Burmese People

Myanmar is considered one of the most ethnically diverse countries in the world with a population of over 59 million people (2012) which are divided into between 60 and 135 ethnic groups. There are hundreds of different languages and dialects spoken among Burmese people which contribute to the variety of the country. The population diversity is one of the most important factors that make Burmese culture unique, absorbing and worth to be discovered. Once taking Myanmar tours, you will not only be conquered and overwhelmed by the beauty and charm of the landscape marked with the golden pagodas, but also be impressed by the hospitality and friendliness of Burmese people. They are rustic, sincere and convivial, they will welcome you with a mild smile and be willing to help you when needed.

According to data of the Myanmar government in 7th, 2012, Myanmar’s total population is 59.1 million people. The average population density in the country is 1.75% / year.

The religions of Burmese People

+ Buddhism (88%)
+ Christianity (6.2%)
+ Islam (4.3%)
+ Hinduism (0.5%)

Major ethnic races in Myanmar

Shan – Kayin – Kachin – Rakhine – Mon – Naga – Chin – Kayah – Wa