How to Set Name for Burmese People

Myanmar people named people according to the birthday in the week instead of their family. Meeting the people in your Burma tour, you will discover that they can also set name according to the name of animals in Burmese Zodiac representing for the day of the week, that is: Garuda (Sunday), Tiger (Monday), Lion ( Tuesday), Elephant with tusks (Wednesday morning), Elephant without tusks (Wednesday afternoon), Rat (Thursday), Guinea Pig (Friday) and Dragon (Saturday). Another article placed in front of the name, to indicate gender, age, social location. The young self-proclaimed “mao” (younger brother) represent for humility. For people with the same position or brother, they use “gua”. To people with a higher position, the name called with “u” means uncles. Women are called with the addition of “Daw” in their name that means sister, female uncle or grandmother.

Women are called with addition of "Daw" in their name
Burmese women are called with the addition of “Daw” in their name.

According to statistics, Myanmar people used no more than 100 words to name a person, used these words combined together so that make it easy to call, therefore, many people in Myanmar have the same name. Myanmar people usually put the name of offices, careers, and positions in front or behind of the main name to distinguish with others.

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