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Top 6 Best Myanmar Golf Courses

Known as a virgin destination for golf courses, Myanmar features over 80 golf courses for golf lovers to choose. Recently, Myanmar has witnessed some great newer golf courses throughout the main tourist destinations. Below is the list of the most famous Myanmar golf courses for your stunning Myanmar golf tours.

Pun Hlaing Golf Club

Nested in the luscious tropical, Pun Hlaing Golf Club is truly one of the best Myanmar golf courses for travelers. Established in 2000 and consisted of 18 holes and 7012 yards. This is the pride of Myanmar for playing a host to some tournaments in the regions. Just 15 km from Yangon, Pun Hlaing Golf course is enjoyable for every golfer from beginners to the most experienced. It sprawling on a large area which previously was paddy fields. Situated at the meeting point of three rivers, the Hlaing, Pun Hlaing, and Yangon. This delivers you an incredible scenery to nature. Upon here, layers from Myanmar golf tours to play their favorite game in a breathtaking vista. Together with the evergreen scenery, the golf course is supplied with top-notch facilities. Travelers from Myanmar golf tour so that can relax and enjoy after the game. There is a spa that offers specialized golf treatments, a restaurant to enjoy great Burmese food. Pun Hlaing Golf Club-ideal golf course for Myanmar golf tours

Aye Thar Yar Golf Resort

Located at the foot of Taunggyi Hill, this is one of the ideal golf courses in Myanmar. It can be visited on a trip from Inle Lake in Myanmar golf tours. This resort sits about 915 meters above the sea level on the well-known highland in southern Shan State. Surrounding the famous golf course are beautiful mountain ranges and picturesque valley sceneries. Therefore, making it one of the best places to visit in the summer of Myanmar. Just imagine you are playing your outdoor game in the green course while beholding the natural charming through the woodland and a fantastic view of the hill station. This great Myanmar golf course is amazing for numerous tourist attractions to delight you and your family. Aye Thar Yar Golf Resort - an ideal golf course for Myanmar golf tours

Bagan Golf Resort

If you hope to play golf in the pure magic scenery, Bagan Golf Resort is no doubt the best Myanmar golf course for you to do so. Sits adjacent to Bagan Resort hotel in the back of the historical area, this famous golf club consisted of 18 holes and 7417 yards. It is set up in one of the most famous temples in Bagan built in the 11th century. The architectural masterpiece is designed for tourists in Myanmar golf tours not simply fall back on the natural beauty of Bagan but also behold the charming of the area. There is nothing better than playing the game in the morning to mingle in poetic scenery and pleasant temperature. Trust me, you can never imagine how wonderful is it until you play. There are fewer hazards in this Bagan golf course so it is a great choice for beginners and average golfers. Bagan Golf Resort-best Myanmar golf course to play golf in the pure magic scenery

Royal Mingalardon Golf and Country Club

Located in Minalardon Township of Yangon, Royal Mingalardon is one of the best Myanmar golf courses that meet international standard. It was established in 1995 with a large area stretches to 286 acres with 18 holes and 7200 yards. Each hole of the golf course has an individual identity using different water features, strategic bunkering, and scenic landscape. Coming here from Myanmar golf tours, you can mingle in the breathtaking scenery and fresh atmosphere surrounded by the well-cut green. Be amazed by the exquisite balance between an imposing challenge and magnificent beauty aside. It is only good, can’t be bad. Royal Mingalardon Golf and Country Club-one of the best Myanmar golf courses that meets international standard

Yangon City Golf Course

Right to its fame. Yangon is not only the most interesting city in Myanmar but also where you can find many fantastic golf courses. Yangon City Golf Course is one among the best golf courses in Myanmar. Dating back to over 20 years, this is one of the ideal destinations to visit in Myanmar golf tours. Set in a fabulous landscape, the flexible courses that suit all level making it one of the best choices for tourists. There are two distinctive 18 hole-golf courses with completely different characters. The first Ngwe Taw Thar was established in 1994 and spread across a lower and flat plain. Likewise, it is an ideal place that suits for golfers at all levels. The second 18-hole golf courses are Myakantha or also know as Pondy Course. It is more undulating and challenging so it is best for expert golfers. yangon-city-golf-resort-fantastic destinations to visit in Myanmar golf tours

Ngapali Beach Golf Course

What’s a better way to escape from the heat of summer than taking a trip to Ngapali – the most beautiful beach in Myanmar? Not only possesses the heart-touching beauty, but Ngapali beach also has a golf course for tourist take Myanmar golf tours to join in their favorite game while enjoying the great vacation on the beach. Due to the shortage of water, just 9 holes are playable among 18 holes in Ngapali golf course. But it is completely worth if you try once while traveling to Ngapali from Myanmar golf tours. Ngapali Beach Golf Course-Myanmar golf tours