The Art of Traditional Dance in Myanmar

The art of Burmese dance originated from the previous period of Buddhist era when Nat worshipping was always accompanied with dancing. The dance is very exalted and requires the performer to make difficult moves. The dance is presentable, gaudy costumes covered body, male and female dancers never touch each other when they dance together. Teens will be taught the Kabyalut – a traditional basic dance of Myanmar.

Burmese girls in traditional dances

Burmese girls in traditional dances

There is a very interesting dance in which the dancers make the moves like puppets, that is the reason why it is said that the dance of Myanmar is an imitation of puppets – the genre once replaced the dancers. The female dancers dressed the royal costumes, long-sleeved jacket, tie the waist, leng longyi flapping follow the steps. Male dancers dressed the silk longyi with jacket and white scarf scattered pieces of fabric sticking out like a leaf. The character’s role of other dance includes warriors, Zawgyi (shaman) and Nat.

Yein – is the famous dance of the annual Water Festival of Myanmar with the dancers – usually female, dress alike and perform the movements like the others. This dance was performed meticulously and monumentally in the opening of Seagame 27 in December, 2013 in Myanmar.

Hnaparthwa is a dancing performance with two people two girls or one man and one girl dance together. Elephant Dance Festival was held in the midlands and mountainous regions with the team of dancers control the elephant puppets made of cardboard, bamboos.

Elephant Dance Festival in Myanmar

Elephant Dance Festival in Myanmar

The famous Anyein is the dance form combines with Lupyetxen clowns laugh in performances expressing the sarcasm of current events and other topics, sometimes obscene. When the clowns is performing is the time for dancers at rest or dressing. Sometimes two or more dancers performed in turn. The entire dance lasted about two hours.
Many dances of the ethnic minorities in Myanmar are performed with swords or large and small drums. The dances of ethnic minorities are a small group of dancing, in which the young men and women dancing together is very rare.

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  1. Douglas Brown

    I spent a lot of time in Thailand, where dancing is fairly similar to that of Myanmar, but I know there are definitely differences. We have been planning a trip back to southeast Asia, and Myanmar is on the list. One of the things that we want to see during our tour of the country will be this “puppet” dancing that you describe here. My wife is big into dancing and I am sure will enjoy this a lot.

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