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The Most Exhilarating Myanmar Adventure Activities

Myanmar is now a wonderful, welcoming destination for adventures. Whether you take a short adventure excursion or an extended adventure tour up the length of Myanmar, you will have unforgettable experiences that stay with you forever. There are various activities to do on your adventure trip in Myanmar as following:

Conquering the Peak of Mt Victoria

At 3053 meters high, Mt Victoria is the highest peak in Chin State which is home to the stunning Nat Ma Taung National park. This destination allures the heart of tourists by the breathtaking scenery to a variety of rare beautiful flora and fauna. Take Myanmar adventure tours to set foot on the spectacular landscape and discover the vibrant life of the exotic tattooed ethnic women. Besides, Nat Ma Taung national park is also a great place for ornithologists as it is home to a number of endemic birds. The best time to take an adventure tour to Mt Victoria is from November to April. This time, the weather is cool, less rain, and the clear sky will allow you to admire the spectacular scenery. Specifically, this is also the best time to indulge in the delight of the rhododendron blooming red, yellow and white.

exhilarating Myanmar adventure tour to Mt Victoria

Trekking from Kalaw to Inle Lake

Trekking from Kalaw to Inle Lake is one of the most highlights in Myanmar adventure tours. Unlike any trekking routes in the world, the trekking trail from Kalaw to Inle Lake is a journey of experiencing and exploring the simple life in the untouched village. If the pleasant hill town of Kalaw gives you a chance to walk through the green plantation, watch people doing agriculture and sleep in a bamboo house. When it comes to Inle Lake, expect to be mesmerized by the natural beauty of floating gardens and spectacular mountain backdrops. Let’s walk deep to the village, meet the friendly locals and gaze out at their daily life to know more about the hill tribes in Myanmar. Trekking-in-Mynamar-Adventure-Tour

Cycling Through Ancient Temples

Biking in Myanmar adventure tours takes you from the smooth paths to the most rugged ones in the country. The Golden Land of Myanmar offers many unspoiled destinations studded with stunning scenery. You can cycle through the magnificent pagodas and monasteries in Bagan and Mandalay, pedal through the scenic lakeshore of Inle Lake, experience the hearty food and meet the friendly people. Biking-in-Myamar-Adventure-Travel packages

Whitewater Rafting in Kachin State

Kachin State is more than you may know, is a wonderful destination for Myanmar adventure tours. The crystal clear water originating from the snow in the northernmost mountain is an ideal place to soak up and experience an amazing rafting trip in Myanmar adventure tour. Nam Pang and Malikha river are two most appropriate sites for you to drifting along the cool water and marvel at the natural beauty on the riverside. water-Rafting-in-Myanmar-Adventure-Tours

Diving in The Pristine Myeik Archipelago

Diving in Myanmar adventure tours is the best way to behold the diverse Myanmar marine life. Possessing 800 islands, Myeik (Mergui) Archipelago is a fantastic spot for explorers to soak in the emerald water and capture the beauty of colorful coral reefs and hundreds of fish species. Best diving sites in Myeik Archipelago including Western Rocky, Black Rock, Shark Cave, and Tower Rock are where you can expect to be overwhelmed by the wonderful life deep in the bottom of the sea. Diving-in-Myanmar-Adventure-Tour package

Marveling the Stunning Hpa An from Zwegabin Mountain

Zwegabin Mountain is one of the main tourist attractions in the picturesque town of Hpa An. At 722 meters high, Zwegabin Mountain is one of the most sacred mountains in Myanmar together with Mt Popa in Bagan. Climbing to the steep trail to the top of the mountain in Myanmar adventure tours will offer a bit challenging but it is definitely worth swearing. The spectacular view on the top of the mountain is a feast for your eyes. From the top of the mountain. You can marvel at the majestic view of thousands of large statues of the Buddha studded in the beautiful area. Myanmar adventure travel to Mt zwegabin in Hpa an

Useful Travel Guides for Myanmar Adventure Tours

What to Do When Visiting a Pagoda 

Possessing a massive number of temples and pagodas, Myanmar is home for any visitors to explore the Buddhist heritage and the ancient architecture during their adventure tour in Myanmar. And your trip will be perfect when you master some useful guides during the journey. Below, we provide you with sufficient tips to help you enjoy the greatest Myanmar adventure trip.

Take off Your Shoes Before Entering the Temple

Whenever you visit a temple or a pagoda in your adventure tour in Myanmar, you should highly consider that shoes and socks are often taken off outside the door. This shows your respect for the dignified place.

Dress politely

It is better for you not to wear a short skirt, sleeveless, and ripped jeans when visiting the pagoda and this rule is applied to both male and female tourists during Myanmar adventure tours. It is due to the pagodas and temples are where Burmese people express their solemnity.

Make Sure You Do Not Turn Your Back to Buddha Statues

During your visit to the pagodas in your adventure tour in Myanmar, if you want to find somewhere to sit for a rest, you should remember not to turn your back to the Buddha statue because that is considered disrespectful to the Burmese religion. Additionally, when you are sitting, notice to your feet and don't let it stretch toward the statues.

Show Your Respect To The Monks

In Myanmar, people who lead a religious life are extremely respected. During your adventure trip in Myanmar, remember that shaking hands with the monk is totally not encouraged. besides, when giving an object or present to the monks, you should stand in an appropriate distance and use your both hands. This might be complicated, but it is highly appreciated in Myanmar.

Tips for Shopping During Myanmar Adventure Tours

Myanmar souvenirs are always awesome when you want to save the memories of the golden land forever. If you want to shop during your adventure tour in Myanmar, keep in mind these guides to have the best souvenir at a reasonable price.

Negotiate Carefully The Price

Most of the goods in Myanmar are sold at fixed prices. However, you are still able to negotiate to have the best deal, and you may hear from other people that when shopping in Myanmar, just haggling over the price.

Look out When Buying Gems

Myanmar is home to sapphires, rubies, and precious stones. This makes the opening of more and more gem stores as well as the gem markets with different qualities. Whenever you decide to buy Myanmar gems and jewelry in your adventure tour to Myanmar, remember to require a certificate to avoid the imitation.

Be Alert To The Antiques

You may know that antiques cannot be taken out of the country. Therefore, if you intend to buy an antique or something like an antique, you are encouraged not to buy.

Be Aware of Fake Products

Myanmar production has not been good enough to create imitations of famous brands in the world. Nevertheless, that not means other surrounding nation cannot achieve to imitate the product. Burmese sellers can import these fake products and sell them. As a result, you should stay alert during your adventure tour in Myanmar when buying items from well-known brand names.