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See the best of Yangon with our recommended tailor-made Yangon itineraries. We offer a private, flexible, and unique tour experience with competitive prices. All of our tours in Yangon and the around the city are carefully designed for guided Myanmar tour packages and independent routes cater to meet the needs of valued guests from all over the world. Select from our best Yangon tours as below or devise your own itinerary.

  • Yangon - Golden Rock - Hpa An - Bago Tour

    Yangon – Golden Rock – Hpa An – Bago Tour – 4 Days

    Go with your guide for an exploration of a variety of attractive spots. During 4 days, by visiting both ethnic tribes at remote areas and the popular sites in Myanmar, not only can tourists relax but also deepen insights of local life, history…

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  • Yangon - Dala - Circular Train - Village Life

    Yangon – Dala & Circular Train (Village Life)

    Get on a ferry boat and head to Dala while witnessing Yangon River traffic. Experience living manners of the areas by another special transport. Take Yangon Circular Train, get to know the friendly locals as well as the majestic sceneries around. You have no need to hesitate…

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  • Yangon and The Surroundings – 5 Days

    Yangon and The Surroundings – 5 Days

    Discover mysterious and undiscovered Myanmar with magnificent pagoda architecture, unspeakable beauty as well as a mesmerizing appeal in only 5 days / 4 nights…

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  • The Best of Yangon – 5 Days

    The Best of Yangon – 5 Days

    Day 1: Arrival Yangon (D)
    Welcome to the airport by local tour guide and driver, we then transfer to hotel for checking in. Rest of the day, we visit the […]

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  • Short Excursion in Myanmar – 4 Days

    Short Excursion in Myanmar – 4 Days

    Let’s start & finish at the Yangon. You will have an overview of Bruma in limited time. Go Myanmar Tours is happy to take out the most outstanding places for your worthy trip in the country where the myths reveal…

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  • Yangon Stopover – 3 Days

    Yangon Stopover – 3 Days

    Day 1: Arrival – Yangon tour (D)
    Welcome upon arrival at the airport then we transfer to hotel. In the afternoon, we visit Karaweik Hall a Royal barge on the […]

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  • Yangon Excursion to Bago – 1 Day

    Yangon Excursion to Bago – 1 Day

    This one-day Yangon – Bagon trip allows us to discover the wonders of Bago (also known as Pegu) the capital of the Mon Kingdom in the 16th century…

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  • Yangon Excursion to Twante – 1 Day

    Yangon Excursion to Twante – 1 Day

    Enjoy a horse cart ride, village visits and discover unique pottery workshops on this excursion to Twante. Take a boat along the waterways getting a glimpse of life on the river and then explore…

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  • Yangon Excursions to Syriam – Half Day

    Yangon Excursions to Syriam – Half Day

    This half-day Yangon to Syriam (also called Pegu) trip offers us a chance to explore the quiet, charming old port of Syriam. Visit the interesting pagodas, including one set on a tiny island in the river…

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  • Yangon City Tour – Half Day

    Yangon City Tour – Half Day

    This half-day city tour of Yangon offers us to enjoy the best sites of the City in such a short time. You will have chance to visit British colonial-style city center, visits local market, 2 pagodas…

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  • Shwedagon Pagoda

    Yangon City Tour – 1 Day

    Your Yangon tour begins with a guided tour through the city’s colonial-style center. Visit 2000-year-old Sule Pagoda; the magnificent reclining Buddha at Chauk Htat Gyi; and after a photo stop […]

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  • Fiona Karney

    How much is the 4 day Golden rock Hpa An tour?
    Will it be running starting on either the 24th or 25th of October?

  • Fiona Karney

    Do you have a 3 day Golden rock Hpa An tour as I will not require the airport transfer on day four?

  • Linda Oktavianti

    Do you have 2 days tour to Bago and Golden Rock?
    We are group of 5 people


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Things to Do & See in Yangon

Come over gilded Shwedagon Pagoda

The first place to look for the most when visiting in Yangon is the Shwedagon Golden Pagoda. The wonder pagoda is inlaid gold totally and decorated with thousands of gems, rubies, and diamonds sparkling. In Yangon, Shwedagon Pagoda is considered the most sacred pagoda of Myanmar, which owns hundreds of magnificent and splendid towers and is completely gilded. The most tourist time of the day is the afternoon, sunshine can definitely burn your feet when setting foot on the ceramic floor because you have to walk completely barefoot. In addition, the Golden Shwedagon in Yangon owns four priceless treasures of Buddhism: The staff of Kakusandha, the water filter of Koṇāgamana, a piece of the robe of Kassapa, and eight strands of hair from the head of Gautama. You will be absolutely overwhelmed by the elegance and splendor of Shwedagon Pagoda.

Botataung Pagoda - The pagoda lives with the time

After arriving at sacred Shwedagon Pagoda, another attraction in Yangon that you must go to is Botataung Pagoda. On the side of the river bank, the pagoda was built up over 2.500 years ago with the name meaning of a general in the military, this pagoda has been classified as the highest pagoda of Yangon city. Like other pagodas in Myanmar, Botataung is gilded with gold perfectly, while the pagoda still preserves an invaluable treasure of Buddha which is the Buddha's hair. Whenever any temples or pagodas in Yangon, however, you need to remove your shoes or sandals outside and dress appropriately and seriously. This is to pay homage to Buddha.

Bogyoke Aung San Market – The entertainment center in Yangon

Mention to the famous places to shop in Myanmar, you cannot skip missing the shopping paradise for people is Bogyoke Aung San market. Lined on Bo Gyoke Road, this market was formerly known as the Scott Market, a relic of British imperialism in Yangon. Come here, besides admiring the architecture of the market, tourists can also buy a lot of beautiful handmade souvenirs such as jewelry, carpets, paintings, wood carvings ...from over 1.641 shops and stores. Bogyoke Aung San Market is taken place to the Thingyan Festival, which is a water festival, usually held on April 11 or 12 yearly.

Wear longyi skirt of the Myanmar people

In Yangon or anywhere in Myanmar, you can easily see men and women wearing longyi and sandals. Longyi is the traditional and modern costume of the people here. Men are wrapped in large cloth and knotted in the front, while women are folded up and sewn on the side. Tourists can wear this unique dress and take some pictures of you. That would be a memorable tour in Yangon.

Enjoy delicious food - Top Must-Try Foods in Yangon Tours

The food of Myanmar people in Yangon is diverse and delicious. If this is your first experience in Yangon, do not miss Mohinga well-known as a national dish of Myanmar. Main ingredients of Mohinga are chickpea powder or crushed-dry rice, crushed garlic, crushed onion, lemongrass, ginger, fish sauce and catfish cooked in rich sauce and kept hot in tin-pot. Tip: You can find this one in many street vendors. And other interesting dishes you should try: E Kya Kway (a top choice for breakfast in Yangon), Roti, Nangyi thoke, Samosa Salad, Koh Pieh, Koh Puo,…etc. Moreover, to find out these dainties, you’d better go to some local markets or you can easily catch the best street foods from a lot of temporary carts set up by street vendors. Enjoy your meal!

Chinatown – a famous town in beautiful Yangon

Be one of the most popular destinations during Yangon tour, every Chinatown in many parts of the world is full of a lot of interesting things. Within the Chinatown in Yangon, you would be amazed and delighted that this one is no less than a miniature China with thousands of clothing shops, household goods, food ... style of Chinese people. Additionally, the best time to explore this place is in the evening, feeling the living space of the town and come to delicious food shops

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We Can’t Keep Ourselves Ablaze with Excitement from Savoring the Beauty that is Myanmar

We Can’t Keep Ourselves Ablaze with Excitement from Savoring the Beauty that is Myanmar

Client: Ms Kriza & Family
Nationality: Philippines
Pax: 4

Myanmar Tour - 7 days

I Would Like to Personally Thank You for Your Excellent Service

I Would Like to Personally Thank You for Your Excellent Service

Client: Ms. Chula Sirimathie Krieg-Dutschmann
Nationality: Sri Lanka, UK & German
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Itinerary: Myanmar Tour - 12 Days

Feedback of Mrs. Michael on 15-Day Myanmar Vacation

Feedback of Mrs. Michael on 15-Day Myanmar Vacation

Client: Michael Firth and George Filev
Nationality: Australian
Pax: 2
Itinerary: Customized Myanmar Tour - 15 Days


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