Irrawaddy Delta Cruise – A Staggering Exploration

Irrawaddy Delta Cruise

An inspiring brand-new excursion to the Irrawaddy Delta – a unique 7-night cruise has been instigated by International River Cruise Operator Pandaw Cruises, setting sail from Yangon and taking the tourists from Myanmar river cruise on an out-of-this-world voyage through the swamplands, tidal inlets, and channels.
The Delta spreads over an area of more than 1000 square miles with Rangoon which is its most famous mooring and capital of all Burma from 1886 to 2005. When the British occupied the region in the 19th century, a tremendous uninhabited swampland, immense swathes of the area were cleared and cultivated. After that, the Delta was known as the granary of Asia, providing rice across the Indian Raj; consequently, many towns thrived as merchandising centers.

The expansion of rice cultivation in the Irrawaddy River Delta has led to the expense of mangrove forests which are salt-tolerant, evergreen, and dense, with the partially submerged root systems dampen the strong wave force down, protecting the interior from erosion and flooding. There are seven main channels and a great number of smaller ones which form an intricate maze of waterways perfectly well known by the most experienced sailors only. At this moment in time, the rice basket, the sleepy glamor with the picturesque scene of towns, markets, temples, churches dotted across the waterways are retained as the witnesses of its colonial history.

The Katha Pandaw is a luxury yacht which offers 16 cabins with a maximum capacity of 32 passengers. Each cabin has the necessary and newfangled conveniences including ultra-comfort beds with high-end mattresses and imported linens, individually controlled AC (Air conditioning) and bathrooms served with the like-spa commodities. On the cruise, the tourist will have the opportunities to enjoy daily semi-buffet breakfast, semi-buffet lunch and unique dinner served by a local master chef who is at the top of the international culinary crew. Overall, the visitors will have the chance to experience sumptuous conveniences on board as well as the pristine nature along the Delta where the sense of travel is awakened and a new horizon is widely opened.

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    We would love to do this but are struggling to find any reviews>

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