmar Tours & Customized Holiday Packages 2023 – 2024 (Burma)

glittering pagodas and magnificent temples are the most highlights of Myanmar tours 2019 2020

Lies in the western portion of Southeast Asia, Myanmar is a country about double the size of England! So far, the country remains one of the most mysterious places in the world where the traditional values from culture, architecture, art, and authentic lifestyle are well-preserved among 135 ethnic minorities.

Stepping back in time to set foot on the extraordinary landscape studded with glittering temples and delve into the glorious past to know more about its people. From the gateway city of Yangon, our Burma tour package 2023 expands potentially throughout the most famous attractions of the country such as Bagan, Mandalay, Inle Lake, and others off the tourist trail such as Kengtung, Loikaw, Hsipaw, etc. Myanmar will enchant every visitor with its vibrant cultural traditions, friendly locals and magnificent temples.

For first-time travelers to Myanmar, let’s browse the best Burma trips that are featured on the top 10 best-selling tours that have been chosen by most of our customers below. They are all carefully designed by our travel experts who have gained insights into the country’s highlights. Along with sightseeing, the itinerary also gives you great chances to learn and experience authentic local life.

Please remember that every tour itinerary in our boutique of Myanmar tour 2023 is flexible and customizable. If you do not find any tours that fit your needs, feel free to contact us to create your own itinerary to Maynmar that meets your exact taste and interest!

Mingalaba and Welcome to Myanmar!

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Best Things to Do in Myanmar Tours 2022 - 2023

When you travel to Myanmar in 2022 - 2022, we would recommend you devote at least 5 days, but a two-week trip for Myanmar tours 2022 will allow you to experience most of the highlights of the country such as Yangon, Bagan, Ine Lake, Mandalay…and still to see more than just the classic routes. If you have more time, it would be great to enjoy four of the best beaches in Myanmar such as Ngapali, Ngwe Saung (Silver Beach), Kanthaya Beach and Chaung Tha. To fulfill tourist understanding, we offer the top 6 best things to experience in Myanmar tours 2022 - 2023.

Enjoy the Peaceful Sunset at Shwedagon Pagoda

As the most magnificent pagoda in Myanmar, Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon is the must-see spot for any Myanmar tours 2022. Situated on the top of Singuttara Hill with 99 meters high, the pagoda can be seen from every corner of the city. Made of 16 tons of gold, the glistening pagoda is most appealing at sunrise and sunset. As the sun immerse everything in golden light, visit the pagoda and walk barefoot to feel the heat touch to your feet. Then sit on the ground among the locals, pray and pay homage to the Buddha. Let close your eyes and feel the peace in your mind. You will understand how appealing Myanmar is so that you should never miss a chance to visit it in a lifetime. shwedagon pagoda at sunset - highlight of Myanmar tours 2019 2020

Crossing the Highest Railway Bridge in Myanmar - Goteik Viaduct

To date, this is always a heart-racing activity to do in Myanmar vacation 2022. Constructed in 1899, the railway connects the main town of Lashio in northern Shan State to Pyin Oo Lwin. With over 100 meters high, it is somehow a challenge for some people but it never fails to excite your senses. Taking a train ride in Burma holiday package 2022 provides you a window to the spectacular view of the mountain scenery. It costs $3 for a seat in the second class carriage and you are able to experience authentic local life. Also, you can have a seat in the first-class carriage and it is $5 for a ticket. If you are an adventure lover, put it immediately in your itinerary for Myanmar tours 2022 to capture the scenic beauty of the tranquil area as you pass through the lush greenery hills from the trekking site in Hsipaw. Hopping on a train crossing Goteik Viaduct is a cool thing to do in Myanmar tours 2019 2020

Set Foot on The Untouched Myeik Archipelago

Myanmar tours 2022 are expected to bring you more exotic experiences to the pristine Myeik Archipelago. Along with the encouragement of Myanmar river cruises, tourists are offered more chances to set foot on the isolated archipelago and join in fantastic activities to explore the sea life as well as the natural beauty of Myeik. More than just an island, Myeik Archipelago is an ideal place to enjoy a dive to observe the gorgeous life under the water, kayaking through the impressive caves and mangrove forest, and meet the Moken people. Hasting Island, Macleod Island, and Lord Loughborough Island are some of the most stunning islands to visit in Myanmar tours 2022. Myeik archipelago is a new treasure to visit in Myanmar vacation 2019 2020

Visit the Beautiful City of Mawlamyine

Stand apart from the country’s main attractions, Mawlamyine is a quiet and peaceful city for tourists enjoying the laid-back pace of life of Burmese people. There are a lot of green trees and some British infrastructure in the city making it clean and attractive. Take a trip to Mawlamyine from Mayanmar tours 2022 - 2023, tourists will indulge in a variety of activities in beautiful attractions such as the golden Kyaikthanlan Paya Pagoda, dating back to the 9th century, is one of the best places to enjoy the sunset and catch the light breeze from the river; Shampoo Island, a picturesque islet studded with the monastery, nunnery, and temple. Additionally, Bilu Kyun, Mawlamyine Zeigyo Commercial Center, and Mon Cultural Museum are also worth seeing in the city. Mawlamyine is an ideal place to visit in Myanmar tours 2019 2020

Marvel at over 3000 Pagodas & Temples in Bagan

If you have never been to Bagan, you may hear about it from several people that visiting it before it is too late. By the way, when you witness this wonderful land is real, it is more than you can expect. Myanmar tours 2022 are expected to bring you to a land that has gone through many damages of natural disasters but still standing and witnessing a lot of tourists. Myanmar vacation 2022 will bring you to the flat region that always knows how to make itself a hidden treasure merging with the dust and majestic sunlight making you feel like you are getting lost in a fancy maze. Explore the ancient pagodas of Bagan is one of the best things to do in Burma holiday package 2019 2020

Explore Saddar Cave in Hpa An

Hopping barefoot and exploring thousands of Buddha images and millions of wall paintings in one of the largest sacred caves in Myanmar is an amazing experience that you should never miss in your Burma holiday package 2022. Step aside from the impressive holy relics, Baddan cave is also home to thousands of bats exciting on the top of the cave. walk bare foot on Saddar cave in Myanmar tours 2019 is amazing experience

Enjoy a Breathtaking Boat Trip Around Inle Lake

An amazing boat trip is a thing that our clients always love the most on their trip to Myanmar. Therefore, why don't you take it in your Burma holiday packages in 2022? The boat trip allows you to approach the authentic local life of the inhabitants around the lake for a hundred years. Passing through the unique floating gardens, houses, and monasteries in Myanmar tours 2022, you will not only behold the scenic beauty of the lake but also explore their exceptional life and farming methods. boat trip in Inle Lake is an amazing experience in Myanmar vacation 2019 2020