Kengtung Weather & Climate

Kengtung, Myanmar

Kengtung lies in the tropical monsoon climate, in the east of Myanmar. Generally, the weather in Kengtung is divided into three distinct seasons. The hot and dry season usually runs from late February through to late May, the rainy season lasts from late May through to October, and the cool and dry season lasts for 4 months from November through February.
In terms of temperature, Kengtung receives high temperatures with the mean temperature is 23.3 degrees Celsius (73.9 degrees Fahrenheit). While the warmest month is April with the average high of 32oC, the coolest month is December with the average temperature is 25oC. Average monthly temperatures vary by 8.6 °C (15.5°F).

Total annual Precipitation is approximately 1298 mm (51.1 inches). The likelihood of rainfall is very high in May, June, July, August, September, and October. August is the wettest month, whose precipitation is 236.0 mm. Whereas, February with 8.0 mm off the precipitation is the driest month, and any sorts of rain in this month is unexpected.

In general, Kengtung is characterized by strong monsoon influences, has a considerable amount of sun, high precipitation, and high level of humidity. With such a favorable weather condition generously dedicated by Mother Nature, you can visit and discover the history, and culture of Kengtung throughout the year. Have a look at the charts below to have an overlook about Kengtung weather to choose an ideal time for your Burma tour.

Kengtung average minimum and maximum temperature over the year

Kengtung average monthly precipitation over the year (rainfall, snow)

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