Min Kyaw Zaw Nat

Min Kyaw Zaw Nat
Min Kyaw Zaw Nat

He was a son of Pandaung State king Min Sithu and Kuni Devi, whose rank being chief of calvalry, a major prince, and head of Pakhan town. Since he was promoted to chief buttler of the house, he had always enjoyed drinking, gambling and womanizing.
When Kan Tung Shan chief Sai Khun Kyi who was a loyal ally of Pandaung state king Min Sithu, so Min Sithu had sent his son, governor of 9 towns and major Kyaw Zwa to help and assist with Maing Pyin chief Sai Khun Kyi in defending against Sai Thiha’s invassion. But before the arrival of allied forces, as Maing Pyin chief Sai Khun Kyi had already been fallen down dead, Min Sithu handed over the soverignity of Maing Pyin to the ministers who were responsibly concerned. Thereafter major Kyaw Zwa brought with him 2 sons of Sai Khun Kyi, namely Khun Cho and Khun Tha, returned home.

After arriving at NayPyidaw, major Kyaw Zwa reported back king Min Sithu concerning what had happened there, and the king gave Koe Myot Shin and sister Palei Yin to each of Khun Cho and Khun Tha to be adopted. Bo Mhu (major) Kyaw Zwa felt ashamed and very dissatisfied at not getting one of the two children he had brought safe and sound. Actually, because of U Min Kyaw’s drunkenness, the king was anxious that the children would be spoiled, thus he gave them to other people.
For that matter U Min Kyaw’s dissatisfaction and shamefulness drove him to plan a plot of assassination and seizure of the throne. When the boys Khun Cho and Khun Tha became grown up U Min Kyaw having realized that his plan might be delayed, he discussed with his fellows, and snggested to the king that there arose up a rebellion in Shan State, so Khun Cho and Khun Tha should be sent to suppress the revolt. Only after having won the battle they should govern the Shan State continuously for 3 years. The king regarded U Min Kyaw’s suggestion as an honest intent, thus he willingly sent 2 brothers Khun Cho and Khun Tha to Shan State.

When 2 brothers had already been away to Shan state, U Min Kyaw suddenly took hold of the court, violently assassinated the king and queen, and instantly occupied the throne. Brother Koe Myo Shin and sister Palei Yin had also run away barehanded. They stayed quietly at the house of their father’s old friend, the rich man U Tha Myat at Kyauk Htant village. One day Koe Myo Shin having entrusted U Tha Myat to take care of his sister Palei Yin, he in the guise of a shan set off a journey in search of 2 brothers Khun Cho and Khun Tha.
No sooner had he left his sister Palei
Yin there to go on in search of 2 brothers Khun Cho and Khun Tha, than U Tha Myat suddenly arranged a simple wedding reception of his son Maung Latt and a merelyfugitive guest Palei Yin purposely in a hurry. In due course Parent and grand parents loved so heartily that they called her heartthrob baby.

After having stayed for three years in Shan State, Khun Cho and Khun Tha returned home. U Min Kyaw explained them untruthfully that he had temporarily taken the charge of court merely for the sake of their benefit. As he himself became old enough and infirm of purpose, will and etc., he would retire from the court. So just before handing over the court he made them to keep a solemn vow that they would undertake any mission whatsoever given to them by U Min Kyaw. Then he ordered them to look for Koe Myo Shin, and return home bringing his head cut without fail. Thus two brothers had no choice but to comply with whatever assignment was given to them, by U Min Kyaw. When they found Koe Myo Shin somewhere in a jungle, the two poor brothers could not afford to execute U Min Kyaw’s command, so they explained their mentor as well as adopted father all about it, thereafter Koe Myo Shin having taken an oath, he himself cut his head and gave it to them.

U Min Kyaw awaiting them at the camp sagawa tree, Mount Gwe Cho, the two brothers followed there and offered him Koe Myo Shin’s head. Then U Min Kyaw cruelly killed two brothers Khun Cho and Khun Tha. The two brothers instantly became Nats, in turn they fell the sagawa tree, thereby killing U Min Kyaw and U Nyo who also became Nats too. As U Min Kyaw was previously official chief of Pakhan village, thus commonly call him Pakhan U Min Kyaw Nat.