Behavior & How to Treat Others in Myanmar

what to do to treat others in Myanmar - a baby Selling flowers with a smile

A person is equipped with emotions and also with the wisdom and means to hold those emotions in check. Checking the emotions does not mean that the positive ones are not enjoyed. It means only that the negative ones are not allowed to ravage you. We know that there are many to consider before traveling to a new country. Especially when you chose Myanmar as your next destination to explore. Therefore, in this article, we would like to provide you with some tips to treat others while taking Burma tours.

A Burmese boy selling vegetable with a smile on face

Hold Your Temper

Traveling in a foreign land is unlike staying home. Things may not be like what you are used to or how you expect them to be. Moving around will generate quite a few occasions for irritation or frustration. When that happens, the easiest thing to do is to give way to your temper. But think what you can gain by that. The object of your temper is not going to be made more willing or more efficient or speedier; rather the reverse. Think of what you are doing to yourself and your image. There are few sights uglier or more laughable than a person losing temper. So hold your temper when traveling to Myanmar.

Maintain a Pleasant Voice

The tone of voice is an indicator of a person’s mood. A loud, fuming voice indicates anger and turns people away. A pleasant voice indicates that the person is at peace with the self and creates a happy atmosphere. It smoothens relations and motivates people. What cannot be achieved by the loud, hectoring voice is accomplished by the pleasant one. To maintain a pleasant voice in all your dealings to have the best vacation in Myanmar.

be gentle when talking with the Burmese

Be Patient

Things have to be done on time. There’s a plane to catch or a train, and people to meet. You want to be sure you don’t miss them. However, things also take time to do. The persons serving you may be doing what has to be done and is in no way being cussed. Or somebody’s problem may be holding up the line. There may be good reasons to worry but don’t. Take a deep breath, calm yourself and be patient. Things will turn out all right.

Be Understanding

A traveler from the East in the West will find life is not like what it is at home. So it‘s also with a traveler from the West in the East. The air itself is different (cleaner, perhaps, and warmer). The persons serving you have had a different life experience, a different outlook. But as much as within their capacity, they are trying to please you. They want to avoid the unpleasantness of a complaint from you. So put yourself in their place, be sympathetic. Be understanding. Remember the notice in a western saloon. “Don’t shoot the man at the piano. He’s doing his best”.