First-timer’s Guide to Hsipaw, A Beautiful Town in Northeast Myanmar

hsipaw morning market

Stay in the northeast of Myanmar, Hsipaw (or Thipaw) but we often pronounce it like “see-po”, might remains unsung in compared to other popular attractions in the country. Nevetherless, it is a truly place that anyone wants to spend a lot of time here to explore, to experience, and to be enchanted. Hsipaw is a breathtaking valley in Shan State which is subdued by the stunning scenery of rice fields and spectacular mountain ranges. Stay close to the border with Thailand in the south, it immerses in a dynamic cultural exchange between the ethnic groups of Myanmar and the Thai people. Once setting foot on this beautiful place, you can expect to join in amazing trekking route and gain valuable exposure to the culture and their tradition. Our comprehensive Hsipaw travel guide will provide you the detailed information about Hsipaw history, its weather, attractions, and the best things to do for you to remark a best Myanmar tour in this charming town.

Hispaw History

Hsipaw is the principal town of Hsipaw Township in Shan State. It located on the banks of the tranquil Duthawadi River. Stay very close to Thailand to the south, it means that there are not Burmese people living here. It is home to several ethnic minority groups in Myanmar that share familiar cultural and traditional features to the Thai.
For many years, Hispaw is considered one of the most well-known and powerful saopha Shan State, which is a royal title of the hereditary rulers of the Tai Kingdom in the past. Hsipaw, along with Keng Tung and Yawngwe used to be the wealthiest and most powerful saopha state in Shan State.

Hsipaw Attractions & Best Things to Do and See in Hsipaw

Possessing the heart-touching beauty surrounded by the unspoiled landscape, the main reason for visitors to come here is trekking. Since it was proposed by the country government to be one of the alternative destinations while other places became overcrowded. Hispaw has become a must-see destination for intrepid travelers. But it’s not that all, keep scrolling up, we will show you more things to discover and taste in Hsipaw. Are you ready? Let’s find out!

Soak up the Local Market

I am sure that the market in Hsipaw will be the best place that you want to visit to have a look at the life of the local people. It is vibrant and attractive with the colors of the products and the dress of the people. The central market in Hsipaw is among one of the best markets to visit in Myanmar. Due to there are not many visitors coming here so it offers you a chance to see the real life of people around the town coming to shop. But remember that the market opens and close very early from 3 am to 6 pm.

Cycling to the Hot Spring

If you have ever enjoyed hot spring in other vacations, the hot spring in Hsipaw will be your most memorable one. Wondering why? Let me explain.
It more than a hot spring pond where you will be served with modern services, Hsipaw hot spring is set outdoor next to a stream that gently flows through the region. The journey to it will also promise to enchant your heart with its stunning scenery of the paddy fields and houses scattered sparsely along the road. If you have never experienced the childhood of an Asian child living in the countryside, this is a great chance to try! Just jump into the pond and behold the natural beauty surrounding, it will be so much fun!

Marvel at The Spectacular Nam Hu New Waterfall

After experiencing the most exotic hot spring in the world, continue your journey to the Nam Hu New Waterfall. It will take you about 45 minutes to cycle there and a while to hike up to the waterfall. Along the way, there will be several destinations that worth to stop for a photo to the greenery of paddy fields and banana gardens if you have time. There will be no shop near the waterfall so remember to bring water and food if you want to spend more time here.

trekking to the waterfall in hsipaw

Enjoy the Gorgeous Sunset from Hsipaw Sunset Hill

Every single city in Myanmar also has a specific destination to watch sunset including Hsipaw. Climbing to the top of Five Buddha Hill to marvel at the majestic sunset over the town has become one of the best things to do in Hsipaw. To reach the spot, it requires you once again cycling and hiking to the top of the hill. I believe that moment will be one of the best memorable time in your life when you completely stay away from the noise and the sound of a busy life. Just the delightful melody of the birds, nature mother and the light wind swaying into the air.

Hsipaw sunset

Hsipaw Travel Guide

How to Get to Hsipaw

From the map, you will see that Hsipaw can bet reach from several destinations such as Inle Lake and Mandalay but we highly recommend start your journey from Mandalay. That is not the shortest way but the easiest one to get to Hsipaw. At least you don’t have to cross the mountainous with lots of switchbacks. There are several ways to get to Hsipaw: by train, bus, car and shared a taxi.
By Train
You can take a train ride via Goteik Viaduct that stretch from Mandalay to Lashio. That’s the greatest train ride in Myanmar passing through the scenic green fields, lush hills and some of the most stunning views to the nature of Myanmar. The train leaves Mandalay everyday at 4:00 and reach Hsipaw at 15:15.

hsipaw train ride
By Bus
From Mandalay, you can depart at 7:00 (ordinary bus takes you 4000 kyat) and 15:00 (air-conditional bus takes you 5500 kyat)
There are scheduled bus from Mandalay to Hsipaw in the morning. The ticket price is 4000 kyat.
From Yangon, there is a bus trip depart at 17:30 every day (14500 kyat/ticket). Remember to book in advance to be sure of getting a seat
From Taunggyi: bus departs at 15:30 (15000 kyats/ticket)
From Kalaw: bus departs at 16:30 (15000 kyat/ticket)
From Nyaung Shwe: bus departs at 17:00 (15000 kyat/ticket)
By Shared Taxi
Shared taxi runs depending on availability. The route will last for about 4 hours and you are required to share the car with at least 3 passengers. The price from Mandalay to Hsipaw is about 10000 kyats and from Pyin Oo Lwin to Hsipaw is 9000 kyat.
By Private Car
The private car is perhaps the most convenient way to get to Hsipaw but is cost relatively expensive, about 100 USD for the round trip

Hispaw Weather – Best Time to Visit Hsipaw

The best time to visit Hsipaw is… right now! Compare to some destinations in Myanmar, the weather is Hsipaw is quite pleasant in all year round. Undoubtedly you can visit Hsipaw at any time of the year. The warmest months in Hsipaw fall in May, June, and September with the average temperature is about 33°C. In contrast to the weather in other parts of the country, August is the most humid month in Hsipaw with 74.9 % moisture in the air.
If you are interested in Myanmar festival, you can visit Hsipaw in October on the occasion of Thadingyut festival.

Hsipaw Accommodation

Yee Shin Guest House
Situated on the main street which is close to the transport, Yee Shin Guest House offers visitors with small Western-style rooms with very cheap prices. The staff here speak well English and they are very friendly to ensure you to stay enjoyable.
Tel: +95 82 80711 / +95 952 78501 / +95 952 78201
Nam Khae Mao Guest House
There are two options for customers in Nam Khae Mao Guest House: the shared bath ( $6) and a private bath ($7-$10). But all are free wifi and 24-hour hot water
Tel – 082 80077, 80088, 80318
Mr. Charles Guest House
Located on 105 Auba Street, Mr. Charles Guest House offers customers with free wifi, and two bathroom types: private bath ($11-15$) and shared bath ($7). This is a warm and hospitable place that ensures.
Tel: +95 82 80 105