Dos & Don’ts at Inns and Hotels in Myanmar

do and dont in myanmar - what to do at inns and hotels

There are several types of staying-in places: hotels, motels, inns, and lodging-houses for tourists to stay in their Myanmar vacation. Presently there is no clear distinction between these different categories so that what is advertised as a hotel may be only a converted home. Many inns are themselves converted homes. However, legislation is being drafted to define these different types and to determine what facilities there should be for a hotel to claim a three-star or five-star status.

Traders Hotel, Yangon, Mynamar.
Traders Hotel, Yangon, Myanmar.

Check facilities

Since the name of the place may not adequately dictate the nature and level of facilities offered, it is better to check them out before you check in. It is not that there is an intention to deceive but the proprietors may have been too enthusiastic in selecting the name of their hostelry.

Check rates and charges

Rates are probably known to you through the tariff sheet. Charges may be the usual ones in practice at hotels in most countries but it would be useful to check them since they can increase the bill.
You should also determine what is to be paid in foreign currency, foreign- exchange certificates or kyats.

Do rates include breakfast

Many hotels and inns include breakfast in the rate. However, breakfast may be only toast and coffee with juice, eggs, and fruits being extra. The inn may not even offer eggs. Check what you are to expect.

More items to check

Check if your door locks.
Check if the water is potable. Sometimes the tap water may not be potable. Ask for bottled water, but it may be chargeable beyond the limit of a bottle a day.
Check if you can use your electric shaver. The voltage and cycle here may be different.