Bagan – Mandalay Short Excursion (Upstream) – 3 Days

Tour Route: Bagan – Shwe Pyi Thar Village – Yandaboo Village – Mandalay

Tour Highlights

  • This river cruise offers an immersive experience of local life, allowing you to interact with villagers and learn about their culture and traditions.
  • Enjoy stunning views of tranquil villages, picturesque landscapes, and the mesmerizing sunset on the river from the comfort of the sundeck.
  • Explore the ancient temples and pagodas of Bagan, a UNESCO World Heritage site.
  • Visit Yandaboo Village, known for its traditional clay pot making, and get hands-on experience by trying your hand at making a pot.
  • Witness the enchanting sunrise on the river, creating a magical start to your day.