The Kayin (Karen) Ethnic Group in Myanmar

Kayin people (also called Karen) are the third most populous ethnic group in Myanmar, accounting for about 8% of the population of Myanmar. Sgaw and Pwo are two main groups of ethnic Karen, living mainly in the highlands of Shan, Karen, and plains of Irrawaddy River where you will able to have a chance to meet in your Myanmar tour. Kayin people practice animism, however, some of the Kayin villages practice Catholicism, some are Buddhists.

Kayin children
Kayin children in Myanmar.

Kayin people have a very high sense of independence and never make ceasefire agreement with the Myanmar government. However, due to the diversity among the small groups of Kayin made them never have a real connection. Until today, the Buddhist Kayin and Burmese groups against Christian Kayin.
Costumes of men and women of Kayin people are characterized by longyi with stripes and patterns. It is usually for women in other minority ethnic groups.

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