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Shop local made products to raise the business in Myanmar

“Responsible Travel in Burma”_Why is this Very Important ?

After a long embargo period, Burma, a deeply spiritual place, an extraordinary land, is now well and truly open to tourists but only a certain kind of traveler – those who journey responsibly. In other words, the irresponsible tourist is…

Tamote Shinpin Shwe Gugyi Pagoda

Rediscovering History at Tamote Shinpin Shwe Gugyi, Mandalay

Just six miles (10 kilometers) from Kyaukse, a medium-sized town south of Mandalay, is a remarkable pagoda that, if not for a prominent sayadaw and the work of a team of archaeologists, we may never have known existed. Tamote Shinpin…

Myanmar State Carrier Plans Return to Regional Skies

Myanmar State Carrier Plans Return to Regional Skies

Myanmar Airways is on the verge of taking to international destinations once again, two decades after turning inward to focus on the domestic market. The airline is expanding, adding planes to serve both its domestic routes and its planned regional expansion,…