The Ethnic Groups in Myanmar

Myanmar is a multi-ethnic country, with 135 different ethnic groups. Mainly from Myanmar (Burma), accounting for 68% of the population of Myanmar. Followed by ethnic Shan (9%), Keren (8%), Kachin (7%), Rakhine (4%). The other ethnic groups account for about 4%. Most ethnic groups in Myanmar have migrated from other places.
The first migrants to Myanmar are the Mon and Khmer groups. 2nd migrants are Tibetan – Burmese migrants and 3rd are Thai – Chinese. The diversity of ethnic groups residing in Myanmar plays an important role in determining street politics, history and demographics of this country.

Dancing ethnic girls in Myanmar.
Dancing ethnic girls in Myanmar.

Most tourists in Myanmar vacation are excited to see a land of Asia, through many ups and downs since the British colonial domination until now, almost everything remains unchanged over time. Due to both many objective and subjective reasons, Myanmar is virtually unaffected from the outside world. Most people still keep longyi-skirt costumes and traditional ethnic costumes.

Myanmar has about 5 million expatriates live and it is mainly Chinese and India followed by Bangladesh and Pakistan. Original ethnic group in Myanmar (excluding China, India, Nepal, and other nations) is divided into eight main ethnic groups: the Myanmar government divided these groups into 87 minor groups.