Feedback of Mrs. Michael on 15-Day Myanmar Vacation

Feedback of Myanmar vacation - 15 days

Names: Michael Firth and George Filev
46 and 50
Tour: Customized Myanmar tour – 15 Days
Tour Code:
GM410817-DHP (Code Booking)
Start Date of Tour: 31st Aug to 14th Sept 2017
Name of Go Myanmar Tours Sales Staff: Mrs. Jeanny

Ease of Booking
Outstanding – Ms Jeanny was very responsive to our inquiries and requests for information about possible activities while in Myanmar as well as being very flexible to our needs. She was also very prompt in providing details of any changes and responding to our questions.

Was the itinerary suitable?
Outstanding – The itinerary was very well structured which allowed for a good amount of time to spend at each location whilst allowing enough free time to relax.

Guide performance
Outstanding – each of the guides was wonderful hosts. They provided relevant information, responded to our unique needs, gave excellent support and were generally very friendly and caring. We felt very safe in their experienced hands. Each of the guides exceeded our expectations, giving us a good education in the history and culture of the relevant locations we were visiting.

Quality of vehicles provided
Met expectation – the vehicles provided were clean and comfortable. The drivers were careful and attentive. Provision of water and air-conditioned comfort was very much appreciated.

Quality of meals included (breakfasts and welcome dinner)
Outstanding – breakfasts at each of the accommodation was fantastic. The diversity of selection was impressive.

Quality of accommodation
Outstanding – generally each of the accommodation venues was great. Rooms were clean and comfortable with attentive staff. We would suggest however that if guests are staying at Taw Win Garden Hotel in Yangon that they are given a room with a window to the outside. We upgraded our room on the last night so that we could see the Shwedagon Pagoda from our balcony and could have some natural light into the room. The cost difference was not significant or prohibitive and made a big difference to our last night in Yangon.

Your overall experience
Outstanding – more than exceeded our expectations of the trip. One of the best and most relaxing holidays in our lives. We would recommend your Myanmar tour package and your company to anyone considering visiting. We have a new found love of Myanmar and it’s people as a result of our holiday there.

Would you like to make any special mention of the positive experiences of staff that you would like us to know about?
All guides made an extra effort to fit in as much as they could with the time that they had and were flexible to take advantage of local events and included some surprises that were not included in the original itinerary but enhanced our experience tenfold.

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  1. Kwee Feung says:

    Dear Sir, may I have your quotation for 2pax Golden Rock and Bago tour on 29/5/2018.
    Thank you!

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