The Burmese (Bana) Ethnic Group in Myanmar

Burmese (Bana) is also known as the Burman or Burmese that are the largest ethnic groups, dominate the country, accounting for about 68% of the population, often referred to Burma to distinguish them from other ethnic groups in Myanmar. Burmese ancestors came from the Himalaya – Tibet, Chinese migrated southward, reside mainly in the cities and plains, mostly living by trading and agriculture.

Burmese dominated Bagan (Pagan) from the 11th century. Until the 19th century, when the British conquered Myanmar, the Burmese government lost its power. Burmese has played a great contribution to the history of building and defending the country of Myanmar. The Burmese language is designated for use in schools throughout the country by the Myanmar government. Therefore, other ethnic groups used Burmese as the 2nd language.

The majority of Burmese believes in Theravada Buddhism – Theravada line. From senior leadership to civilians are religious and they often get to temple for praying.