How to Apply Visa to Myanmar

Apply Visa to Myanmar

A visa, accompanied by a passport valid for at least six months beyond the date of intended departure is a must to enter Myanmar. Myanmar visa lets you stay within the country for 28 days and valid for three months since the date of the issue. If you are planning a trip to this beautiful country, here are some things that you should not miss involving how to apply visa to Myanmar.

Apply Visa to Myanmar
Apply Visa to Myanmar

There are two main options for visitors to Myanmar to apply for a visa. The first way is to apply for it in their home country and the other is in China or Southeast Asia. In fact, except direct flights between Milan and Mandalay which operated by Neos airlines, there are no direct flights between Myanmar and Western countries, so a lot of travelers choose to apply for a Myanmar visa at Bangkok’s embassy and then take a flight from Bangkok to Yangon.
–    If you are US citizens, you need to fill in a visa application form that you can download from the Myanmar Embassy website, work history form, provide a copy of your flight itinerary or a letter that you can get from your tour operator, a passport that is valid for at least six months, photograph of your face, one prepaid FedEx Return envelope and a money order for the US $20. All of these must be sent to the Myanmar Embassy in Washington DC.
–    Get a Myanmar visa in Thailand: In case you do not get your visa to Myanmar in your country, you can get your visa by flying into Bangkok – this way is mostly chosen by travelers as they can take advantage of this chance to travel to two places. Visitors can explore Bangkok while waiting for your Myanmar visa to be processed to fly to Yangon. This process is straightforward. The time for applying for a Myanmar visa in Bangkok is from 9 am to 12 am and visa cost includes 810 Thai baht (26.76 USD)  for two working days to completion, 1035 baht (34.20 USD) for the next day and if applying for the same day, it costs 1260 baht (41.63 USD)

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