Myanmar States & Divisions

Myanmar comprises 14 provinces or 7 states. Those 7 states represent 7 major ethnic races as well as 7 divisions. Actually, Myanmar is special in its own way. Besides 7 states that are more or less mountainous, Myanmar consists of divisions with areas that are mainly plain, except for Sagaing, Bago and Thaninthayi divisions. Taking Myanmar trips to explore this country of centuries-old stupas, traditional practices and the land of faith, you can grab a chance to immerse in its diversity of culture, tradition, and architecture. Make your way to unearth 7 states, including Mon state, Kayin state, Rakhine state, Kayah state, Shan state, Chin sate and Kachin state, along with its 7 divisions, encompassing Thaninthayi division, Yangon division, Ayeyarwaddy division, Bago division, Magwe division, Mandalay division and Sagaing division and explore the very best of lush forest, simple pleasures of travel in Myanmar intact, take in the energy, possibilities and hope for the future hanging in the air, the traditional life, golden wonders and a new and real Myanmar.