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Myanmar (Burma) Itinerary 3 Weeks – Customized 3-Weeks Itinerary

Myanmar itinerary 3 weeks delivers you a perfect amount of time to experience the essence of Myanmar. The land of traditional richness and natural wonders offers myriads of stunning things to discover that sometimes confuse numerous visitors. As a local tour operator in Myanmar, Go Myanmar Tours offers you the perfect Myanmar itinerary for 3 weeks to behold the gorgeous beauty of Myanmar from the most popular attractions to off-the-beaten-track spots.

More than just sightseeing, the Myanmar itinerary of 3 weeks provides you with a good amount of time to discover the diverse culture of 135 ethnic groups throughout the country. From the hustle and bustle city like Yangon to the idyllic countryside in Bagan, a land full of impressive white-washed stupas and glittering pagodas in Mandalay to the isolated poetic beaches embracing the beautiful landscape. Myanmar itinerary 3 weeks take you to meet the friendly, hospitable, and gentle locals to learn about their daily life and traditional customs.

Please select our suggested Myanmar itinerary 3 weeks below and let us bring you a Myanmar with a vibrant community living in an incredibly peaceful country and outstanding relics packed in the majestic landscape. If you do not find an appropriate itinerary for 3 weeks in Myanmar, feel free to contact us to customize your own 21-day Burma tours itinerary that meets your exact need and interest.

Recommended itinerary for 3 weeks in Myanmar

Day 1: Yangon arrival – Yangon city tour (-, -, -)
Day 2: Yangon – Hpa An (B)
Day 3: Hpa An (B)
Day 4: Hpa an –Yangon (B)
Day 5: Yangon Day Bus to Kalaw (B) (08:00 17:30)
Day 6: Kalaw City Tour (B)
Day 7: Kalaw Trekking (B, L, D)
Day 8: Kalaw Trekking (B, L, D)
Day 9: Kalaw- Inle (B, L,-)
Day 10: Inle Lake Sightseeing (B)
Day 11: Inle Lake – Fly to Bagan – Day at Leisure (B)
Day 12: Bagan Sightseeing (by Bike or Horse Cart) (B)
Day 13: Bagan – Pakoukku- Mandalay (B)
Day 14: Mandalay – Pyin Oo Lwin (B)
Day 15: Pyin Oo Lwin – Hsipaw by Train (B) (8:00 – 15:00)
Day 16: Hsipaw Sightseeing (B)
Day 17: Hsipaw Boat Trip & Village Sightseeing (B, L)
Day 18: Hsipaw – Mandalay by Bus (B) 5:30 – 12:00)
Day 19: Mandalay – Sightseeing by Bike (B) (9:00 Am)
Day 20: Mandalay Day at Leisure (B) (NO guide and NO car)
Day 21: Mandalay – Departure (B)

Top Myanmar Itinerary 3 Weeks

Things to Do & See In Myanmar Itinerary 3 Weeks

Mandalay - The Hidden Treasure of Myanmar

Mandalay has never been praised in any beauty contests. But why we still put it the no.1 spot in our list of recommended destinations to visit in Myanmar Itinerary 3 weeks? To find out the reason why just keep scrolling up! Perhaps Mandalay has been popular to tourists as a cultural center of Myanmar. More than that, it is almost incredible beauty that you have to see to believe it. The sky is covered with glittering pagodas and white-washed stupa. Marvel at the world's largest Buddha book in Kuthodaw, walk on the gorgeous Hsinbyme Pagoda, gain a panoramic view from Mandalay Hills, and take the best photo in the longest teak bridge in the world – U Bein Bridge is awesome things that you must experience in this Myanmar itinerary 3 weeks. Furthermore, there is not more meaningful in a 21-day tour in Myanmar than an encounter with the local artisan in and learn more about the production of intricated handicrafts using traditional methods. Visit the impresive Kuthodaw Pagoda in Myanmar Itineraries 3 weeks

Challenging Train Ride from Pyin Oo Lwin to Hsipaw

Have you ever heard about Goteik Viaduct, the highest railway in Myanmar? Maybe not, maybe have. Regardless of your answer, this is one of the most wonderful activities to experience in Myanmar itinerary 3 weeks. The highest spot of the railway reach over 100 meter high sometimes make you a little astonished but the more you go, the stunning scenery you will behold. The train route stretch from Pyin Oo Lwin to Hsipaw provides you a window to the magnificent landscape. Why don't you try? Take a Train Ride in Myanmar Itineraries 3 weeks

Kalaw – Where to Escape From The Heat of Myanmar

Located in the center of Myanmar, Kalaw is one of the best trekking points of the country let you walk across the greenery forests and poetic fields. Myanmar itinerary 3 weeks gives you enough time to explore the lovely beauty of Kalaw as you pass through the clean pavements and capture the attraction of colorful flowers and vegetables. Step aside from the amazing trek route, Myanmar itinerary 21 days offers you numerous exciting things to see & taste in Kalaw such as indulge in the lively local market, climb up to the top of a monastery to marvel at the spectacular panoramic view to the region, take a biking trip to explore the un-named roads… All are rolled into one to give you a remarkable journey in part of you Myanmar itinerary 3 weeks. Trekking to Kalaw in Myanmar itineraries 3 weeks

Stroll Around the Glorious Landscape of Hpa An

This small poetic town just needs 1 day in your Myanmar itinerary 3 weeks to discover. Nevetherless, its grace as well as the charm will never fail to take your breath away. Check out the lively morning market to have an interesting chat with the local market then wander around the poetic Kan Thar Yar lake to capture the laid-back life on the lake's shore. An exotic visit to the Sadan Cave is also worth to pay in Myanmar itinerary 3 weeks to see impressive Buddha statues and wall carvings. Also, a drive to the picturesque Kyauk Kalap Monastery is sure to fulfill your soul to the gorgeous region. stroll through the glorious Hpa an in Myanmar itineraries 3 weeks

Exotic Horse Cart Ride in Bagan

If this is your first time in Myanmar, manage to hit Bagan at least once in your Myanmar itinerary 3 weeks. Packed with more than 2000 old temples and pagodas, Bagan is a dreamland of any visitors who hope to seek out the magical landscape merging with the dust and sunlight making it as one of the most mythical lands in the world. Our Myanmar itinerary 3 weeks not only introduces you with the outstanding pagodas and its history as well as the architecture but also brings you a great chance to take a horse cart ride to slowly behold the fascinating of the region. Myanmar itineraries 3 weeks to Bagan temples and pagodas

Explore Inle Lake and the "Long Neck" Tribal Women

The second largest freshwater lake in Myanmar has never failed to excite tourist senses. A breathtaking boat ride around the lake in Myanmar itinerary 3 weeks allows you to behold the exceptional floating gardens, houses, and monasteries built on stilts. What makes Inle Lake more exciting is a visit to the "long neck" village where you will meet and talk with women wearing special big rings around their neck. If you are curious about them, why don't put it in your own Myanmar tour 21 days and travel with us then find out the secret! Meet the long neck women in Inle Lake in Myanmar itineraries 3 weeks