Nature and Climate of The North, West, Central & Shan Plateau

North and West areas of Myanmar

Mountains of the north and the west stretch from the northernmost down to the west of Myanmar, including states: Chin, Kachin, Sagaing, Rakhine, Ayeyarwady.

Geography and Location of Myanmar.
Geography and location of Myanmar.

Some pinnacles of Myanmar in these areas: Hakakabo Razi, Sarameli and victoria. The coast of Mooitj in the west of states Rakhine. There are offshore islets scattered in the Bay of Bengal.
The flora in this region consists of tropical and subtropical flora interspersed with abundant temperate and alpine flora with pine trees, juniper, orchid, and cherry… Covering a large area in the range Rakhine (Arakan) is the area of lush primitive forests, including many rare wild animals such as Red Raccoons, Tapir, Snow Leopard, and Musk Deer are found in the northern temperate zone.
The major cities in this region are Hakha, Myitkyina, Sagaing, Sittwe, Pathein, Yangon, Thanlyin…

The Central areas of Myanmar

The central of Myanmar including the states and regions: Mandalay, Bago, Magwe. The climate is annually dry. Central land with fertile valleys and the plains stretch along the majestic Ayeyarwady River.
Chindwin River is a tributary of the Ayeyarwady River and Sittang rivers flowing through the central region.
Surrounding the deltas of two rivers are the low hills. The main flora of this area is kind to thorns and cactus. In these areas, there are many species of snakes, including virulent vipers. Mountainous areas in the center are also home to many kinds of teak and other woods.
The valleys and the coastal plain is vast rice fields. In addition, agricultural central people also plant other industrial plants such as jute, cotton, sugarcane, soybean, tobacco, tea… Besides, the central land is mainly also the extraction and supply oil and natural gas of Myanmar.
The main cities of this region are Nay Pyi Taw, Mandalay, Bago (Pegu or), Magwe, Prome (Pyay or), Taungoo, Monywa, Pakkoku…

Shan Plateau

Located in northeastern Myanmar, including the states: the Shan, Kayah, Kayin. Shan Plateau at 900 meters height above sea level, forming the border between Myanmar and China, Laos and Thailand. Salween River in this area stems from Tibet, flows down highlands through narrow gorges. The plateau bordered with Shan state in the north and Kyayh state in the south.
The climate is cool year-round so tourists can take Burma tour packages to the region at any time in the year. It is a very rich flora system with many rare species such as pine, cherry, especially many kinds of precious orchids… Gold Triangle Area under the former Shan state is where the majority of cultivation and processing of opium in Myanmar. In this area, there are many precious minerals: tin, lead, silver, mixed stone… especially in western Shan State is the world-famous area of ruby, sapphire and other precious stones.
Cities in this region: Taunggyi, Lashio, Kengtung, Hpa-An, Panlong, Loikaw…