3 Good Places to Enjoy Coffee in Yangon

Coffee-drinking-culture has been in Myanmar for such a long time. When the military regime was still in power, coffee used to be considered as a luxurious drink for the elite and foreigners. After the transformation of the nation, the widespread adoption of coffee brands in Myanmar has created the opportunities of enjoying coffee cups for the locals.
Not only tourists but more and more members of the middle class in Myanmar are willing to spend extra money to enjoy freshly brewed coffee with friends or colleagues in peaceful spaces. Now it is not difficult to find out a coffee shop in Myanmar, but there are some spots in Yangon that coffee addicts, especially who are having a Myanmar tour, should note down to call at sometimes.

Gloria Jean’s Coffees
First exist in Myanmar Plaza since March, 2016, this coffee brand from Australia served about 40 types of drink, mainly relating to coffee with approximately 100 consumers per day. In special occasions or at weekends, the coffee shop is often packed with people, both locals and foreigners.
The main reason that Gloria is popular over the world in general and in Myanmar in particular lies in the drink recipes. Many coffee addicts say they can enjoy a variety of refreshing beverages, different from the usual sugar ones found in Myanmar. The price is rather affordable for both residents and tourists, which is about 4.800 kyat (relatively 4,12 USD) for a chocolate coffee, a preferred drink here.
Gloria Jean’s Coffees currently operates in more than 30 countries. In Myanmar, the company plans to open about 8 branches.

Gloria Jeans Coffees in Yangon

Gloria Jeans Coffees in Yangon

True Coffee
Located in Nawaday Street, Yangon, Bangkok-based chain True Coffee held the grand opening in December, 2015.
It is a nice place where you can enjoy the meal peacefully due to its clean and cozy accommodations. There is business center, pool table, private rooms for meeting, event and parties on the second floor. Some people say it look like a restaurant rather than a coffee shop. On the food menu, you can have light meal with burger, sandwich, pasta, waffle followed with a variety of coffee and juices. True signatute coffee and class sandwich are considered as the most popular items of the shop.
The price ranges from 3000 – 5000 kyat. The shop open the whole week, from 9am to 9pm.
True Coffee plans to open 300 to 400 branches across Myanmar, Malaysia, Singapore and China within five years.

Nice space for a good cup of coffee in Yangon - True Coffee

Nice space for a good cup of coffee in Yangon – True Coffee

Acacia Tea Salon
This is a colonial-style tea house and restaurant also. Its like a villa with wide green yard. There is a number of exclusive blends of tea sets together with a selection of traditional Burmese food for guests to try out. For example, set A which composed of scones and cream, four different types of cake, two sorts of sandwiches and free refill teapot, is for two people.Set B is for four people and is more or less set A timed by two. This is truly a wonderful place to just sit and chill with friends or family, indulging in the peacefulness here.

It is truly wonderful to start a day by waking up early in a tranquil morning then breathe deeply the pure atmosphere. With a cup of cofee, where can we enjoy those wonderful moments if not in Yangon? Immersed in culture and beauty, Yangon’s coffee shops offer a graceful stylish setting in which to enjoy the world’s favorite beverages.

Acacia Tea Salon in Yangon

Acacia Tea Salon in Yangon

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