11th century
Merit attributed to King Anawrahta (r. 1044-1077)
The name Hpet Leik means ‘curled leaf’; there is no record of why the pagodas are thus called. They are commonly-used names although an official titles must have been given at their completion.

Mahāpanāda Jātak, West Hpet Laik, Bagan

East and West Hpet Laik Pagodas

The two are similar in design, large solid spire encircled by a corridor lined with terracotta plaques of the Jataka Tales. They are in high relief and each has the number of the tale and a descriptive caption. The workmanship is highly skilled. It is believed that over 1000 plaques were originally displayed but about half have been destroyed or stolen. Votive tablets signed by Anawrahta were also found here.