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Myanmar Family ToursMyanmar is a wonderful country for a family trip, and our private Myanmar family tours run at an easy and flexible pace customized to suite your family in one of the world’s most mysterious countries. The below ready-made Myanmar tours will not only offer you a chance to see all the main attractions of Myanmar, but you will also enjoy special activities such as a family cooking activity, a bike ride through the countryside, a cruise along the magnificent Inle Lake, visiting a local family or even riding a hot air balloon over the picturesque scenery of Bagan…

  • Family visiting Shwezigon Pagoda.

    Myanmar Family Adventure Tour – 14 Days

    Visit a truly family friendly place. Myanmar people place the highest priority on family and daily life revolves around this principle. As we take to our bikes to explore this beautiful country…

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  • Myanmar Family with Nature & Culture – 11 Days

    Myanmar Family with Nature & Culture – 11 Days

    Starting in Yangon with visit to the amazing Shwedagon Pagoda, British Colonial building, Scott market, you will processing to the largest lake – Inle Lake with visits to its unique floating fishing village and market…

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  • Myanmar Family Tour

    Myanmar Family Tour- 8 Days

    Every journey has its own story, and this 8-day Myanmar family tour will tell you the story of the country of Buddhist temples, pagoda and historical sites. We begin our journey in the heart of Myanmar, the beautiful formal capital Yangon, pass by a number of must-sees and then make our way to Heho…

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  • Buddha Image in Kyauktawgyi Pagoda

    Myanmar Family Discover – 8 Days

    This family’s Myanmar package tour starts in Yangon, the country’s economic capital. Despite being the most bustling city, Yangon still exudes an intriguing charm with gleaming pagodas…

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  • Myanmar Family Holiday – 9 Days

    Myanmar Family Holiday – 9 Days

    Your Myanmar family tour starts in Yangon, the economic capital. This is the most bustles and hustle city in Myanmar but Yangon still has its own charm with gleaming pagodas…

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  • Fabulous Holiday in Myanmar – 12 Days

    Fabulous Holiday in Myanmar – 12 Days

    This 12-day fabulous tour in Myanmar will lead you to build unique feelings, make satisfied your eyes with the magnificent pagoda architecture, unspeakable beauty as well as a mesmerizing appeal…

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  • Family Vacation in Bagan – 4 Days

    Family Vacation in Bagan – 4 Days

    This 4-day family is starting and ending in Bagan with all major highlights in this ancient quiet city plus a memorable balloon ride over the temples and stupas…

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  • Minnie

    Do you offer any discounts if we are a large family group?

    • Nancy

      Yes, there more people travelling, the cheaper it will be. We will offer a group discount if you have more than five people travelling.

  • Nancy

    Is Visa fee included in your Myanmar family tours?

    • Rosie

      Visa fee, international flight as well as airport tax are not included in our Myanmar family tours.

  • Ginny

    What will you recommend for family group with around 10 days in Myanmar? We plan to visit Myanmar in July, 2015.

    • Stephen

      With 11-day family trip in Myanmar, we highly recommend tour Myanmar Family with Nature & Culture. The tour will allow us to discover most popular attractions in Myanmar such as Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay, Inle Lake… We also prefer customize tours, if you do not find any suitable tour, please fill out our customized form to suit your price and interest.

  • Macaraeg

    Our family is considering choosing Myanmar for our vacation in June. Can you recommend us some tours including the beach in itinerary?

    • Stephen

      It quite depends on your time you will spend for Myanmar, with 8-day vacation, we highly recommend Myanmar Family Discover – 8 Days. The tour will cover almost highlights in Myanmar from Yangon to Bagan and Ngapali Beach. Base on your itinerary, we will recommend the suitable one.

  • Sheila Dowd

    We don’t like some destinations in your itineraries, can you customize a tour for our family? We will arrive in Myanmar on 18th May.

    • Stephen

      Please fill out our customized form with number of family members and length of your stay as well as what you would like to have in your itinerary and we will tailor-made a tour that exclusively for you.

  • Brent

    What are the most interesting activities for family travel in Myanmar?

    • Nancy

      Myanmar is a perfect place for family vacation, there are many interesting activities for family ties such as take balloon over Bagan, cycling in Bagan, boating in Inle Lake…

  • Nicole

    What is the difference between Family Tours and Normal Tours?

    • Stephen

      For normal tours we offer many options to meet the needs and interests of people. For family tours, we understand that the needs and interests of the family in a vacation are completely different from other tours and we have tailor-made the tour itineraries combining among traveling, fun and relax and focus to make all the family members to have quality times together.

  • Harrison

    What type of accommodation you suggest for your family tours in Myanmar?

    • Nancy

      Depend on the package you take, that you can get the different standard. But we only suggest the tours, the hotels from 3 star up. With family tours, we always try to find and offer the hotels or resorts with pools, you children will love water. We will arrange the family rooms or joining room for parent can easily pay attention to their children but still have the private times. The accommodation or hotels we offer is usually centrally located for your convenient.

  • Martin Grove

    Will we have private tour guide if we take your family vacation?

    • Stephen

      Of course, most of our Myanmar family tours are for private, the guide/s are very professional and have the knowledge of family needs and interests. We will offer you private guide/s and drivers at your services.

  • We have an infant; is it possible to start our tour a bit later than the itinerary?

    • Nancy

      Yes, you can. When you take our private tours the time is completely yours. You can entirely start your trip later than other group tours.

  • Fereshteh

    Can we have baby seat on van during our family trip?

  • Janet Mackay

    Is it safe when our children play with local children in Myanmar? I am a bit concerning about hygiene.

    • Stephen

      Let your children communicate with local children is a good way to help them find the way to break the barrier, you will see that the children make friend very quickly even when they have different language. Depend on many aspects that you can allow your children to play with the local children or not. We always arrange the tour to clean places for your family, therefore, do not worry too much about hygiene.

  • What about the dinner for your family tours? Is it good?

    • Jeanny

      We have created many programs and itineraries for family vacations including the meal with local family. Our clients and their children are very happy when they have chance to communicate and experience the great time with local family. We strongly recommend you to take that as a part of your family tours in Myanmar.

  • Do you offer local homestay for family tours in Myanmar?

    • Stephen

      Yes, we do. Homestay is one of the most memorable experiences for family in Myanmar. We have dropped you more information about family packages including homestay, please check.

  • Can we cover all the most popular attractions in Myanmar when we take your family vacation as other tour packages?

    • Nancy

      Of course, remember that you can still cover all the famous sites and highlights of Myanmar in tour itineraries when you travelling as a family such as Yangon, Bagan, Inle Lake, Mandalay, Ngapali…

  • Ron Mccullough

    What is the longest itinerary for family tours in Myanmar?

    • Stephen

      The longest itinerary we tailor made is 14 days maximum. Our longest tour is Myanmar Family Adventure Tour – 14 Days. Besides, we also provide many other package vacations for family with a variety of options. For more information as well as customized tours, please contact us.

  • Kiran

    Is it possible to take a package vacation for family with your company?

    • Stephen

      Of course yes, we are pleased to be your favorite tour company in Myanmar. With many years in operating tours, package vacation, private holiday…we are professional at provide Myanmar tour packages with many options for your choice. We have dropped you more information about family tours in Myanmar, please check your inbox.

  • Daniel

    We are traveling as a family of 4 people with 1 small kid. We plan to visit Myanmar in October. But we just have 4 days or little bit more in Myanmar. May be it is not enough time for whole country tour. Which place in Myanmar is most well-worth to go?

    • Stephen

      Myanmar is a great country for family vacations, there is many things to see and explore with your family. With 4 days in Myanmar, we recommend Bagan. You will cover the most highlights in and around Bagan including Balloon Over Bagan to see this ancient city from bird’s eye view.

  • Catherine

    How flexible is your guide and your itineraries for family tours in Myanmar?

    • Stephen

      Since we have tailor-made many tour itineraries for family in Myanmar, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia for over 10 years, we understand very well the needs of the family vacations. We know that the children can get tired and feel bored, very fast so we do not stuff too many activities in the itinerary but we try to balance between: activities, relax and fun that make every member of the family could take part in. Furthermore, our guides for Myanmar family tours can be very sensible and creative that make the children will enjoy all the activities in the trip. At Go Myanmar Tours, we not only tailor-made itineraries to suit your vital needs but offer flexibility for destinations, timing and activities, even on the day you can make changes! We offer you the opportunities to adapt the weather, your children’s needs, and changing interests. We strongly believe our professional guides are the most fun, flexible and caring in Myanmar. Every Myanmar family vacation itinerary in our recommended list is specially designed to make all family member at all ages will treasure. We offer something special for the whole family members, talk to our travel expert for more ideas and create a unique tour just for your family. This is your family vacation and you can entirely to do it your way. Contact us now to get trip of a life time with Go Myanmar Tours.

  • David Brown

    Are the particular outdoor activities in Myanmar safe for kids?

    • Nancy

      Yes, we consider safety is the most important in our tour itineraries, so those our door activities are suitable for children and operated at most care. It depends on the ages of the children, so we will offer the suitable program for them with most interesting activities but safe. Our tour guide/s will ensure your children’s safety during the tour.

  • Kevin

    I am concerning about the food, will my children like Burmese food?

    • Stephen

      Yes, they do, Burmese food is very good and most of the children in our tour enjoyed it much. Furthermore, there is an enormous choice of food available in Myanmar, including Western food, fast food, sea food and vegetarian food. Each meal, there are normally 3 to 5 courses, so it is almost certain that there will be some dishes your children like to eat. Our guides are experienced in helping select Burmese dishes that the children will like. In some cases, if you need any special food, please inform us in advance and we will surely arrange those food for your family.

  • How about the accommodation for family travel?

    • Nancy

      In order to ensure you enjoy your stay in Myanmar, our experts have carefully selected hotels and resorts that meet the family needs. We also consider the factors like our clients’ feedbacks, trip advisor’s reviews, the good location, accommodation with swimming pool and connecting rooms… to offer your family the best vacation in Myanmar.

  • Tracey

    Could you tell me how many days is sufficient for family to cover all highlights in Myanmar?

    • Stephen

      It takes you 14 days for your family to cover all the attractions in Myanmar with fully memorable joys and experiences. You can also extend more time in some famous sites, please inform us in advance.

  • Tiffany

    How many days should we spend on our family vacation in Myanmar?

    • Stephen

      It depends on your travel dates; we can design a customized tour which is suitable with your time such as: 5-day family tour, 10-day family tour or more, please on request.

  • Kevin

    Are there any dishes for my children in Burmese restaurant? They are quite small.

    • Stephen

      Yes, there are some western as well as Burmese food that suit to you children such as some western soup, spaghetti, other Burmese dishes upon request…

  • We would be traveling Myanmar 3 adults (one couple and one single female adult) and 2 children (aged 9 and 12), do you have any family tours for our group?

    • Angela

      Yes, we offer many package vacations in Myanmar for family traveling with kids. Activities in tour are balance between free times for families and your interests around meal times.

  • Kathleen

    I assume our package is a private tour then in a 16 seater van? Meaning not joining others but just my family of 8 people?

    • Stephen

      Yes, all of our tours are privately customized for family travel, remember that you family will NOT share with others with a 16-seat car for your family and your luggage.

  • Bryan

    Can we leave children alone for a while when getting out for some drink? Is it safe for our children when I leave them in the hotel? A family group with 1 10-years-old boy and 12-years-old girl.

    • Laura

      Your children are quite big enough to understand what you tell them, you can ask hotel staffs for looking after them for a while when you go out.

  • Paige

    Can you customize tour for family vacations in Myanmar?

    • Laura

      Yes, of course. If you don’t feel comfortable with tour packages or time, please let us know and we will help you tailor-make a special tour to meet your family needs.

  • Fran Soss

    When is the best time for family to visit Myanmar?

    • Laura

      The best time for family to visit Myanmar is the time between November and February when low temperature and pleasant weather prevail.

  • Ann Taylor

    How do I expect from your family tours in Myanmar?

    • Laura

      Our family tours are tailor-made to meet the need of family and with the aim of traveling can be life changing. The family tours make eye-opening and engaging for family of every age… Our family packages are designed to enrich understanding and bring all family member closer together. We take a great care of every detail of your family tours… so you can be together as a family on the trip of a lifetime. We focus in private family vacations in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia or Myanmar or multi-country travel. So please let us know your time frame and we make it the best trip just for you and your family.
      Go Myanmar Tours makes your family travel in Myanmar in easiest way. All tour activities will be easy and freeing all family members to connect with each other.

  • Arissa

    Why take your children on our Myanmar family trip?

    • Angela

      As the name, our family trips are designed just for families to discover Myanmar; the trips could be for all family members like grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins and grand children. Each of our Myanmar family packages could be designed for all ages or parent with children or tour with grandparent and children.

  • Is it only parents and children that can join Myanmar family vacation?

    • Stephen

      Our Myanmar family tours are just for the whole family. It means your aunties; uncles and grandparents could join the trip. We offer private packages for family and will give you the best offer trip that suitable for all ages.

  • Pauline

    What’s the minimum age for children on a family trip to Myanmar?

    • Laura

      We have a number of tours that could be for from 2 to 3 year old children. And many of our trips are for children at different ages. If you do not find any suitable trip, please contact us and we will give you the best suggestion or help you tailor-make a unique trip for your family. Please be noted that we will support you for steps to steps until you are happy with your tour itinerary.

  • Kevin

    How do I expect for what my children earn from the trip to Myanmar with you?

    • Angela

      Your children will learn a lot from the family trip. Our family packages would give a mix of activities and education that has a lot of fun and your children would not even realize they are learning something new for the whole time. We understand that travelling is the greatest way to open up a child’s eyes to possibility. New experiences lead kids to amazing joys and interests as well as exposure to different traditional cultures and languages.

  • Angelina

    Do parents and children spend all their time together on a family vacation?

    • Tracey

      Parent always needs to supervise their children during the family trip. The tour guide/s on trip just tries to help but he or she is not a babysitter.

  • My child is not an easy eater. Will there be special meals for my kids during family holiday?

    • Tracey

      For family vacation, we offer many sort of food but mostly are local food and it means eating at local restaurants. The food is tasty and freshly made. There is a great variety on offer for dishes in Myanmar. Your children can try one by one. But there are not always specific kids’ menus available, so if you think your children might be hesitant to try the new Myanmar food, you should try some of the local dishes at home before you departure your country and maybe take along snacks that you know they like. Please be noted that we always try our best and give the best food for your children during the vacation. But in some cases you should prepare some snacks for your children in advance.

  • Rachelle

    Is there always a vegetarian option on your family package?

    • Laura

      Yes, there is always a vegetarian option available during the trip, in case you cannot eat meat and we will offer vegetarian meal, and most of buffet style meals or set menu meals will have lots of salads, rice dishes and breads. In Myanmar we offer an array of vegetarian foods.

  • Saruga

    My child has a food allergy what could you offer?

    • Tracey

      In all cases, we try our best to accommodate all food requirements, so make sure you advise us in advance and we can serve you and your child better. We would try our best to give alternative options available; but it may be difficult in some local restaurants in Myanmar to make sure the food is 100% allergen-free. Please be advised that you should take the same precautions as you eating out at a restaurant in your country before and taking along some snacks that you know are safe during the trip is recommended.

  • Carrie

    Could you offer hotels or resorts with swimming pool for family vacation?

    • Angela

      Swimming pool is always a privilege when we choose the hotels or resort for a family trip, so we endeavor to offer your family accommodation with swimming pools where possible.

  • Rajendra

    Do the Myanmar family tour itineraries cater specifically for children?

    • Angela

      Almost our family tour experts are parents, have catered the trip itineraries to make sure that clients will have a family friendly pace. So on a family vacation in Myanmar, there would be balance between free times for families or they can participate in activities that suit their interests around meal times.

  • I would like to take a trip to Myanmar in August, Any recommends for family travel?

    • Laura

      You absolutely made a right choice when pick Myanmar as the destination for family holiday. Here are some pre-made packages for you. With 9-day family trip in Myanmar, you can cover all the highlights of this beautiful country such as Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay, Inle Lake and so on. If your family likes to play outdoor activities or adventures, the 14-day Myanmar Family Adventure Tour is highly recommended, or if you do not find any interested itineraries, you can tailor-make a Myanmar tour to meet your needs. Myanmar absolutely brings your family the most enjoyable trip of lifetime.

  • Vanessa Cruz

    Are western standard medical facilities available during family vacation in Myanmar?

    • Stephen

      In Myanmar, most of the major city like Yangon, Bagan, and Mandalay… would have most private, western style hospitals or medical center. In any medical issue that may arise on the trip, the family should consult with the tour guide or our operation and we will give the best advice. But in some cases the family should buy health insurance that cover all cases and could contact with their Insurance provider. The insurance company will advise and have a recommended medical center or hospital that has English speaking medical staff and that offers a western standard of medical care.

  • Richard

    Are there activities aimed at adults on a Myanmar family tour?

    • Stephen

      Our activities for Myanmar family tours are aimed at all ages, and we always endeavor to encourage all the family members to get involved.

  • Darren

    What is the best vehicle for my family to travel around Yangon?

    • Jeanny

      Yangon is the largest city in Myanmar, there are many things to do and see in Yangon. Trishaw is considered as the best vehicle to discover Yangon. Walking is also recommended while Yangon has a lot of pagodas and temples to visit. You can also get the taxi to get other places faster and the price is not too high.

  • L Agard

    Will we have any discount for tour if we are a big family group?

    • Stephen

      Yes, the cost for tours will be lower if you are traveling as a big group above five people.

    • Ellen

      How about the price for children in family tours?

      • Nancy

        In Myanmar family packages, the children under 2 years old will not be charged, the children from 2 to 5 years old will paid a half of adult rate, three-quarter charge for children from 5 to 12 and full of charge for over 12 years old children.

  • Tammy

    What about tipping in Myanmar?

    • Jeanny

      Tipping is the common one in big restaurants and hotels in Myanmar. However, some hotels may require that tips should be left in an envelope in the Gratuities Box in the hotel.
      Nevertheless, in some rural areas in Myanmar, tipping is not popular. Maybe, it can cause embarrassment to recipients and local people.

  • Eleen

    Where can we buy kid clothes in Yangon?

    • Laura

      You can find out the thing you need for your kids in Pazundaung Market, but the cost may be a little bit expensive. Yuzana Plaza is a better choice for cheaper clothing items, about 4 or 5$ maximum for kids.

  • James

    We are travelling with our 5 year – old daughter to Inle Lake. We would like to rent e-bikes that have seats and seat belts. Can you suggest some addresses?

    • Laura

      E-bikes are quite popular in Myanmar; but find those with seats for children are not an easy task. However, if you still want to go around Inle Lake with your child, you can put one small plastic chairs on the back of the bike and secured it tightly.

  • Mitchel

    We plan to visit Myanmar with a 5 year-old boy and 9 year-old girl. Can you give us some itinerary for family vacation in Myanmar?

    • Laura

      Just a short vacation (about 9 days) properly gives your family have great experiences with activities in most popular attractions in Myanmar. With 9-day family tour, you can cover Yangon, Bagan, Heho , Inle Lake, Twantay with a lot of activities for family bound. Plus, you can pick an adventure tour for hiking, biking, boating and a lot of interesting activities. Your children will enjoy the vacation.

  • David Yuen

    We are planning for a Myanmar vacation in November. Any discount for us if traveling as a big group?

    • Stephen

      Of course, you can have discount as travel as a big group. The more members in your group, the cheaper the tours will be. We have dropped your more details about discount policies for your Myanmar vacation, please check.

  • Asmad

    I will set off on Myanmar tour with my husband and 2 kids on December. I am looking for interesting activities that suitable for my whole family? Any recommends? Thanks.

    • Stephen

      If you wish to enjoy the remarkable vacation with your family, Myanmar is your great bet. Get the first-hand experiences with your family by taking many interesting activities such as balloon over Bagan, cycling, boating in Inle Lake…

  • Our family is planning to choose Myanmar for our vacation in November. Can you recommend us some tours, regarding adventure activities for whole family?

    • Tracey

      Depend on your time, with a 2-week vacation in Myanmar, 14-day Family Adventure Tour is highly recommended. The tour will cover almost highlights in Myanmar with many activities for your family. Bike and boat in Inle Lake, cycle to Mandalay countryside, or U Bein Bridge, trek or hike Mount Popa,.. Base on your itinerary, we will recommend the suitable one. You can also customize a unique tour to meet your interest and budget.

  • Bhubon

    I with 2 kids (one 10 years old and one 14 years old) are going to check into Myanmar in December. I want my kids to gain a deeper insight into locals’ life in Myanmar countryside. Do you offer local homestay for family tours in Myanmar?

    • Tracey

      Yes, of course. A homestay experience will highlight your family vacation in Myanmar. Detailed information of some family packages including homestay will be sent you via email, please check.

  • I am going to be on vacation in Myanmar in September. Still have to do some works, concerning about Internet access in Myanmar.

    • Tracey

      In fact, Internet seems to be not reliable in Myanmar. Although you can find internet connection in some big hotels, restaurants or tourist sites, the speed is quite low and some popular websites such as Facebook, Gmail can be blocked.

  • Lisa Prawer

    Our family is planning to visit Myanmar for our vacation in December. I want to rent a motor bike for my tour in Mandalay, please suggest some addresses for motor bike rental. Thanks.

    • Tracey

      Mandalay is ripe with addresses with motor bike renting service, but one address can be recommended for you is Zach Benoy of Mandalay motorbikes. Motorbikes or bike cycles are always available in Zach Benoy.

  • Jeannette

    I will set off on Myanmar tour with my husband and 2 kids on December. What standard of accommodation for family vacations in Myanmar can I expect?

    • Stephen

      We offer a good selection of accommodations in Myanmar from 3 stars to 5 star standards. Because you take a trip with your children, it is better to consider the hotels with pool. All of the accommodation we suggested is clean, comfortable and safe.

  • Lucia Ruggiero

    I have just visited Myanmar with my family in September. We were very surprised as we saw a resident kowtowing his mother. We didn’t know what was happening.

    • Jeanny

      Burmese people kneel and touch the ground with the forehead to show respect to grandparents, parents, and teachers on formal occasions.

  • Who manages the family budget in Myanmar?

    • Jeanny

      In Burmese family, wives are those who manage the budget of their family. Their husbands usually hands his earnings over to the wife, so that she can “make it home” or do her own small business.

  • Aileen

    How many generations live under one home in Myanmar? We just got back from Myanmar on a family tour last week. On my trip, I saw that many people living in a family, which really differs from my country’s culture.

    • Angela

      Three generations of Burmese live together under the same home. If family members do not live in the same house, they usually live near each other to take care of each other.

  • Petr Donner

    On my Myanmar family trip, we noticed that women are not allowed to head into the Pagoda. It doesn’t make sense, I contend that they deserve to get equal right with the men.

    • Angela

      What you guys saw was really true. Due to the hierarchy of Buddhism, women are excluded from certain areas of religious buildings, such as the middle platform of the Pagodas.

  • Marlee

    We took the 14 day Myanmar family tour with your company, and we really had good time in this beautiful country. Thank a bunch for designing the tour. However, I can’t understand why women always walk behind their husband. Any explanations?

    • Angela

      The husband is considered the spiritual head of the Myanmar households; therefore, women let men take the lead and often follow behind their husbands or father in public. Hope my answer helps!

  • Laignel Blandine

    My family with 2 kids (one 8 year old, and the other 12 year old) is planning to take a family tour in Myanmar for 14 day. But, I am wondering that whether kids are allowed to visit Pagodas in Myanmar or not?

    • Jeanny

      Yes of course. They are allowed to visit religious sites. You don’t need to worry about that.

  • My family is planning to visit Myanmar next summer. But I don’t know the best time of the day to visit Pagoda?

    • Tracey

      Touring pagodas in the early morning or late afternoon is highly recommended as it is cool at these moments. Don’t forget to bring along wet towers to wipe your feet after each visit.

  • Natasha

    I and my parents are planning to take a one-week family tour to Myanmar. However, my parents are over 60, I am afraid that they will not be able to trek up a high mountain to visit pagodas. Are there any kinds of transport which could take them to the top of the mountain? Thank you in advance!

    • Tracey

      Despite a number of pagodas sitting on the top of the mountain, they have not been equipped with cable car yet. Instead, a number of trucks with special design will help visitor reach the top of the mountain. Hope you and your beloved could have a nice trip in Myanmar!


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