The Chin Ethnic Group in Myanmar

Chin people live in mountainous areas, concentrated mainly in the area of Chin state, bordering with India and Bangladesh in the west, accounts for about 2% of the population of Myanmar. Chin people live with rural lifestyle in simple traditional outfit. The men wear loincloth in the warm weather months and wrap the thin blankets when it gets colder. Women wear the embroidery cloak, weaving complex patterns.

Chin people in Myanmar
Chin people in Myanmar.

A unique custom of the Chin are gradually eroded, it is customary of tattooing on the face of the Chin women. The tattoo covers the entire face of the women, starting from above the nose and spread out downward with the form of black spider web. Even eyelids were also tattooed. The custom of tattooing is done when the girls reached the age of 12 or 13.

According to legend, the Chin doing this to help young Chin girls avoid capturing by Rakhine prince of southern kingdom to be slaves. This custom faded away after the Second World War. Currently, in many villages of the Chin people, visitors can see the elder still tattooed on the face.