Happy Holiday With Go Myanmar Tours

Globalization has made our world closer and closer. Therefore, it is common when Myanmar, an orient country, celebrates the solar calendar New Year and Christmas. What makes your Myanmar tour on this occasion distinctive and interesting is the melting pot of western and local cultures for the celebration of these holidays.

Highlights of Christmas Holiday in Myanmar

Christmas is a great occasion to see all the Christmas decorations around the town. There are plenty of places you can travel to in the Christmas holiday. Most Myanmar people is a predominately Buddhist country that went isolated for a long time, making Christmas is much more traditional in the country. Therefore, you can expect to take part in modest celebrations free from adverts, movies and so on.

Why You Should Travel to Myanmar in Christmas Holiday & New Year

The Weather is at Its Loveliest

December is the best time of the year to visit Myanmar. This time, there is no rain so the weather is warm and pleasant during the whole day, which is quite different from the harsh cold and freezing snow most expect from the Christmas holiday in other countries. Traveling to Myanmar this time, you will enjoy the beguiling of Myanmar at its best.

Celebrate Christmas Dinner on the Beach

The land of golden pagodas has never failed to excite tourists’ senses. Together with the heritage inland, Myanmar beaches are wonderful places to celebrate your Christmas dinner. Ngapali Beach is a great place for you to do so. Enjoy your dinner with some cocktails on the beach and listen to the sound of swaying wind if you want to. How wonderful is that?

Avoid Crowded New Year’s Eve

If you like the quiet and calm atmosphere to celebrate your Christmas, visiting Myanmar on this occasion is the best way to stay away from the crowds and enjoy the tranquility of Myanmar. Enjoy charming Myanmar at mid-night when the bell rings, sip a cocktail on hand and celebrate your best holiday.