Hti Phyu Saung Nat (Put up a White Umbrella Nat)

Hti Phyu Saung Nat (Put up a white umbrella Nat)
Hti Phyu Saung Nat (Put up a white umbrella Nat)

In the previous life, he was father of king Anawarahta the king Kwan Sor Kyaung Phyu (326-348). He served under the king Taung Thugyi (Cultivator) as an errand lad to collect palm-leave trade. When he got tired of running errand for the king he used to take rest and had his lunch food bundle under the shade of Soung Chan tree. Beforehand he offered some food to the Yoke Khaso (Higher Nat) who guards a particular big tree called Nyaung Chan tree.
One day the Yoke Khaso appeared in person before him, and said that he would soon become the king of Bagan, so he must keep clean of evil deeds observe and secure the five Precepts delivered by Buddha. Soon there spread rumours that a man who is likely King-to-be has appeared, so the guardian Nat of Saung Chan tree again gave him a horse a spear, and royal dress, thus he rode on the horseback in full dress to the court. When he got there, the king Taung Thugyi Min defiantly opposed him, however the court guard, the stone image pushed the king down to the ground from over the court portico, thereby getting rid of king Taung Thugyi Min in helping a simple errand lad Kwan Sor Kyaung Phyu to gain the throne.
Thereafter the lad who had served as a revenue collector of Palm-leave trade became the king of Bagan as Kwan Sor Kyaung Phyu Min who also took over 3 widows left by king Taung Thu Gyi as his queens again. When the 2 sons of South ward queen, Kyi Soe and Sokka Day had grown up, they caught hold of King Kwan Sor Kyaung Phyu, and let him enter, priesthood by force. Though the younger son Anawrahta joust a fair fight with Sokka
Day won and gained the throne, he gave back the old king his throne, however the old king refused to accept the throne, thereby living on as a priest for life. When he died of old age he became a Nat.