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Amazing Activities To Do In Myanmar Family Tours

Explore The Temples & Pagodas in Bagan

Since the city possessing more than 2200 old temples, pagodas, and the ruins, strolling around to explore these outstanding heritages in Bagan is one of the best things to do with your kids in Myanmar family tours. Although the classic way to get around the ancient capital is the car driving, you can choose to take a horse-cart ride to slowly indulge in the magical beauty of the area in your family tour. Along with this unique route, your family can stop at any spots to gaze out at the scenery, take some nice photos, and listen to your tour guide about the history as well as the exceptional art and architecture of Bagan amongst these relics. Depends on your children's age that you will have a great option to take a cycling tour to get around the ruins and pass through the dusty paths to discover Bagan your own way. Explore the temples and pagodas in Myanmar family tours

Embark on an Amazing Boat Tour to Get Around Inle Lake

Be one of the main tourist attractions in Myanmar, Inle Lake is where you cannot skip in your family trip to Myanmar. What makes your ideal family vacation in Burma is to take a long tail boat and sail around the lake to behold the incredible beauty of the largest freshwater lake in the country. During this trip, you and your kids will have a chance to meet the Intha people – the inhabitants live hundreds of year on the lake and learn about their exquisite farming techniques on the floating gardens as well as their fishing methods using conical baskets and one-legged rowing. Myanmar family holiday with an amazing boat trip to explore the beauty of Inle Lake

Visit Colorful Local Markets With Your Kids

Markets in Myanmar is not only where you can purchase products and goods but also where you can witness authentic Burmese daily lifeline and how they make their livings. Undoubtedly, soak into the vibrant market is one of the most amazing things to do in Myanmar family tours. Bogyoke Aung San in Yangon, Nyaung U in Bagan, Central Market i..n Pyay, floating market in Inle Lake are interesting places to discover. Ideal family trip to Myanmar with a visit to the lively local market

Ride on a Hot-Air Balloon to Marvel at the Beauty of Bagan from Above

Hot air balloon trip is one of the most highlights as you hit Bagan in your Myanmar family tour. It delivers you and your kids an unforgettable experience during your family holiday in Myanmar as you fly over thousands of temple's peak, trees, and spectacular landscapes. Ride a hot air balloon is an awesome experience to do in Myanmar family tour

Get a Glimpse at The Legendary Golden Pagodas

For a long time, Myanmar has been well-known for people as the Land of Golden Pagodas. Unsurprisingly, visiting golden pagodas is an exciting experience in your family tour to Burma. Gaze out at the Shwedagon, Shwezigon, and Shwesandon Pagoda throughout the country, you will discover numerous memorable experiences. Additionally, Golden Rock is also worth a visit to let your children get more knowledge about Buddhism. This ensures a breathtaking time for your family holiday in Myanmar. admire the largest golden pagoda is the must thing to do in Myanmar family trips

Relax on The Poetic Beaches

Reward yourself after long days sightseeing with some days on the most beautiful beaches is the thing that you cannot skip in Myanmar family tour. Feel free to lay on the white sandy beach, feel the light breeze blow through your skin, enjoy the fresh coconut water. This will fulfill your great time on your family holiday in Burma. Relax with your family in one of the most beautiful beaches in Myanmar family holiday