Feedback of Ms. Lourdes Araiza on Myanmar Vacation

Group Name: Ms. Lourdes Araiza
Group Size: 1 person
Trip Name: Glimpse of Myanmar – 6 Days
Travel Dates: 18th – 23rd September, 2016
Nationality: Mexico

Hi Super Maya!!! How are you doing? Hope all is good in your end!

Sorry I’ve been silent, it’s been crazy!!! I stayed one week in NY and now I am in Mexico but not yet in my hometown…
I actually didn’t have time to complete the survey I was given in Myanmar, I will send that too.. Just be patient!!!

From the agency services perspective.. everything was great! from hotels to guides to drivers.. everything was very good!! thank you so much!!!
Yangon besides the Pagoda, not sure if there’s anything else to see, we didn’t have time to go thru the colonial side because I arrived late but the guide (can’t recall her name right now) she was really good and nice.. =)

In Bagan, Sai was also very good and the driver… he was fun and attentive. Inle Lake was awesome, Nono was very good, on time and helpful.. from the 3 of them, maybe she was the best..

From the country perspective.. I do think Myanmar has future as tourist destination, I felt safe at all times.. Bagan I think it’s too expensive and I don’t say it for the services but in general, food, souvenirs, etc.. it’s like they want to get as much from tourists as they can. Inle lake was the best surprise as it was very nice weather and a lot of things to see, very quiet and calm.. maybe another day there would be nice.. but not more (too quiet??), hahhahaa..

Overall very good experience!!!! I wish I had more time because there are many things to see!!!! and ended up spending a lot of time on transportation.. but I knew that, actually the check in and domestic flights are faster than in many places!!.. very good..

Maybe I wrote too much.. if you want general comments for your website or something like that pls let me know and I will shorten the review..
Are you in TripAdvisor? I can do the review there too.. Pls let me know.. I’m happy to help..

Best regards and thank you for everything Maya!!!