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Myanmar Honeymoon Tours

What could be more memorable than a honeymoon in Myanmar? Go Myanmar Tours offers you an attractive array of honeymoon vacation packages in Myanmar that would have you cherish the memory forever.. Numerous honeymoon destinations have sprung up across the world in recent years, but nowhere like Myanmar. In each of our honeymoon packages, we cater to different tastes to satisfy your wish to enjoy every moment of your dream vacation.
Some of the most wonderful destinations for a Myanmar honeymoon vacation across the country are: Yangon, Mandalay, Kawthaung, Twins Island, Bagan, Inle Lake…
Whether you are looking for a peaceful and tranquil honeymoon vacation or you want to make it adventurous, Go Myanmar Tours has a boutique of honeymoon packages to cater to your varied needs.
For your honeymoon trips, we also offer some interesting activities such as cruises, sea diving, snorkeling, trekking and exotic local cuisines.
Come to Myanmar and explore the last hidden gems of South East Asia with your loved one.



  • Goh Lian Chong

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am so sorry as i was away for my internship and was very busy for the past 3 months. I decided to make my trip to Myanmar on the 14th March to 21st of March. May you please rearrange the itenaries? I would prefer to arrive at yangon and depart from yangon. Is March a good season to visit Myanmar? I would still love to go to the highlands and visit some good site visit. May i roughly know the cost per person? so far 6 person confirmed. What are the car that you are going to use? Thank you and have a nice day.


    • Stephen

      Hi Goh,

      Thanks for letting us know your travel plan in Myanmar.
      Firstly, March is transitional season in Myanmar as the weather become unpredictable. The temperature is higher than previous months when it towards the rainy season in late April. But it is still a good time to visit Myanmar this month due to vast territory. For detailed quotation for your vacation in Myanmar, please check your inbox, we have dropped you the cost and guide for 6 in Myanmar. Please feel free to contact us if you have any question.

      Best Regards,

  • Antony

    Where should I visit if I just have 10-day tour in Myanmar?

    • Laura

      With 10-day tour in Myanmar, we highly recommend you to take the tour to visit top highlights in Myanmar like Yangon, Mandalay, Bagan, Inle Lake and around. Please check your email, we have dropped you some tour itinerary for 10 days in Myanmar.

  • Jeanine

    We are photography lovers from Australia, we plan to visit Myanmar in March. What will you recommend us for 2 weeks discover the highlights in Myanmar?

    • Laura

      Hi there,
      We do have many options for 2 weeks discovering Myanmar highlights. We strongly recommend Myanmar Through The Lens – 12 Days for you who love photography. You tour will start from Mandalay and then visit the Mingun, Amarapura, Sagaing, and Inwa. Next you will be transferred Bagan by boat, and then visit Mt. Popa, Heho, NyuangShwe before heading on to Inle Lake and Yangon. The trip will cover the most attractive tourist destinations in 12 days. You can absolutely customize tour to meet your interest as well as extend the time as you want. For more information, please feel free to contact us.

  • We are looking for a Myanmar tour company for our trip in Myanmar in March. We are wondering that do we have any discounts if traveling as a big group?

    • Laura

      Yes, we are offering Myanmar tours with the best deals of price. Remember that the more people in your group, the cheaper the tours will be. We have dropped you some offers over your email, please check.

  • James

    When is the best time to visit Myanmar?

    • Nancy

      It is a good idea to avoid traveling to Myanmar in rainy season from April to October. The best time to travel in Myanmar is from November to February due to the low temperature and temperate weather.

  • Stanley

    Is tipping customary in Myanmar?

    • Angela

      Tipping is not customary in Myanmar but it is polite when leaving the restaurants or hotels with a small amount of money for staffs if you feel comfortable with the services. The Burmese earning a very low salary, your modest tip will be accepted cheerfully by most.

  • Vincent

    How about the internet access in Myanmar? Is the connection really good?

    • Angela

      Internet availability and service is generally not reliable in Myanmar. You can easily access the internet in the urban cities and large towns. The speed may be slow or not available in remote or mountainous areas and some popular websites like Gmail, Facebook, Skype and Yahoo are usually blocked. You should prepare to have a break from the outside world for a while when traveling in Myanmar.

  • Janet

    Can I use my mobile phone when traveling in Myanmar?

    • Stephen

      Mobile phone coverage is unreliable in Myanmar. Depending on the service provider and handset, your mobile phone may work properly or not. You should leave your mobile phone for a while and discover one of the world’s most mysterious countries in a simpler way.

  • What are the toilets like in Myanmar?

    • Stephen

      Myanmar has different standards of hygiene and sanitation from modern western countries. The local standard is of the squat variety while western-style toilets can be found in the hotels and some tourist areas. Carry your own supply of toilet paper and hand sanitizer as these are rarely provided.

  • Patrick Guilfoyle

    Can I drink water in Myanmar?

    • Stephen

      Drinking water on tap in Myanmar is not safe. The bottled water or filtered water is recommended. You should ask the others where you can get the clean water to drink. Some hotels you stay may have drinking water. You should also avoid drinking with ice and wash as well as peel fruit and vegetable before eating.

  • Thomas

    Are credit cards accepted widely in Myanmar?

    • Tracey

      Credit cards aren’t accepted in Myanmar. As a cash economy, credit cards and traveler’s cheques aren’t acceptable forms of currency. But some hotels or travel companies in Myanmar may accept your credit cards as payments. As one of the best tour companies in Myanmar, We can accept deposit payment from your credit card. Please contact us for more detail information.

  • Denise Krukles

    What is the local currency of Myanmar?

    • Tracey

      The local currency of Myanmar is called Kyat (pronounced “chat”). For abbreviations, use as Ks. The exchange rate between USD and Myanmar Kyat is currently around 1100 Kyat against one USD.

  • Where could we exchange the money in Myanmar?

    • Stephen

      Exchange money from the hotel you stay is highly recommended with best rate as possible.

  • Is it hard to learn some Burmese words?

    • Angela

      It is easy to learn some simple local Burmese words and don’t be afraid to use it in Myanmar. Simple greeting will help break the language barrier.

  • Susan

    What should I wear when visiting the temples in Myanmar?

    • Stephen

      You should wear modestly and respectfully when visiting sacred places, temples and pagodas in Myanmar. Shoulders and knees should be covered when getting in worshiping places. Long sleeves are recommended.

  • Shawn

    Could quote for me the most popular temples in Myanmar?

    • Stephen

      Myanmar is the home to sacred temples, a lot of thing to do and see. Here are 5 most popular temples in Myanmar: Shwedagon Paya, Dhammayangyi, Shwezigon, Mahamuni, and Ananda.

  • Carole

    Can we change the destination or time in some itinerary?

    • Tracey

      Of course, we also specialize customized tours. If you prefer to change the itinerary or extend more time in Myanmar, please let us know and we will help you tailor-make a special to suit your price and interests.

  • Jonathan

    What is your accommodation in your tour packages?

    • Tracey

      It depends on you tours you take. With most of Myanmar tours, most of accommodation are from 3* standards up to 5 star luxury hotels, 5 star cruises… with some other tours, you may have more options for you stay in Myanmar depends on the tour packages you take.

  • Charles

    We are going on an adventure tour in Myanmar. Do we need special footwear for our children?

    • Laura

      The family adventure tours in Myanmar where terrain can be very challenging and steep, you may need all waterproof footwear with a good trip in case of rain.

  • I do not like to visit too many temples or pagodas on Myanmar tours, what else you think are suitable for me?

    • Laura

      In many of our programs there are temples and pagodas in those, however, if you do not like to visit too many temples or pagodas in Myanmar and we can tailor-make many other interesting programs for you such as: boating in rivers and lakes, visit villages, country lanes, home stay, easy cycling tour, markets, farms, hill tribe villages… We offer a variety of choices for our customers in many places and activities. Please tell us your traveling time and tell us what you need and we will do the rest. I am sure you will have a trip of a life time in Myanmar.

  • Stephanie

    I don’t like shopping, can you cut off those shopping place from my trip?

    • Tracey

      Yes sure, all of our Myanmar, Vietnam, Laos or Cambodia tours are no forced shopping tours. So you do not have to spend time for that. Some time the on trip we also have a break at some shopping places mainly just for going to bathroom and relax then go. If you do not like that in your itinerary and we can cut off that place from your itinerary too.

  • Changsha

    I see that you have many interesting tour itineraries, can I join with other people?

    • Tracey

      What a pity, up to now we not yet run joining Myanmar tours. However, we can make the private trip from one people up. Traveling on a private tour would give you more chance to do what you like at your own pace and timing. Please send us your intended travel date, tell us what you need for your Myanmar tour and we will give you the best quotation for you.

  • Pankaj

    Is it possible for my family to sleep in the same room?

    • Laura

      We will endeavor to arrange adjoining rooms, family room or triple room as possible for your family. All children under 5 years old will always be roomed with their parents.

  • Francisco

    I travel by myself; can I book a Myanmar private tour with you?

    • Angela

      Yes sure, you can. Booking a private tour in Myanmar for one person is always more expensive than travel from 2 people up. However, we can tailor-make the trip for you to suite your travel budget.

  • Daniel

    I have a group of 12 people intend to go to Myanmar. Do I get any discount?

    • Angela

      Yes you do. The more people to join the trip the cheaper it will be. You surely will get the great discount from us. Please send us a request for what you need any we will get back to you shortly with proposal as well as a great price for you.

  • Paula

    Can my children opt out of activities if they like during the trip?

    • Stephen

      All the activities are well picked which suitable for most of family vacations in Myanmar, however you will be the one who make the decisions that you children will join in those activities or not. So it may be possible to just watch, or stay at the hotel room or do some independent exploring. In all cases, parents are responsible for their children at all times, so you should supervise if your children want to opt out.

  • What standard of accommodation for family vacations in Myanmar can I expect?

    • Laura

      We offer a wide range of choices for accommodation in Myanmar from 3 stars to 5 star standards. Because this is a private package that for you and your family only, so we will give you some options for you to choose. We suggest the hotels with pool and that would make your Myanmar vacation with children better. All of the accommodation we suggested is clean, comfortable and safe.

  • Stephen

    We are going to visit Myanmar in July, could you tell me what the weather like in Myanmar in July?

    • Jeanny

      July is the mid wet season in Myanmar, but the rains do not prevail for the whole day. The city or sightseeing tours are still a good choice. In that time, the cities like Bagan, Mandalay are less rain.

  • Graydon Carter

    How far is it from Mandalay to Bagan? How long if we get there by boat?

    • Stephen

      It is around 210 km to get Bagan from Mandalay, and it take about 10 hours to get there by ferry and 5 hours by bus including the time stop for lunch.

  • Gina Gershon

    Is it worthy to get the flight to Bagan from Yangon to get the balloon over Bagan and return Yangon in the next day and have sightseeing tour?

    • Stephen

      It is really worthwhile to get the balloon over Bagan , but you need to book in advance. The flight will offer you a sweeping view of Old City of Bagan with its magnificent temples and then get the flight back to Yangon to have sightseeing tour including the colonial buildings, impressive pagodas, heroic history of Yangon.

  • Peteren Davy

    What is the best means of transportation to travel to Yangon from Bagan?

    • Stephen

      You can fly to Bagan from Yangon. It is convenient and safe-time for you. However, if you want to enjoy the breath-taking sceneries on the way from Yangon to Bagan, you can get there by overnight bus or train.

  • Are there many ATMs in Myanmar? Is it necessary for me to bring cash?

    • Tracey

      Noticed that it is necessary to bring plenty of cash when traveling in Myanmar because there are few ATMs in Myanmar even in big cities.
      In addition, your cash must be clean; it means no creases, stains, marks or tears.

  • Sharleen

    Are credit cards widely accepted in Myanmar?

    • Tracey

      Actually, credit cards are not common in Myanmar. They are only accepted in five-star hotels, big restaurants. Thus, carrying cash when travelling in Myanmar is the best idea.

  • Lis San

    We are planning to spend our honeymoon vacation in Myanmar this year! Can you suggest any itinerary please?

    • Tracey

      It depends on the time you spend for you vacation in Myanmar. The luxury Burma Honeymoon is highly recommended for 11 days covering Yangon, Heho, Inle Lake, Mandalay, Mingun, Sagaing, Yandabo Village , Bagan on in the Golden Land of Myanmar is definitely the most memorable trip for newlyweds. We have dropped you more information for your holiday in Myanmar, please check your inbox and feel free to contact us.

  • Vaibhav

    I have a summer vacation in Myanmar, I was surprised when see Burmese men wearing skirts. What is that?

    • Stephen

      It is called longyi – the traditional dress of Burmese people. Both men and women wear this costume.

  • Anthony

    What should we pack/bring for a Myanmar vacation?

    • Stephen

      – Clothes, shoes: should bring some long T-shirts or pants because when you visit pagodas in Myanmar, your shoulders and knees should be covered. In addition, hiking shoes are necessary for you to explore some temples and pagodas in mountains.
      – An umbrella and rain coats are also important for your trip as the weather in Myanmar is quite unpredictable.
      – With others such as Toiletries and Medical Supplies, you can find in markets or clinics in Myanmar.

  • What about tipping in Myanmar?

    • Stephen

      Tipping is the common one in big restaurants and hotels in Myanmar. However, some hotels may require that tips should be left in an envelope in the Gratuities Box in the hotel.
      Nevertheless, in some rural areas in Myanmar, tipping is not popular. Maybe, it can cause embarrassment to recipients and local people.

  • What is yellow and white pattern seen on Burmese women’s face? Why they use this?

    • Stephen

      It is thanaka – traditional cosmetic paste produced by grinding the bark of the thanaka tree on a flat, smooth stone with water, widely used in Myanmar. They use thanaka for both beauty and cosmetic purposes.

  • I am planning to take a trip to Myanmar on early October, I am concerning about weather conditions in Burma at that time.

    • Stephen

      October marks the end of rainy season in Myanmar, experience the considerable decline of temperature and rainfall. The pleasant weather prevails throughout the country. Thus, it is ideal to explore the beauty of “The Land of temples”.

  • Sushe

    What should we bring for a short vacation in Myanmar?

    • Laura

      – Clothes, shoes: recommend bringing some long T-shirts or pants because when you visit pagodas in Myanmar, your shoulders and knees should be covered.
      – An umbrella or proof-rain clothes are also important for your trip as the weather in Myanmar is quite unpredictable.

  • Alice

    Driving on the left side or right side In Myanmar?

  • Rea Sotero

    Does Myanmar belong to Indochina?

    • Stephen

      Myanmar does not belong to Indochina. Myanmar shares borders with India, China, Bangladesh, Laos, and Thailand. There are three Indochina countries: Vietnam, Laos and Thailand.

  • Renee

    Why Burma need perfect notes?

    • Stephen

      Up to now, it is hard to full explain when or how the preference for fresh bills started, or why it persists today. However, it would be better for tourists to bring cash which are not creased, ripped or scribbled when traveling in Myanmar.

  • Ismail Haron

    Is there any taboo when visiting temples in Myanmar?

    • Laura

      There are some dos and don’ts as getting sacred sites in Myanmar.
      -Remove your footwear when going inside pagodas
      -Dress modestly
      -Don’t offer to shake hands with monks
      -Women should not touch monks.

  • Felip

    How do I have to behave in Myanmar? What offends Myanmar people?

    • Stephen

      Myanmar is still a country with very conservative manners, so some Myanmar customs you need to know.
      -It is not always necessary to shake hands
      -Public displays of affection are frowned upon; avoid touching an adult on the head
      -It is considered rude to step over any part of a person
      -Accept of give things with your right hand or both hands.
      -Wearing very short skirts or shorts is considered impolite especially while visiting Pagodas.
      -Pointing out to something with your legs and patting someone on the head is also regarded as a bad manner.
      -Sitting etc. on Buddha images e.g. for photographs is absolutely unacceptable.

  • Samuel

    How about internet connection in Myanmar? I have heard that email and some social websites are blocked?

    • Laura

      Wifi or internet is available in certain hotels and restaurants in large cities. However a great number of e-mail providers, Facebook, Twitter are blocked. You may use a local address provided by the shop to send your emails. Aside from e-mail providers, only very few web-pages are blocked.

  • wasaye

    What about Myanmar food and its hygiene?

    • Laura

      Myanmar cuisines tend to be quite oily or spicy. Some popular foods of Burmese are rice, fish, “Ngapi” (fermented fish paste), vegetables, “mohingha” (fish soup with rice noodles) and monosodium glutamate (locally known as Ajinomoto).
      The best way to avoid possible stomach problems is to look carefully at the hygiene of restaurants. Highly recommend eating in restaurants rather than small food stalls in streets.
      Do not drink tap water but bottled water with intact seals only.

  • Fatima

    How is healthcare service in Myanmar?

    • Stephen

      Healthcare services are probably not as qualified as other countries. Outside of large cities medical facilities are not satisfactory, even in Yangon hospitals rarely reach international standards.
      Should bring with you sufficient supplies of any medicine you may depend on, and possibly a first-aid kit. In some big cities, medicine is available; however often there are warnings of fake drugs.

  • Reuben

    I am going to be on vacation in Myanmar in September. I am concerning about weather conditions in Burma at that time.

    • Stephen

      September is the last month of wet season. You rarely experience rainy days. Temperatures will hover around the mid 20°C and even low 30°C and humidity will be high in places. Thus, umbrella or rain coats are necessary for you.

  • Rizwana

    I am planning to take a vacation in Myanmar for 2 weeks in late August. Any suggest for itinerary during that time?

    • Tracey

      The wet season comes to Burma mid-May through to September, unexpected heavy rains may annoy you when traveling Myanmar during this month. However, it only rains half of a day. The rainfall is high but of short duration.
      You can take fabulous trips to any part of the country except beaches, especially Ngapali as most of resorts are closed. During monsoon season, Yangon and the south can have a little more rain than upcountry areas. It is rainy in Yangon but cool in Inle.

  • Calvin

    We plan to visit Myanmar next year. What is the best time to visit Myanmar?

    • Laura

      November to March is the high tourist season in Myanmar, after the end of the monsoon. Most travellers visit Myanmar during this time.

  • Phyllis

    My wife and I are planning to spend our honeymoon vacation in Myanmar in February next year! Can you suggest any itinerary please?

    • Laura

      How many days will you spend for your honeymoon vacation? 11-day luxury Burma Honeymoon is highly recommended. Marvel at scenic landscapes and gain the local perspective of a temple country by visiting Yangon, Heho, Inle Lake, Mandalay, Mingun, Sagaing, Bagan. This tour will definitely highlight your vacation.

  • Filipa

    We are going to visit Myanmar. I am a bit concerning about whether the internet is available in Myanmar or not?

    • Laura

      Yes it is, but access may be slow and not all international sites are accessible. Major tourist destinations have café shops, restaurants and hotels for you to surf the net. You may also experience difficulty accessing some free-mail servers such as Yahoo or MSN.

  • jolana

    Is it possible to cover all the most popular attractions of Myanmar in 14 days?

    • Tracey

      Yes, 14 days are enough to cover all the major attractions in Myanmar such as Bagan, Yangon, Inle Lake, Mandalay…

  • Josephine

    What should I bring for a vacation in Myanmar? About 6 or 7 days.

    • Tracey

      It depends on the time of year and the location to be visited. Generally casual clothes are fine depending where you go the evenings might be cool. Remember to wear respectful clothes to all religious sites.

  • I would like to gain a deeper insight into Buddhist lives in Myanmar. Is it possible if I stay at monasteries in Myanmar?

    • Angela

      It is entire possible to stay at monasteries, where you will usually sleep on the floor in the main building, and will be provided with bedding and food. Men and women are equally welcome.

  • Louise

    Should I carry plenty of cash when discovering Myanmar?

    • Angela

      ATMs are not common in Myanmar, so make sure that you bring enough cash when shopping in Myanmar. Because almost Burmese are Buddhist followers, they are honest and friendly; the rate of crimes here is low. But do not show much money to the local when traveling around even if in your home country.


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Tips for amazing Honeymoon in Myanmar 2018

Myanmar tours 2018 is offered at reasonable prices for the couples who want to enjoy their own honeymoon. After you decide the destination, book your holiday and let the Myanmar Tours help you do it at a reasonable price. Below are some useful tips for making your honeymoon perfect and economical. Getting to know about the weather in Myanmar 2018 is necessary for you to plan your packing. The best time is recommended to enjoy your Myanmar holiday tours in 2018 is from January to March and the last 2 months of 2018, but the other months still be the great choices for couples who would like to experience romance during the rainy season. Besides, you can use the weather apps on your phone to check the weather in Yangon, Mandalay and Bagan to pack accordingly. In order to pack smartly, don’t forget to do:
  • Limit your luggage. Avoid bringing countless pieces of luggage because it is really difficult to carry all that, on airports, transfers, hotels.
  • Carry a good camera. It enables you to capture memories through a good camera. Besides, to avoid having to delete some valuable pictures in a hurry, ensure that you have sufficient empty space in the camera, and carrying an extra memory is suggested. As a result, you can have the gorgeous images at Myanmar holidays 2018 to share with your friends on social networks if you want. Or even many years later, you can look back at your own honeymoon pictures at the Myanmar 2018 and flashback the memories you and your partners created together.

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