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Proposed Destinations to Put in Myanmar Itinerary 10 Days

Yangon - Where To Excites Your Senses

Yangon is the first attraction in your list of must-see destinations in Myanmar itinerary 10 days when you arrive in the country. In your Myanmar 10-day tour, you can spend 1-2 days in the lively city to visit the most famous tourist attraction in 1 day city tour to the legendary Shwedagon Pagoda, the 2500 years old pagoda which is the most sacred and impressive pagoda not only for its architecture but also the belief of containing important relics of the four previous Buddhas. Shwedagon Pagoda is completely covered with gold plates. Additionally, the National Museum will provide you with the knowledge to the Burmese culture. What to experience next in Myanmar 10-day itinerary is to discover the tea culture of Myanmar with one of the best tea houses in the city to get an insight of how tea plays the vital role in the day of Burmese people and enjoy the art of drinking tea. Then, a bow of scrumptious Shan noodle in a famous restaurant will truly fulfill your first meaningful day. In the second day of your Myanmar itinerary 10 days, you can gaze out at the city’s market Bogoke Aung San to witness Burmese daily trade life. You can spend some time in this market to see some shops and purchase the traditional dress of Myanmar at a reasonable price. The day 2 in your Myanmar itinerary 10 days will be much exciting with a trip to the China town to explore the paradise of street food and your stopover there is 19th street food, a famous food street with countless food stall will truly impress you.

Mandalay – Where Your Dream Comes True

The gorgeous cultural capital of Myanmar is where you can spend 2 days in your Myanmar itinerary 10 days to experience fun and unusual things. The white color of the temple and bronze glittering under the sun cover around the area will grasp your attention as soon as you set your foot on the region. In these two days of Myanmar 10 days itinerary, you can manage to take part in a cycling tour around Mandalay to explore the city and then pay a visit to the impressive gold factory. Enjoy the most breathtaking moment on U Bein the longest teak bridge in the world whilst sitting on a bench situated on the bridge. Furthermore, Mahamuni Pagoda, Mandalay Hill, Inwa the former capital, are awesome destinations that you can spend 2 days in Myanmar itinerary 10 days to visit. Trust us, there is no word can describe the surreal beauty of Mandalay before you discover it your way.

Bagan – The Highlight of Your Trip

With over 2000 temples and ruins, Bagan is the home of ancient monuments that will captivate your soul upon arrival at this fancy area. And, 2 days in your 10-day itinerary in Myanmar is the perfect amount of time for you to capture the beauty from old temples to shrines and ruins. Noticeably, Bagan is an ideal place for any bikers who hope to cycle to explore the archeological sites. For visitors who desire to see the essence of the ancient city from above in Myanmar 1o-day itinerary, a short trip riding on a hot-air balloon is the perfect way to glimpse at the magical landscape. It takes $340 USD per person for the classic package of 10 people riders each and $450 USD per person to ride on a smaller basket within 8 people. The hot-air balloon season lasts from the beginning of October to the middle of April.

Sagaing – The Outstanding Religious Center

Located 20 km to the southwest of Mandalay, Sagaing is such a meaningful destination that worth 1 day in your Myanmar tour 10 days. Possessing numerous Buddhist monasteries, pagodas and meditation centers, Sagaing will truly fulfill your thrill. These are some outstanding destination to visit within 1 day in Sagaing: Sagaing Hill: It is very famous for the beautiful pagoda dotted around the hill overlooking to the peaceful river of the region. Additionally, there are certain meditations center in some pagodas on the pass. Sagaing bridge: A modern and beautiful bridge which is more and more popular with visitors. Alaungdaw Kathapa National Park: the natural reserve offers you an exciting experience to take part in ecotourism in Myanmar to discover pristine forest, trekking routes, rivers, and elephants.

Mingun – The Peaceful Ancient Village

Just about 11 km toward the north from Mandalay, the old Mingun is truly a place to coax your heart into continuing to explore the unrevealed destinations in Myanmar itinerary 10 days. Mingun enchants your heart by its tranquil and poetic feature hidden behind the myth as you approach the site after a breathtaking boat trip. Regardless of the small area, Mingun marks itself as one of Myanmar’s outstanding destination by possessing the world’s largest bronze bell. Another attraction in Mingun is Pathodawgyi that you can visit in Myanmar itinerary 1o days. It has gone through a very long time that was damaged by an earthquake and then was left to abandon. Step aside from the spectacular ruin, the white-wash Hsinbyme Temple also awaken your senses with 7 impressive corridors surrounding the temple.

Inle Lake – The Idyllic Heaven

The largest freshwater lake in Myanmar is sure to be the destination that will give you a strong attraction of your Myanmar tour 1o day with the serene beauty and traditional simple life. Unlike the hustle and bustle in Yangon, the life of people in Inle Lake is quite different. The Inthar people who inhabit hundred years around the lake with their exceptional life making their floating garden by connecting the water hyacinth and mark it with bamboo bars at the bottom of the lake. As a result, the garden will rise and retire depends on the water level. Embark on a boat trip to a traditional village on the lake, you will have a chance to learn about the hand-production of lotus silk-the most precious textile in the world. Within 2 to 3 days in your Myanmar itinerary 10 days, you can use one day to explore the life surrounding Inle by bike, and another day to take the boat trip to visit the floating villages, purchase in floating market and get to know about the lotus weaving in Cotton Hand Weaving Center as well as look for the good coffee in the Nyaungshwe town. The last afternoon in Inle Lake let head off the Red Mountain Estate Winery and Vinyard to visit the winery factory and taste Myanmar wine and admire the magnificent sunset.

Loikaw village 

On the last day of Myanmar tour 10 days, you can spend your time to explore the long neck tribe in the Loikaw village to greet the people with big rings around their neck. The legend told that about the 11th century, the head of the tribe was warned in his dream that after 4 days from the time his son was born, there would be a tiger attack the villager and bit their neck until they died. Likewise, all children in the village had to wear the ring on their neck on the fourth day after they were born. The custom has passed through generation to generation and become the unique feature that distinguishes them with any other ethnics throughout the country.

Recommended Myanmar 10 Days Itinerary

The Trail of Myanmar – 10 Days

DAY 1: Arrival & Sightseeing around Yangon
DAY 2: Yangon-Bagan
DAY 3: Bagan – Mt Popa – Bagan
DAY 4: Bagan- Mandalay
DAY 5: Mandalay & Mingun
DAY 6: Mandalay-Heho/ drive to Loikaw
DAY 7: Loikaw – Kayan Tribe Villages
DAY 8: Loikaw – Sagar Village – Inle Lake
DAY 9: Inle Lake – Yangon
DAY 10: Yangon Departure

Myanmar Motorbike Adventure Tour – 10 Days

Day 1: Tamu – Kalaywa (Through border gate)
Day 2: Kalay – Yargyi – Monywa ( 230 Km ) by motorbike and car (B)
Day 3: Monywa-Mandalay ( 140 KM ) by motorbike and car
Day 5: Mandalay – Pindaya – Inle by motorbike and car (B)
Day 6: Inle sightseeing by boat (B)
Day 7: Inle – Kalaw – Yin Mar Bin – Thar Zi – Meikhtilar – Bagan (200 Km) by motorbike and car (B)
Day 8: Bagan by car (B)
Day 9: Bagan-Gangaw ( 260 km ) by motorbike and car (B)
Day 10: Ganggaw – Tamu ( 320 km ) by motorbike and car (B)

Honeymoon Vacation – 10 Days

Day 1: Yangon Arrival (D)
Day 2: Yangon Sightseeing (B)
Day 3: Yangon – Bagan – Discovery (B)
Day 4: Bagan Sightseeing (B)
Day 5: Bagan – Fly to Heho – Inle Lake (B)
Day 6: Inle Lake – Indein – Inle Lake (B)
Day 7: Inle Lake – Heho – Fly to Thandwe – Ngapali Beach (B)
Day 8: Ngapali Beach Free Time (B)
Day 9: Ngapali Beach Free Time (B)
Day 10: Ngapali Beach Free Time (B)
Day 11: Ngapali Beach – Yangon – departure (B)

Imperial Myanmar – 10 Days

Day 1: Mandalay arrival – Mandalay Palace
Day 2: Sagaing – Amarapura – Sagaing (B)
Day 3: Mandalay – Day boat to Bagan (B)
Day 4: Bagan Sightseeing (B)
Day 5: Bagan – Mt. Popa – Bagan (B)
Day 6: Bagan Discovery (B)
Day 7: Bagan – Fly to Heho – Inle Lake sightseeing (B)
Day 8: Inle Lake – Indein – Yangon (B)
Day 9: Yangon city tour (B)
Day 10: Yangon Departure (B)

Amazing Myanmar Honeymoon 10 – Days

Day 1: Mandalay arrival – Mandalay Palace (D)
Day 2: Sagaing – Amarapura – Sagaing (B)
Day 3: Mandalay – Day boat to Bagan (B) Day 4: Bagan – Mt. Popa – Bagan (B) Day 5: Balloon Ride over Bagan (B) Day 6: Bagan – Fly to Heho – Inle Lake (B) Day 7: Inle Lake – Indein – Inle Lake (B) Day 8: Inle Lake – Heho – Yangon (B)
Day 9: Yangon Sightseeing (B, D)
Day 10: Yangon departure (B)

Myanmar Highlight Tour – 10 Days

Day 1: Arrival Yangon (D)
Day 2: Yangon city tour (B)
Day 3: Yangon – Fly to Mandalay (B)
Day 4: Mandalay – Amarapura – Boat to Mingun (B)
Day 5: Mandalay – boat to Bagan(B)
Day 6: Bagan – Full day visiting (B)
Day 7: Bagan – Fly to Heiho – Inle Lake (B, L)
Day 8: Indein full day by boat (B)
Day 9: Inle – Heho – Fly to Yangon (B)
Day 10: Yangon Shopping & Departure (B)