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Top 6 Things to Do & See in Mandalay

Watch the sunset on U Bein Wooden Bridge

Not only is a symbol of Myanmar’s culture, tourism, but U Bein Bridge was also voted as one of the most beautiful sunset spots in the world. The Bridge was built in 1851 and took three years to complete, the total length of the bridge is 1.2 km with more than 1000 supporting pillars. The U Bein Bridge is well-known as the longest wooden bridge in the world so far, it is still solid and becomes a lifeblood of local people here. Besides, some people believe that if two people love each other, holding hands together across the bridge, they will forever be together.

Come to visit Sacred Temples

Mahamuni Temple is the most sacred temple in Mandalay and its popularity is only behind the Shwedagon Pagodas in Yangon. According to legend, King Candrasuriya asked Buddha to make a statue of his size for worship at Mahamuni Temple. In 1784, King Bodawpaya captured Arakan and transferred the statue of Buddha with his troopers and captives. He built up the temple at the foot of Mandalay Hill to preserve the most sacred Buddha statue in the region, to confirm his devotion. In the main hall, there is still a statue of Buddha of 3.8 m high, made of gold and decorated with precious stones, only men can approach and gild the statue. Hsinbyume Temple is a giant white temple in the northern end of Mingun Village. Built in 1861, the name of the temple was named after a queen, Hsinbyume, who had passed away while giving birth. Kuthodaw Temple contains the largest marble Buddhist scripture in the world. The temple was built in 1857, Kuthodaw Temple consists of the main temple and many small towers. Specifically, the main temple is inlaid gold totally, shining under sunshine. Snake Temple: Snake pagoda is another name of Yadana Labamuni Hsu Taung Pye Paya Temple. Starting in the 1970s, three large snakes came here and slept around the Buddha statue. Since its appearance, the giant pythons in the temple have never left. Otherwise, they have become the goddesses that are respected by the faithful and the monks every day.

Experience of making gold leaves at King Galon Gold Leaf Workshop

The former capital of Myanmar has quite a lot of gold leaf production workshops, and King Galon is one of the oldest and most famous gold workshops in Mandalay. When visiting here, you will be watching the process of making gold leaf, everyone in King Galon is very happy and enthusiastic, so you would probably have the opportunity to try to hammer into the gold package below. This experience is free but of course, this is not an easy work.

Explore the Mandalay Palace

With its long-standing popularity, Mandalay Palace deserves a place to visit that you should not miss on your Mandalay tour. This Palace was the primary royal residence of King Mindon and King Thibaw, the last two kings of the country. All parts are magnificently constructed, teak and gilded. Moreover, the last palace citadel's four 2 km long walls form a perfect square, 8 m high, 3 m thick, complete with a total of 48 bastions. Although the entire palace was burned down by bombs during World War II, the external walls and moats still exist today. The palace was completely rebuilt in 1989 and became a tourist attraction. Finally, even if you cannot come here, don’t forget to enjoy the beautiful Mandalay Palace at sunset. The reflection of Mandalay on the east moat is a beautiful sight that you would be catchy.

Enjoy Mandalay street food

Similar to other Burmese cities, Mandalay also has Burmese traditions such as traditional rice with regular food, Shan noodles, Mohinga noodles, Shwe Taung Tan pork noodles, roast duck, hot milk tea,…etc. You enter the city center right next to the Mandalay Royal Palace, walking around the morning market with lots of bright boutiques including baked goods, hot desserts and delicious hot milk tea, which characterizes the life of Burmese people. More specifically, you can also tour around the city of Mandalay by bike so that you can stop anywhere to enjoy the food. Surely, the Mandalay dishes will be something you cannot forget.

Visit Mingun - an ancient village by the river

If you are someone who would like to learn profoundly about history in Myanmar, do not miss the ancient village of Mingun - the most important historical sites of Myanmar. Mingun is about 11km from Mandalay, you have two choices to go there: walking or boating. The first destination worth mentioning is the unfinished-ruin Mingun Pahtodawgyi Pagoda - a red brick temple that if it was completed, would be the largest brick Buddhist temple in the world with a planned height of 150m. Despite never completed, the ruin Pagoda is still as small as a hill, enough to admire. The huge cracks in the 1838 earthquake not only destroyed but also enhanced the impression of this heritage. Next, Mingun Temple is not far away is the world's largest bell weighs 90 tons, was carved separately for the temple but never used.