Coronavirus in Myanmar: Latest Update about Covid-19 in Myanmar

Coronavirus in Myanmar

2020 is not a year of travelling and it welcomes us with a freaking event that we cannot expect. Coronavirus or Covid-19 is now a fear of humankind and it is recognized a pandemic that ruins every economy of every country, especially tourism.
This year is the darkest period of tourism since the event of SARS in 2003. Tourism industry of every country now is unstable and yes, Myanmar would be the same. Thinking that you really want to take Myanmar tours now but it is truly impossible.

Coronavirus in Myanmar – Number of Cases

Up until now, there are 350 positive cases in which 292 cases have been fully recovered. Compare to other countries, we can say that Myanmar have done a good job in controlling the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Latest Update about Coronavirus Cases in Myanmar

On July 26th, 2 returnees, one from the US and other from Thailand have tested positive for Covid-19. Meanwhile, they are on the road to recovery.
The case-349 is a 24-year-old woman living in Kawkareik Township, Kayin Sate, returned from Thailand. Even she didn’t contact with an infected person before, she was tested positive while undergoing facility quarantine at a centre in Myawady Township.

The case-350 is a 50-year-old man from Pyapon Township, Ayeyarwady Region. Same with the case-349, the man didn’t contact with any infected person but as he came back to Myanmar from the US, he was tested positive while undergoing facility quarantine in Mingaladon Township.

A Short Update of History of Coronavirus Cases in Myanmar

Cases in July

  • July 16th: 2 new cases confirmed
  • July 18th: 1 new case confirmed
  • July 19th: 1 new case confirmed
  • July 22nd: 2 new cases confirmed
  • July 24th: 3 new cases confirmed
  • July 25th: 2 new cases confirmed
  • July 26th: 2 new cases confirmed

Cases in August

  • August 13th: 8 new cases confirmed
  • August 14th: 5 new case confirmed
  • August 16th: 1 new case confirmed
  • August 17th: 1 new case confirmed
  • August 19th:  18 new cases confirmed
  • August 20th: 5 new cases confirmed
  • August 21st: 10 new cases confirmed

Entry Conditions in Myanmar

On the 28th of June, 2020, the Myanmar Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced the temporary suspension of Visa on Arrival and E-visa for all countries will be extended to the 31st of July 2020. International flight restrictions to and from Yangon International Airport have been further extended to the 31st of July, 2020.

On the 28th of May, 2020, the Central Committee on Prevention, Control & Treatment on Covid-19 of Myanmar announced the regulations for foreign nationals traveling to Myanmar to follow if they are granted an entry visa (once applications are available as follows:

  • Foreigners will have to fulfill a 21-day quarantine in their respective country before flying, another one-week facility quarantine after arriving in Myanmar, and finally one more week of home quarantine in Myanmar, before being cleared to work in the country.
  • Foreigners will also need to provide evidence they are free from Covid-19 infection (medical certification provided by a doctor or hospital).
  • Foreigners have completed the one week home quarantine before flying is also required, however it is unclear what type of proof would be requested.

Land Border Closure (until further declaration)

  • Tamu-Moreh border gates (Myanmar – India)
  • Tachileik – Myawaddy – Kawthaung – Htee Khee border gates (Myanmar – Thailand)
  • Myanmar – Bangladesh border gates
  • Myanmar – China border gates
  • Myanmar – Laos border gates

Health Check in Myanmar

Health screening and temperature checks are performed at all airports and public areas. A national curfew has been imposed for residents of these regions below from 10 pm to 4 am. Exceptions are made for medical and essential matters. The government has cut the night-time curfew by two hours for all states and regions including Yangon, Mandalay and Nay Pyi Taw from 12 am to 4 am.

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Domestic travelers are required to carry a recommendation letter of their residency from respective ward administrations when going around Myanmar, except to Yangon Region. Regional and state governments have stated that a recommendation will be required for locals while foreigners and returnees will need a letter from their companies and quarantine centers, respectively. The gatherings of more than 5 persons are not permitted. Face masks must be worn in public areas.

Tourist Attractions in Myanmar Updated

Nyaung ShweThousand Island HotelClosed until further notice
Amazing Nyaung ShweClosed until the end of September
Inle LakeParamount Inlay ResortClosed until the end of September
Amazing Inlay ResortClosed until the end of September
Inle HeritageClosed until the end of September
Sofital Inle LakeClosed until further notice
Novotel Inle LakeClosed until further notice
Sanctum InleClosed until further notice
Villa InleClosed until the end of September
Pristine LotusClosed until the end of October 2020
Golden Island CottageClosed until the end of October 2020
Nyaung ShweCherry QueenClosed until further notice
Nyaung Shwe City HotelClosed until further notice
Mount InleClosed until the end of September
MerguiWa Ale ResortClosed until the end of September
Awei PilaClosed until the end of September
NgapaliNgapali Bay Villa & ResortClosed until the end of September
Thande BeachClosed until the end of September
Sandoway ResortClosed until further notice
Jade Marina ResortClosed until further notice
Amata NgapaliClosed until further notice
Pristine MermaidClosed until further notice
YangonYangon Excelsior HotelClosed until further notice
Rosewood YangonRestaurant re-open 01 September 2020
Hotel re-open 01 October 2020
Savoy HotelRe-open 24 June 2020
Jasmine Palace HotelClosed until further notice
Hotel GRe-open on 02 July 2020
Belmond Governor’s ResidenceRe-open 01 July 2020
BaganRazagyo HotelClosed until further notice
Bagan LodgeClosed until the end of September 2020
The Hotel Umbra BaganClosed until further notice
Areindmar HotelRe-open on 22 June
Arthawka HotelRe-open 01 July 2020
Bagan Hotel RiverClosed until further notice
Bagan LandmarkClosed until further notice
Shwe Yee PwintClosed until August 2020
Sky PalaceRe-open on 21st June 2020
Thazin GardenRe-open
The Regency HotelRe-open on 15th June 2020
Villa BaganClosed until September 2020
Zfreeti HotelClosed until further notice
Aureum BaganRe-open on 15th June 2020
Su Tine SanClosed until further notice
Rv Panorama CruiseStop operating until 30 September 2020
My Bagan ResidenceRe-open on 02 July 2020
Bagan ThiripyitsayarRe-open on 01 July 2020
Golden RockMountain Top HotelClosed until further notice
Golden Rock hotelClosed until further notice
MandalayBagan King HotelClosed until further notice
Thiri Thitsar HotelClosed until further notice
Mercure Mandalay HillClosed until 30 September 2020
Hotel By The Red CanalRe-open 01 July 2020
Hotel HeavenClosed until July 2020
The Home HotelClosed until July 2020
Hotel YadanarponClosed until July 2020
Hotel HazelClosed until July 2020
Eastern Palac HotelClosed until July 2020
Rizt Grand HotelClosed until July 2020
MonywaWin UnityClosed until further notice
Pyin Oo LwinWin UnityClosed until further notice
Kan Pa letWin UnityClosed until further notice
LoikawKeinnara Loikaw HotelRe-open 01 July 2020
Hpa AnKeinnara Hpa-AnRe-open 01 July 2020
MawlamyaingHotel SuggatiRe-open 01 July 2020
KalawAmara Mountain HotelRe-open 01 July 2020