Dress & Behavior in Public Places

what to do and dont at public places in myanmar

There is a simple principle to follow for dress and behavior in public places while taking a trip to Myanmar. What may not be immodesty in your culture may not meet the standards of this culture. What may not be embarrassing to you may be embarrassing to others here. Be as conservative as you can.

Dress and act decent when visiting Myanmar
Dress and act decently when visiting Myanmar.

Dress and act decently

It is better for ladies to avoid wearing short shorts, see-through or semi-see-through blouses in public. The hairy bare chests of men are equally embarrassing. You might think, if they want us to come we’ll come the way we are. Of course, no one will come up to you and tell you not to dress or act like that. But it does not mean the people are less embarrassed. A Myanmar saying goes: The perpetrator is not embarrassed, the viewer is.

Don’t Hug & Kiss

The same principle applies to show off affection. Myanmar people do not display body contact or physical closeness to loved ones in public places, not even a peck on the cheek. Myanmar girls may hold hands as they walk, but that is simple friendship and a sense of security in each other’s company. Foreign guests may be seen greeting each other by a meeting of cheeks, but hugging, holding, and lip-kissing are a little too much for the local people to behold.