Pandaw Plans to Launch a New Vessel in Myanmar

pandaw river cruise

Pandaw River Cruise, a famous cruise inspired by the Burma historian Paul Strachan is delighted to inform good news in the mid-March that they will soon complete their construction of a new, fourteen cabin, K-class ship to use in Myanmar this year. This is the good news in Myanmar which marks the positive affecting from the encouragement of the government to boot the development of Myanmar river cruise in early 2019.

According to the speaker of the Irrawaddy Flotilla Company, the vessel is a perfect version of the Pandaw style of the soft adventure river cruise. Even more, it will be able to go to the parts where other ships cannot go to. The ship will lead tourists who keen on river cruising through the scenic Irrawaddy river, Chindwin and Delta explorations to remoter attractions of the country. The luxury ships constructed as safari-style will be named the Kanee Pandaw. It will bring passengers with outdoor and indoor dining, run-round promenades and ample outdoor and indoor living space. Though the cabins are small than the large Pandaw, the ship is cleverly designed with comfortable with bathrooms.
Pandaw cruise is one of the most developed cruise brands in Asia which has over 10000 members seeking new adventure to Asia so far. In the vision of the new ship, Paul Strachan, the founder of Pandaw, said that he strongly believe about the company commitment to the country. After 11 years working in Myanmar tourism industry, they have created the profit as well as benefit the people in the region. In 2008, it launched the first ship to Myanmar and since then, they have contributed many positive programmes to the region such as funding the Pandaw Clinic programme providing the health care service to the who region of the country.