Myanmar Water Festival (Thingyan)

Myanmar Water Festival takes place each year from 13 to 17 of April towards to the end of hot and dry season with activities such as praying for peace in pagodas, bathing rituals for Buddha and then gathering in the streets, splashing water on passerby instead of New Year greetings.
Some acts of merit like releasing captive fishes and birds as well as feasts are held for monks in the time of festival.

New Year Water Festival in Myanmar is also called Thingyan Festival which is the most important holiday of the Burmese people. The festival usually occurs from three to five days and also celebrated in neighboring Theravada Buddhist countries of Southeast Asia countries like Songkran in Thailand and Laos, Chaul Chnam Thmey in Cambodia. At this festival, people splash together in various forms such as splashing water on others with the pots, water guns to the bamboo tube. Powerful water can be splashed on people from jeeps and trucks.

Since the festival meant to wish health and good luck to all the people washing away all the bad luck and sins of previous year, one put a big tubes and cock to spray water on the participants. All of them participated in the festival, children use water pistols to spray their friends, relatives, and anyone possible, only the monks, pregnant women and the elderly are safe. After getting wet in water, people walk under the heat of the sun to dry the clothes.

The most vibrant and festive atmosphere can be seen in major cities of Myanmar such as Yangon, Bagan, Mandalay even administrative capital Naypyidaw, where high-ranking officials also soak up the atmosphere of the festival with people.

The Myanmar Water Festival 2016 will be celebrated from 14th to 17th of April. Burmese people are preparing for the most important and sacred festival of the year.

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Here are some great moments of Myanmar Water Festival in previous years and waiting for more in 2016.

The young girls in a competition in Myanmar Water Festival

The young girls in a competition in Myanmar Water Festival

Still smile when splashed

Still smile when splashed

The boy using water pistol to spray water on others

The boy using water pistol to spray water on others

What is she praying for?

What is she praying for?

A young girls in a performance in New Year Festival

A young girls in a performance in New Year Festival

Myanmar Water Festival6

He looks so serious when spraying water on his friends

Myanmar Water Festival7

Two young girls before show time

Myanmar Water Festival8

The crowds under water splashing from tubes and cock

Myanmar Water Festival9

Splashing scenery of children in Myanmar’s countryside

Myanmar Water Festival16

Foreigners enjoy the fun in Myanmar Water Festival

Myanmar Water Festival11

Festive atmosphere of New Year Water Festival

Myanmar Water Festival12

A couple under the water

Myanmar Water Festival13

Cars and trucks also join the festival

Myanmar Water Festival14

Splashing on buffalo cart

Myanmar Water Festival15

The young plashing under the music

Myanmar Water Festival17

Traditional Karen dance in New Year Festival

Myanmar Water Festival18

Small children add more color for New Year Festival

Myanmar Water Festival19

Taking a shot before performance

Myanmar Water Festival20

The disable also enjoy the festival

Myanmar Water Festival10

Traditional dance in Yangon in New Year Festival