Mandalay Weather in August

Mandalay weather in august

Mandalay weather in August is much similar as it was in July. It rains for half of the month with a total rainfall of around 130 mm. As it rains frequently, the weather is pretty cool and a bit wet. The maximum daytime temperature is 28℃ (82℉). When it comes to midnight, the weather is much cooler at around 24℃ (75℉).
With the inconvenient weather condition, August in Mandalay is one of the 3 less visited months for tourists. This time, the blue sky is replaced by grey and gloomy clouds. What we should take consideration is over 50% of the day in the month experiences heavy rains.

Clothing Tips for Traveling to Mandalay in August

Although August weather in Mandalay is a bit humid, tourists can take Mandalay tours and enjoy some significant highlights. Coming to Mandalay this time, you don’t have to worry about hotel prices or the crowds. Instead, you will have more space to see and more opportunity to get insight into the land of Mandalay. Keep in mind that since it is cool during day and night time, T-shirts, light jackets, and sneakers are a good choice for you for a sightseeing tour.
As the night falls down, remember not to sleep outside the room without a curtain to avoid mosquito bites. If you want to chill out the night in Mandalay, bring a long-sleeve shirt to cover your body.

Unusual Things to Do in August in Mandalay

Attend Taung Pyone Spirit Festival

Take place on the 8th day of Wagaung month, the festival lasts for 8 days in Pyone Taung village, near Mandalay. The festival is celebrated to honor the Taung Pyone Brother Lords. Regarded as the legend, Taung Pyone where two brothers served for a Bagan king in the XI century was executed. After death, they become very powerful gods. The festival has thousands of followers and priests, offering Palmyra water, wine, baked rabbit, fried chicken. During the festival, there will be traditional dances to please the god.

Participate in Yadana Gu Spirit Festival

Take place in Amarapura, Mandalay, Yadana Gu Spirit Festival held to honor the pantheon of animist spirits called Nats. It lasts from the 1st to the 8th of Wagaung.
On the days of the festival, thousands of Burmese people gather in the town of Amarapura in Mandalay city to join in the festival.
Traditionally, participants in the festival make an offering of food and money to the Nats. What’s more, ritual dances and songs accompanied by a traditional Burmese orchestra are performed by the spirit mediums.