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Useful Travel Guides for Myanmar Adventure Tours

What to Do When Visiting a Pagoda During Myanmar Adventure Tours

Possessing a massive number of temples and pagodas, Myanmar is home for any visitors to explore the Buddhist heritage and the ancient architecture during their adventure tour in Myanmar. And your trip will be perfect when you master some useful guides during the journey. Below, we provide you with sufficient tips to help you enjoy the greatest Myanmar adventure tour.

Take off Your Shoes Before Entering the Temple

Whenever you visit a temple or a pagoda in your adventure tour in Myanmar, you should highly consider that shoes and socks are often taken off outside the door. This shows your respect for the dignified place.

Dress politely

It is better for you not to wear a short skirt, sleeveless, and ripped jeans when visiting the pagoda and this rule is applied to both male and female tourists during Myanmar adventure tours. It is due to the pagodas and temples are where Burmese people express their solemnity.

Make Sure You Do Not Turn Your Back to Buddha Statues

During your visit to the pagodas in your adventure tour in Myanmar, if you want to find somewhere to sit for a rest, you should remember not to turn your back to the Buddha statue because that is considered disrespectful to the Burmese religion. Additionally, when you are sitting, notice to your feet and don't let it stretch toward the statues.

Show Your Respect To The Monks

In Myanmar, people who lead a religious life are extremely respected. During your adventure trip in Myanmar, remember that shaking hands with the monk is totally not encouraged. besides, when giving an object or present to the monks, you should stand in an appropriate distance and use your both hands. This might be complicated, but it is highly appreciated in Myanmar.

Tips for Shopping During Myanmar Adventure Tours

Myanmar souvenirs are always awesome when you want to save the memories of the golden land forever. If you want to shop during your adventure tour in Myanmar, keep in mind these guides to have the best souvenir at a reasonable price.

Negotiate Carefully The Price

Most of the goods in Myanmar are sold at fixed prices. However, you are still able to negotiate to have the best deal, and you may hear from other people that when shopping in Myanmar, just haggling over the price.

Look out When Buying Gems

Myanmar is home to sapphires, rubies, and precious stones. This makes the opening of more and more gem stores as well as the gem markets with different qualities. Whenever you decide to buy Myanmar gems and jewelry in your adventure tour to Myanmar, remember to require a certificate to avoid the imitation.

Be Alert To The Antiques

You may know that antiques cannot be taken out of the country. Therefore, if you intend to buy an antique or something like an antique, you are encouraged not to buy.

Be Aware of Fake Products

Myanmar production has not been good enough to create imitations of the famous brands in the world. Nevertheless, that not means other surrounding nation cannot achieve to imitate the product. Burmese sellers can import these fake products and sell them. As a result, you should stay alert during your adventure tour in Myanmar when buying items from well-known brand names.