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Myanmar Family Tours, Private Holiday & Travel Packages for Family

Cycling is one of the cool things to do in Myanmar family tours
What better way to enrich your family’s cultural awareness than by introducing them to Myanmar’s incredible sights, vibrant culture, and history? Our private Myanmar family tours are designed with the needs of families in mind. They run at an easy and flexible pace customized to suit your family in the journey to Myanmar (Burma) – one of the world’s most mysterious countries.
The below inspiring Myanmar family tour itineraries will not only offer you a chance to travel with your kids to see all the main attractions in the country but also deliver you an ideal family holiday in Burma to enjoy special activities. From an amazing family cooking class to a mesmerizing cruise on the legendary Irrawaddy River or a visit to the local family, etc. Your Myanmar family tour is just that – a Myanmar tour for your family and your family only.

Our Myanmar family trip features: 
100% Custom-Crafted Itinerary: chat 1:1 with a dedicated travel expert to design your own tour itinerary with quality services that meet your interests
Flexible itinerary: our family tours offer an easy and flexible pace tailored for every family. Share your experiences with the people you love most: hiking, cooking, cycling…
Hand-picked Accommodation: Selected accommodation to satisfy your needs: spacious hotels with pools, family apartments…
Interesting Activities: Experience unique and interesting activities with the people you love most
Age: All ages
Having a little dear does not mean that it would make your trip uncomfortable. We built the itineraries for a perfect family vacation of all ages
Note: All children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by adults during the trip
Physical Rating: Light cycling, walking, and hiking combined with historical & in-depth cultural discovery are suitable for most fitness levels. Nothing is too challenging
Trip Style: Private Family, Big & Small Group

Let chose your ideal itinerary below for your Myanmar vacations. and contact us to book or customize a unique Myanmar family trip that meets your exact needs!

Top Myanmar Family Holiday Packages

Best Things to Do in Myanmar Family Tours

These exciting activities below offer a great insight into the country and yes, we sure that your family will love them. Add our useful tips in your wishlist for your best Myanmar tours.

Explore The Temples & Pagodas in Bagan

With more than 2200 old temples and pagodas, exploring these outstanding heritages in Bagan is one of the best things to do with your kids while taking Myanmar family tours. The classic way to get around the ancient capital is car driving. Besides, you can choose to take a horse-cart ride to slowly indulge in the magical beauty of the area. Along with this unique route in your Myanmar family holiday, your family can stop at any spots to gaze out at the scenery, take some nice photos, and listen to your guide about the history, art, and architecture of Bagan amongst these relics. Depends on your children's age that you will have a great option to cycle around the ruins and pass through the dusty paths to discover Bagan your own way in your Myanmar family trip. Myanmar family travel to Bagan - explore over 2200 temples and pagoda

Remark a Myanmar Family Holiday on an Amazing Boat Trip to Get Around Inle Lake

Be one of the main tourist attractions in Myanmar, Inle Lake is where you cannot skip in your Myanmar family trip. What makes your ideal Myanmar family trip memorable is to take a long tail boat and sail around the lake. That would lead you to amazing sites on the lake to behold the incredible beauty of the second largest freshwater lake in the country. During this trip, you and your kids will have a chance to meet the Intha people – the local inhabitants who have lived hundreds of year on the lake. Take this chance to learn about their exquisite farming techniques on the floating gardens as well as their fishing methods using conical baskets and one-legged rowing. Inle-Lake-the most beautiful lake to visit in Myanmar family holiday

Visit Colorful Local Markets With Your Kids

Markets in Myanmar is not only where you can purchase products and goods. It is also where you can witness authentic Burmese daily lifeline and see how they make their livings. What's a better way to gain local insight than indulging in the lively atmosphere of the markets in your Myanmar family tours? Bogyoke Aung San in Yangon, Nyaung U in Bagan, Central Market in Pyay, floating market in Inle Lake are interesting places to discover in Myanmar family travel. Myanmar family holiday - witness authentic Burmese daily lifeline at the market

Myanmar Family Travel With a Hot-Air Balloon Ride to Marvel at the Beauty of Bagan from Above

Hot air balloon trip is one of the most highlights as you hit Bagan in your Myanmar family tour. It delivers you and your kids an unforgettable experience while flying over thousands of temple's peak, trees, and spectacular landscapes. hot-air-balloon-ride in-Myanmar-family-tour

Get a Glimpse at The Legendary Golden Pagodas

For a long time, Myanmar has been well-known for people as the Land of Golden Pagodas. It would be a big mistake if you miss a chance to see golden pagodas in your Myanmar family holiday. Gaze out at the Shwedagon, Shwezigon, and Shwesandon Pagoda throughout the country in your Myanmar family trip, you will discover numerous memorable experiences. Additionally, Golden Rock is also worth a visit to let your children get more knowledge about Buddhism. This ensures a breathtaking time for your family holiday in Myanmar. shwedagon pagoda-a-must-see-destination-in-Myanmar-family-tour

Relax on The Poetic Beaches

Reward yourself after long days sightseeing on the most beautiful beaches is the thing that you cannot skip in Myanmar family tours. Feel free to lay on the white sandy beach, feel the light breeze blow through your skin, enjoy the fresh coconut water. This will fulfill your great time on your Myanmar family holiday. fulfill Myanmar family holiday in pristine beaches

Myanmar Family Travel Tips

Myanmar is an incredible country for family travel. If you have decided the destination to go, check out our essential tips to enjoy the best Myanmar family tour.

Getting Around the cities in a Myanmar Family Trip

By Taxis Traveling on a taxi in Myanmar family tours is probably the best way because it allows visitors the greatest comfort and flexibility. However, you should highly notice that many taxis in Myanmar do not have a fixed price. Therefore, it is necessary to negotiate the price before getting on the car to avoid paying a too high price in your Myanmar family trip. Normally, you can consult the taxi price before you go, if the distance is up to 3 km, the price is currently around 1500 kyat ($ 1), if the distance is around 10 km, the price should never reach over 17 $. By Trishaw Perhaps Myanmar trishaw is one of the most exotic images that captivates tourists' sense while traveling to the country. So far, the traditional means of transportation in Myanmar has become a popular vehicle for visitors to get around the city with cheap price and delightful experience. If you book a cyclo tour in your Myanmar family trip, it always has something to deal with the package price. The average price of Myanmar trishaw is around 10$ - 20$ and it also depends on how far you go. Don't be shy when bargaining with the driver to get as much as the cheap cost to save the best for your Myanmar family tour

Preparing Baby Equipment for Your Myanmar Family Trip Is Necessary

Since the country opens its door to travelers, it has been more conveniently to purchase goods and products in Myanmar. However, it some rural areas, it will be hard to find a shop selling tissues. Therefore, make sure you pack tissue enough if you have a baby for your Myanmar family trip

Booking a Hotel in Advance Before Traveling

With the dramatic changes in the tourism industry, hotels in Myanmar has been widening and widening in recent year. However, in the peak season, the hotels around the country are often fully booked. As a result, booking the hotel in advance before you go for a Myanmar family trip will be a wise decision.

Other Useful Tips for a Myanmar Family Travel

When wandering around the streets with your kids in Myanmar family tour, it is better do not let your children play with any animals they encounter to protect themselves from rabies. Visiting local markets will be amazing experiences in your Myanmar family trip and you may purchase some of the Burmese fruits. Keep in mind that you should be selective with the choice of fruits. Check out the information about fruit season before you buy to ensure you choose the local one. Also, never wash it with tap water, wash with bottled water instead.