What is the Toilet Like in Myanmar?

Myanmar Local Toilet

Some confuse whether using the toilet in Myanmar is the same as other countries or not. In fact, there is little difference. Here’s the toilet guide in Myanmar that may help you familiarize with the country’s culture in your Myanmar vacation.

Myanmar Local Toilet
Myanmar Local Toilet

–    In Myanmar, squat toilets are the norm and those are often set behind a house.
–    Bring your own toilet paper as well as hand wash gel. You can purchase toilet papers at some nearby shops.
–    Several places charge you a little money for using the toilet.
–    You are supposed to discard the toilet paper that was already used in the bin instead of the toilet itself.
–    Unlike luxury buses and boats, toilets in Myanmar’s buses and boats are not available.
–    Guesthouses serve good toilets in western style; however, this is not much in small villages. If you’re in or around the cities, there is no need to worry about not having western-styled toilets to use.
–    Near the toilet, there exists a water reservoir from which you can get water by a plastic bowl for cleaning and squatting over the toilet.
–    It seems that there is no public toilet. Similarly, street cafes or food stalls do not have toilets; whereas toilets are available in some higher-priced cafes.